Key Macroeconomic Indicators

The main macroeconomic indicators are a set of basic data that demonstrate the size of economic activity of the state. These figures are the basis for the implementation of the country's economic policy or its reform. The combination of these valuesmain macroeconomic indicatorseloquently characterizes the efficiency of production and market systems of the state. Economic theory and statistics use indicators calculated using figures from the system of national accounts to determine the quality level of production results. This calculation occurs at the end of the year. So, the main macroeconomic indicators of Russia are a specific measure of the economic situation in the state. For a large investor, they provide an opportunity to assess and characterize the country's business climate, for economists to analyze possible scenarios for its financial, industrial and social future.Specialists identify the following main macroeconomic indicators: GNP, GDP, GNI, final consumption, foreign trade balance, gross capital formation. Consider them in more detail separately.

The main macroeconomic indicators. State GNP

main macroeconomic indicators of GDPThis characteristic, gross national product, is a generalized indicator of the economic, and ultimately, the social development of the state, the dynamics of the growth of the main parameters. The GNP is a reflection of the complex results of the activities of all economic entities in the non-material sphere and the production sector. This indicator also describes the total market value of all the results of production activities for a certain period.

The main macroeconomic indicators. State GDP

The abbreviation is disclosed as gross domestic product. He named it so because it is a reflection of the total volume of all goods and services produced in the state, regardless of who appropriates the result of production activities. Calculated at the average market pricethat is, it includes all intermediary margins and costs for transportation, sales and so on.

The main macroeconomic indicators. State GNI

This is gross national income - the amount of primary income that was received by all residents of the state for a certain period as remuneration (wages, entrepreneurial income, profits, taxes, dividends, rental income, etc.) for their direct or indirect participation in creating their GDP countries or other countries. According to the calculation formula, GNI is the sum of GDP and all primary incomes of residents of the state.

The main macroeconomic indicators. Final consumption

It includes all the costs of consumption of economic entities,main macroeconomic indicators of Russianon-profit organizations, as well as the state apparatus.

The main macroeconomic indicators. Gross accumulation

This indicator is a complex of all assets that were acquired by the entire set of residents, but were not used by them for a specific period. This figure includes the accumulation of fixed capital, an increase or decrease in the amount of material resources in the financial turnover, the acquisition of net assets (gold, jewelry, and so on).

The main macroeconomic indicators. Foreign Trade Balance

Determined by the relationship between import and export. Each state seeks to create a positive trade balance, since this is a characteristic of the success of production within the country.

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