Kitchen decor: interesting ideas. Kitchen design in modern style

The kitchen is the corner of the house or apartment, in which the functionality and convenience are paramount. These requirements are fully met by the design and decor of the kitchen in a modern style. In this article we will try to understand what this style is and how to create decor

What is modern style?

The modern design of the kitchen space suggests, above all, refined simplicity, ergonomic shape and functionality. In such a kitchen there are no unnecessary or unnecessary items. In it, everything is thought out and created useful to the smallest detail, when at the first wish everything is interier

But outward simplicity is deceptive. Behind this screen there are hidden high-tech possibilities of modern kitchen, which turns out to be equipped with the latest technology. The kitchen interior turns it not only into a cooking room, but also a full-fledged living area.She is comfortable in work, comfortable in rest and promotes communication.

Modern style assumes a super-laconic minimalist design and in order to make a dry and faceless room unique, you have to resort to various tricks and design tricks. By adding a few details to the appearance, you can ensure that the modern kitchen fits into the overall atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Modern kitchen materials

The decor of the kitchen in a modern style allows the use of any modern materials: plastic, metal, wood, glass, plaster. They can be combined in various variations, this will only benefit the appearance of the room.modern kitchens

For example, if the owners like wood, which traditionally refers to the rustic style, then when such decor is added to modern decor and kitchen appliances, the kitchen will look quite modern.

And if metal is also added here, then softness will be balanced by severity and elegance.

The use of glass will make the interior of the kitchen light, graceful and airy. Glass can be made kitchen table, the doors of kitchen cabinets, lamps.

Any floor will look good on the floor: parquet, laminate, carpet, tile and even wood. The main thing is that the floor covering is combined with the style of the kitchen set.

Modern kitchen in a small apartment

The real problem of most people is the small kitchen in a small apartment. A lot of energy and nerves are wasted to at least somehow place everything necessary in it.tile decor for the kitchen

Designers have succeeded here. The decor of the small-sized kitchen takes into account the tiny space that is allotted, and even in this situation, comfortable conditions are created.

One of the frequently used methods is the demolition of the wall that separates the kitchen and living room, in this case there is a transformation into the so-called kitchen studio. Of course, such an alteration must be carefully thought out in advance, because it will be extremely inconvenient to correct something.

Super modern kitchenette

Another way to make a functional small kitchen, without resorting to radical alterations, is to create a mini-kitchen. The idea is that a monoblock is installed on just a few square meters.This is a special box that, when closed, looks like an ordinary cupboard, and in the open it is a miniature full-fledged kitchen with all the necessary equipment. The transformation takes place with one flick of the wrist. The decor of the kitchen in this case requires the skillful selection of related furniture: chairs, shelves on the walls or other at will.stencils for kitchen decor

Such a monoblock, as a rule, consists of two modules: upper and lower. At the top are traditionally located shelves, drawers, microwave oven, extractor hood, roof rails. In the lower module there is a hob and a small sink with a worktop, a small refrigerator, a mini-dishwasher, an oven, a garbage bin. In more expensive models, there is also a water filter, a small bar and a waste shredder.

There are monoblocks not of a rectangular configuration, but round. They look like an alien cylinder that rotates round the platform. In such a block can accommodate a much larger number of necessary things.

Such systems save space incredibly, while retaining full-featured kitchen features. Monoblocks are made to order and are much more expensive than the finished set.

