Kebab: a recipe for a classic persian dish

What is kebab?

Translated from Farsi, the word "kebab" simply means "fried meat". Previously, the kebab recipe strictly instructed to make of the second category of trimming, leaving the best pieces on the kebab. That is, the pieces were stripped of tendons, finely cut with a knife, onions and spices were added, oblong patties were formed, which were strung on a skewer, and roasted on charcoal. It seems that it can be easier? Unlike our meatballs, there is no need to put any bread soaked in milk, or eggs, or flour. But if you make this dish, not knowing certain secrets, you run the risk of looking for the lost pieces of minced meat among the cooled coals and straining to clean the skewers from the stuck meat. To make it stable on a skewer, juicy kebab, the recipe prescribes to strictly adhere to the instructions.

Lula kebab recipe

Meat selection

In the kebab does not need to go the path of least resistance.Even if it seems to you that this is just a chop on a stick, do not buy ready-made shop stuffing for it. According to the rules, it should be finely chopped meat with a hatchet or heavy knife. It is not recommended to pass it through a meat grinder - unless there is some German food processor with several nozzles in your house. The fact is that ordinary Soviet-style meat grinders do not cut as much as crush meat. This produces abundant juice, which does not allow the meat to bond when frying. And given that we do not add either eggs or flour as a “cementing material,” we do not need excess moisture in the stuffing. What exactly to choose meat? Now there are several ways to cook lula kebab. The recipe for lamb has long ceased to be the only one. You can replace sheep meat with beef, chicken, veal, and even pork.

Lula kebab recipe from lamb

Cooking Mince

If we are going to make a classic Persian lyula, lamb must be chosen fatty, fat tail. Salo clean, meat diligently chop with a knife, as in brisol. Then you need to knead the meat mass for a long time, occasionally throwing it on the table.At this stage, add to the process of the husband - in strong hands, the stuffing becomes more viscous, elastic. Do not throw away the fat tail for lula kebab: the recipe recommends that it also be finely chopped and mixed in the meat mass. If you're dealing with beef or pork, just add melted pork lard. Then the stuffing should be put in the fridge for an hour. This is necessary in order to freeze the fat and sealed meat.

Formation of meatballs

Add the finely chopped onion, spices, salt, and knead the mince again. Put it in the fridge again. Wood broad skewers soak an hour in cold water - then they will not burn on the coals, and the meat will not stick to them. Mince the meat from the refrigerator and, constantly dipping your hand in cold water, form oblong "sausages", then string them on skewers. Firewood (if you cook on a fire or barbecue) should already be burned. The kebab recipe allows you to bake in the oven - it should be goodLula kebab chicken recipeagret.

Kebab - chicken recipe

As already mentioned, Arabian meatballs can be made from poultry. But chicken does not contain such fat as lamb. What then is the “cementing agent”? Fat yellow cheese! About half a kilogram of chicken meat requires somewhere around 60-70 g of gouda or a similar product.Also in the stuffing you need to add 1 egg and 2 large spoons of butter. The principle of cooking is the same: chop chicken and cheese finely, add chopped onion, egg and melted butter. Stir and refrigerate.

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