Kerchiefs for girls crochet schemes are quite simple

The heat is approaching now, the birds are singing merrily and the day is already much longer. There comes a time for the selection of clothes, one of the important elements is considered a headdress. In the summer it is necessary to protect the hair from ultraviolet radiation and the head itself from sunstroke. Panama women or knitted kerchiefs for girls with crochet, elementary and light schemes will do. Excellent product for a novice needlewoman, it will take a little patience and time.

crochet knit kerchief

Protecting children from the sun

For little children, especially girls, things should be bright, fashionable and beautiful. You can buy a cap or panama, they perfectly protect from the sun's rays. For example, a summer scarf, crocheted, will add zest to the image, the more you can link it yourself.

Subtleties in preparation

When the work begins on the production of kerchief for girls crochet, schemes may not be needed. It is very easy and simple to create.knowing only elementary things in knitting. First you need to learn how to create air loops, this will require a hook and thread, better cotton. In a circular motion you need to grab the thread and make a knot. It is necessary to secure the product so that it does not spread out during washing. Further the braid is knitted from loops, its length shows the size of the product.

kerchiefs for girls crochet schemes

Material selection

To crochet a scarf to bring only joy, you should choose bright and favorite colors of thread. For summer, a combination of yellow and green, delicate lilac and juicy pink, purple and white and not only. The most suitable material is cotton, it is natural, it is well breathable and does not contribute to body diaperiness. The hook is chosen any, what like, on its size depends on the density of the loops. The smaller the number on the hook, the tighter the loop and the product itself. It is worth remembering that children grow very quickly, so an item of clothing can be made a size larger.


kerchiefs for girls crochet schemes

When the most interesting process begins - creating a crochet kerchief for girls - the diagram shows quite simple elements. These are air loops, double crochets and without them.If the child is between 3 and 6 years old, you will need 70 grams of cotton thread, just in case it is worth having a little more material. If there are other preferences in the threads, it's okay, as you like. There are special children's threads, they do not lose color, are made without all kinds of impurities, do not cause allergic reactions.

It is necessary to tie a pigtail (from air loops) of the required length, depending on the girth of the child’s head, and connect the tips. Then the pattern is knitted, it can be any, alternating with double crochets and without it, you get a kind of mesh.

crocheted summer scarf

At the next stage of creating a kerchief for girls with a crochet pattern can be put aside. A thread of a different color joins - and a straight row is knitted. Having reached the back of the head, measure 10 centimeters in the middle of the product and turn in the opposite direction. In each subsequent row it is necessary not to tie a pair of loops on both sides evenly. If you follow all the rules when knitting, at the end there is only one loop. It must be well tied, fastened and then cut off the thread, hiding the tail in rows. The scarf is almost ready, it remains to tie all the edges with a column without crochet, this will give accuracy. You can link a separate element (flower, butterfly, leaf) and sew on the frontal part.

Hook and thread

When creating a kerchief for girls, crochet patterns are practically not used, just look once - and everything is clear. The product turns out unique, exclusive and new. You can impose a lot of kerchiefs, panamah light hats and change them every day.

openwork scarf

When the hand gets used to the hook, the loops will be even and identical, it is worth trying to knit something harder. For example, the lace scarf is distinguished by the elegance of the pattern, it turns out more elegant. When knitting the initial elements, in this case bandages (kerchief element with an open occipital part), you should choose openwork crocheting. This is considered the next step in the development of knitting, then you can learn to create hats and other items of clothing. Since ancient times, knitted things are appreciated because of the quality, originality and practicality.

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