Kitchen room decoration

Modern style suggests a minimalist design, so it can easily fit into both the spacious and the small size kitchen. And so that the appearance of the kitchen room visually supports the overall style, you can follow these tips:

  1. To create comfort in a small kitchen, light-colored wallpaper and the same ceiling and tile are best suited. The decor for the kitchen in modern style does not imply the presence of color abundance, there should be no more than one primary color and three shades, and you can dilute them with bright, but not toxic accents.
  2. For lovers of extreme paints, it is advisable to paint the floor or ceiling in a dark or bright color, in this case it is advisable to use furniture in light shades with finishes in well-matched tones.
  3. If the kitchen room is furnished with small sizes, the furniture should not be used massively and necessarily light, which will visually make the space more extensive. It is necessary to arrange furniture wisely, the doors of all lockers and appliances when opening should not interfere with each other. Not bad hanging wall cabinets with tinted glass light or transparent doors. It will also add an atmosphere of airiness.
  4. In the kitchen, it is desirable to have a large bright window on which short curtains of light shades of flowing or light fabrics will hang. If you have to close the window often, you can arrange light-colored shutters or blinds.

Island in the kitchen

Modern kitchens of the latest fashion trends dictate if there is enough space rules for design kitchen islands. This means that the work area is located in the center of the room. Moreover, the main thing here is convenience and comfort with the simultaneous presence of a large amount of equipment: there should be a fume hood, a sink and a work surface, as well as, if desired, a dining area or a bar.ideas for kitchen decor

Such a peculiar island offers the hostess a wide scope for action, because it allows a free approach from any side. The entire functional part turns out to be located in the middle, and along the walls are lockers that hide in niches. Thus, the island becomes a real center of space.

Due to the presence of various boxes there is an opportunity to hide in them a lot of necessary and useful things.But it must be remembered that such devices as a microwave oven, a slow cooker, a coffee maker, a toaster, an electric kettle and a food processor should be easily accessible, better on the surface, and not stacked away on the shelves.

Depending on the preferences of the hostess, the island may be angular. These islands with futuristic streamlined shapes are considered to be chic.

It looks good island kitchen with furniture reminiscent of the cabinet, used for living rooms. Kitchen accessories can be viewed only through the shiny mixer and the hob.

Ideas for kitchen decor

In order for the design of the kitchen in the modernist style to look original and unlike the others, as well as to dilute the brevity of the modern style, you can put into practice some simple ideas:

  1. A well-designed zoning using glass, Japanese or hinged partitions and podiums will create a feeling of home comfort indoors.
  2. Very handy in a small kitchen will have transforming furniture: sliding tables, floating surfaces.
  3. A separate interior solution can be for lovers of monochrome design island black and white kitchen in a minimalist style.
  4. On the rounded surfaces of furniture can be applied color smooth transition of several combined, but not catchy shades.
  5. One of the latest trends was furniture photofacades. Vivid images of flowers or animals, geometric patterns or views of the night city, photos of ripe fruit or collages from a family photo album can be put on the doors of the yaschaschka. The rest of the interior should be in discreet colors.
  6. An interesting solution could be the application of a number of identical patterns on the floor as well as on the walls or furniture. For this purpose, special stencils for kitchen decor are used.
  7. It is also fashionable to make furniture with brightly colored monochromatic doors against the background of an almost monophonic kitchen. In this case, in the tone they can pick up a few kitchen accessories.
  8. Relaxation and romanticism will bring small exotic flowers in pots, for example, orchids.
  9. A couple of not very large paintings of modern style will give the kitchen refinement.
  10. Special charm to the kitchen room can add stylish lamps or lampshades.

Bar counter

Many modern kitchens have another distinctive feature in the form of a bar.It can serve not only as a dining area, a place to rest with a cup of tea, but also a full-fledged working surface. Along the perimeter of the bar bar stools have high legs. It is very convenient for a quick snack, a light tea or the presence of other family members along with the mistress while she is design in style

The equipment of the bar counter on one side is very practical with special shelves on a metal pole. They are used to store glasses, cups and other utensils, which should be near at hand.

In some interiors, especially in order to save space, make retractable bar counters. The basis for the rotary structure is a metal pole, on which the shelves are located, and the countertop of the rack hides under the surface of the table, standing nearby, or slides over it. In this case, the bar counter is used as needed, and at other times it is hidden, which is also convenient.

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