Kitchen corner - the perfect solution for any apartment

Kitchen corner does not really need advertising,many of them are well-known, because they are used by designers in the interior for many years, and interest in them does not fade with time. They are almost the most convenient and practical option for small kitchens typical high-rise buildings. This design option - a combination of an ideal balance of space and the necessary furniture in the kitchen.

When cornering the kitchen unitthe landlady will feel free and comfortable: everything you need is always at hand, enough to make a half-turn. Thus, corner kitchens are distinguished by ergonomics, functionality and practicality. In addition, there is enough free space for other things. So, the installation of a corner kitchen set allows to allocate space for a small dining table in the center of the kitchen, which is important for a large family.

And if the kitchen is spacious enough, the possibilitiesthe arrangement of furniture in it is significantly expanded, because in this case, corner kitchens can also include the so-called "island" part, which often represents an additional work area and is quite functional.

Today, there is a great demand for corner kitchenspromotes the expansion of the producers of the proposed range. Therefore, there is a large selection of them that can satisfy the tastes and wishes of even the most demanding consumers.

Corner Kitchen Design

The design of the kitchen is very important, especially if the roomsmall, because competent design will create the necessary visual effects. For example, the corner kitchen, in which the design is designed in light colors, is able to visually expand the room, and also make it lighter, which is especially important in case of insufficient natural lighting.

The combination of metal, wood, glass and othermaterials helps to create real kitchen masterpieces. In addition, the L-shaped kitchen is ideal for both rectangular and square rooms - in any of them it will fit organically.

Kitchen corner - incredible convenience

Corner kitchen sets - the most practicaloption, because it allows you to use free space as rationally as possible. Modern fashionable headset design in a small space is able to impress with its incredible functionality. Corner sets can accommodate all modern household appliances, helping the owner to do kitchen affairs with comfort. Properly located L-shaped kitchen set will harmoniously accommodate the rest of the furniture and equipment, which will give comfort and harmony to your kitchen.

The ergonomic corner kitchen allows you to separate the area for cooking food from the dining area. And the space allocated for it in the dining room will make food more comfortable.

Corner kitchens are small: comfort, convenience and functionality

The issue of placing furniture in a small kitchen is oftenputs many people at a dead end. And the truth is, how can you arrange all necessary household appliances, a stove, a desk, a sink and other interior items on 5-7 square meters? There is a way out: a small room and a corner kitchen are simply made for each other!

The corner small kitchen allowsuse the most rational area of ​​the room without overloading it, it very profitably organizes the kitchen space, and also creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. In addition, small-sized corner sets are no less functional than their "big" brothers, because they allow you to build in a sufficiently large number of all kinds of household appliances.

Decorative elements in the interior of the kitchen

Modern design is almost impossible to imagine without the use of any decorative elements. The lack of them will make the view of the corner kitchen incomplete, unfinished and boring.

As a decorative element you can choosebar counter - a fashionable design reception of the present. A great addition to it will be the lighting for the corner kitchen. The backlight will emphasize the entire design and transform it. After all, it's unusual and very beautiful to look at the kitchen, when each shelf is lit by a small light bulb, and in the evening the highlight will add notes of celebration and solemnity. The lockers of different heights also look original.

Corner kitchen with own hands

In today's market there is a huge numbervarious models of corner kitchen for every taste, from inexpensive to elite. But more attractive in financial terms will be the decision to make a corner kitchen yourself. The kitchen, designed in accordance with the wishes of the owners of the apartment and taking into account all the features of the layout of the room, will fit into the interior in the best way.

Having decided to assemble the corner kitchen,should think ahead of the model of the future headset, as well as determine the number of lockers, shelves and their location. Under the kitchen sink it is recommended to take away the corner far from the window. Communications are usually summed up in this way.

Then you need to make measurements and scrupulouscalculations, because the corner kitchen you will make from the ordered cut, and even the smallest inaccuracies in the calculations can all your efforts to bring to naught. Making calculations, you need to take into account that the depth of the lower cabinets should be more than the upper hinged. Especially this applies to those cabinets that are located directly on the edges of the kitchen.

From tools for mounting corner kitchenneed a drill, a screwdriver, dowels, a screwdriver, screws, hinges and fastening ears. Even in the calculations it is important to take into account the width of the edge. It is best to buy the edge on an adhesive basis, which is already ready, and to paste after the completion of the installation of the finished cut.

Thus, having made a choice in favor of corner kitchen, you will find extensive functionality, comfort, comfort and excellent design.

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Kitchen corner - the perfect solution for any apartment Kitchen corner - the perfect solution for any apartment Kitchen corner - the perfect solution for any apartment Kitchen corner - the perfect solution for any apartment Kitchen corner - the perfect solution for any apartment Kitchen corner - the perfect solution for any apartment Kitchen corner - the perfect solution for any apartment Kitchen corner - the perfect solution for any apartment Kitchen corner - the perfect solution for any apartment Kitchen corner - the perfect solution for any apartment