Kia Cadenza (Kia K7): description, specifications

Kia Cadenza was first presented to the public in two thousand and nine years (exhibition in Saudi Arabia). Next, the car went into serial production, exported to Russia and many other countries. The second generation of the vehicle in question appeared in the spring of 2016. The developers presented a new version in New York. Full-size sedan is also known under the brand K7. Consider its features and characteristics.

kia cadenza

General information

The company Kia Motors introduced a business class car, which is made in the body of a sedan type. The machine has a rather impressive size, is available in three main versions, has good technical parameters and a decent appearance.

Among the variations are the following models:

  1. Premium is a complete set that is equipped with a multi-level climate controller, leather-trimmed seats, an adjustable driver's seat, an eight-inch navigation touchscreen, and parking indicators.In addition, the car of this line is equipped with a multi-functional audio system with a dozen speakers, various auxiliary sockets for connecting gadgets and related devices, as well as eighteen-inch alloy wheels.
  2. The “Lux” combination has heated seats, driver's seat adjustment in 12 modes, leather upholstery, “invisible” zones control unit, 19-inch wheels, excellent panorama and high-quality lighting elements.
  3. The latest model is equipped with an even more powerful engine. The rest is similar to its predecessors both externally and internally.

Technical specifications

Car Kia Cadenza is available in the sedan. It stands out from the total mass by rather impressive dimensions:

  • length / width / height - 4.96 / 1.85 / 1.47 meters;
  • wheelbase is 2.84 m;
  • ground clearance - 13.7 centimeters;
  • fuel tank capacity - seventy liters;
  • luggage compartment holds just over 450 liters of cargo;
  • the power unit is a gasoline engine with distributed fuel injection, with a volume of 2.50 to 3.47 "cubes" with a capacity of 180-280 horsepower;
  • transmission - automatic transmission on five or six steps;
  • Drive - front axle.

From 2009 to 2013 released three versions of the machine Kia Cadenza. Externally, cars are almost identical, differing only in changes in technical indicators.

Kia Cadenza

Exterior design

The outer part of this car is decorated stylishly and modernly. Immediately noticeable bright and aggressive notes that combine sportiness, elegance and power of the machine. The frontal part of the vehicle is made in the style corresponding to the class "X". Lanterns resemble a kind of drop, equipped with LEDs. Chrome lining and additional lighting against the fog only add originality to the exterior.

The back is not so “defiant”, but not without individuality. Under the bumper placed two exhaust pipes. They do not just fit into the overall picture of the design, but also due to the peculiarities of the structure of the muffler, during launch they create a unique unique sound of the power unit.

Kia Cadenza: interior

Interior design is made of high-quality and pleasant to the touch materials. Inside the car is quite spacious, the dashboard is equipped with an LCD screen, the management of all options is intuitive and as clear as possible.The driver's seat is regulated in ten positions, the rest of the seats are comfortable and equipped in such a way that the passengers have enough space for their legs.

kia motors

In the Kia Cadenza, the space for sitting in the back row is more than one meter. For comparison: the version of "Impala" has similar dimensions, and "Toyota Avalon" or "Nissan Maxima" - only 879 and 960 millimeters. The machine has a multimedia system with convenient functionality and powerful sound.

Additional equipment

A special UVO kit is equipped with a speech recognition system. The device is a new generation made on the basis of the latest technologies "Microsoft". Consumers can use the phone, pick up audio recordings, without wasting time and attention to pressing the keys, the whole process can be ensured with the help of voice commands. In addition, there is a satellite radio type "Sirius", the possibility of free download to the "flash drive", as well as displaying the GPS-navigator in real time.

Identical to the On-Star system (a special unit of the Kia Cadenza car) includes a variety of service, information and entertainment options, as well as the ability to control the vehicle through a mobile device.It is worth noting that the owners of the car in question receive these functions for free during the service life of the car, unlike competing firms representing similar models in this segment.

 kia k7 cadenza

More information about the power unit, chassis and dynamics

Car Kia K7 Cadenza is a full-size sedan, equipped with an atmospheric power plant V-type with six cylinders. The volume of the engine is 3.3 liters, has an aluminum working cylinder block and adjustable valve timing. Fuel injection is carried out directly, the power of the engine is almost three hundred "horses" at a maximum torque of 5200 revolutions per minute.

The considered option is aggregated with an automatic gearbox at eight speeds, has a sporty and standard control mode. Up to one hundred kilometers, the car can accelerate in seven seconds, and fuel consumption varies within twelve liters per hundred kilometers with a combined cycle. There are variations of the Kia Cadenza with a 2.4 / 2.2 liter engine, as well as a diesel version with a 2.2-liter turbine, 235 horsepower. Most engines are compatible with six or eight ranges of automatic gearbox.

Second generation

Kia Cadenza cars in Russia are also represented by the second line, the release of which began in two thousand and sixth year. The exterior of the car turned out to be really beautiful and solid. Along with this, the car has not lost its sporting outlines, it has an aggressive headlight cut and curved bumpers. All these elements combined with a smooth roof line and large wheel arches complement the overall impression, which is comparable to any European and Japanese counterparts.

kia cadenza test drive

Kia Motors has released the second Kadenzu in the form of a full-size E-class sedan. Its dimensions and brief characteristics:

  • length / width / height - 4.97 / 1.86 / 1.47 m;
  • wheelbase - 2.85 meters;
  • trunk volume - four hundred fifty liters;
  • engine - engine with an aluminum block of cylinders with a capacity of two hundred and ninety horsepower of 3.3 liters.

Kia Cadenza: test drive

The car in question has a chic interior, an impressive appearance and a decent “stuffing” in the form of a power unit, paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. Suspension type "MacPherson" adds stability and allows you to freely overcome the potholes and problem areas on the roads.It is easy to drive a car, but with maneuverability, not everything is so good.

Small information content and a small area of ​​rotation, especially in the "blind" zone, are a little disappointing. As for the rest, the Kia Cadenza is a quite respectable car, which has excellent road performance, reliability and an optimal ratio of quality and price indicators.

kia cadenza in Russia

Special features

The noble appearance of this model causes admiration and only positive emotions. The front part of the sedan is equipped with a grille in the form of a tiger nose, has a chrome finish. The overall background is completed with stylish overlays at the bottom of the doors, beautiful LED lights, as well as 18-inch wheels with alloy wheels. The back of the car is no less attractive, thanks to the appropriate design and two oval exhaust pipes, harmoniously combined with the bumper.

Car Kia Cadenza, whose price ranges from twenty-five thousand dollars for the last modification, is not a budget model. However, the characteristics and functionality of the vehicle allow you to put it on a par with the most famous European brands.

kia cadenza Price

At the end of the review

Despite the fact that this car is Korean-made, it will require considerable financial investments to acquire it, it looks quite decent among competitors. It is worth noting the exterior design of the Kia Cadenza, but also its internal filling, which includes a number of innovative innovations in the security industry, excellent road performance, as well as decent interior equipment. This car has already developed a good reputation, and each subsequent modification has always enjoyed success around the world.

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