Juscar, "Dota 2": how to play and what to collect?

Many gamers who spend their time in"Dote", they know that some heroes can be much more difficult to learn than others. Therefore, they are not very popular among beginners, and even among advanced players. However, you still need to pay attention to such characters, because more often than not, when the hero is difficult to control, the result of his maximum development can be more than impressive. One of the most striking examples is the very unusual hero Juscar. "DotA 2" is full of various characters, among which you can choose for yourself a loved one, and if you are attracted to this hero, but at the same time you are afraid to choose it, because you think that he does not like you - this article is for you. Here you will learn everything you need to know about this hero. To read our material is the best way to start mastering such a complex character as Juscar. "DotA 2" will require you to do a lot of diligence in order to perfectly master this hero, so do not think that you will read the article and then start to work miracles in battle. The material will give you a general idea of ​​the hero, and everything else will depend only on you.


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First of all, it is necessary to pay attention towhat playing roles can be played by Juscar. "DotA 2" is a project in which characters can choose for themselves different ways of development in order to achieve a specific goal in the course of the battle. Someone is supporting their team because of the backs of their comrades, someone is taking damage on themselves. The most important role belongs to the kerry, this character is protected by the whole team, he develops in hothouse conditions to achieve the maximum result, without dying at the hands of the opponent - and then he alone can decide the outcome of the match in the second half of the match. As for Juscar, he can also be a kerry, and very strong.

But this is not his only role - if you havethe team has someone who is better able to cope with this task, then Juscar can also be a tank or an initiator. Tank is the character who has good enough damage and a large reserve of armor and health, as he always goes ahead and collects the enemy's damage to protect the weaker comrades attacking from behind him. The initiator is a character that is ideal for team fights, he is able to suddenly initiate a battle in an uncomfortable situation for the enemy, so that the allies can calmly deal with the enemies. Both roles can take on Juscar - "Dota 2", of course, does not restrict you to anything, but still it is not recommended to try to use it in other roles, because of this, its effectiveness is greatly lost.

Inner Vitality

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So, if you are interested in how to play forJuskara in "DotA 2", then you definitely need to deal with his skills and how to use them during the battle. To begin, of course, is with the first skill, which is curative. He acts for sixteen seconds on your chosen ally - when you activate the spell, the ally begins to recover health faster. If he has this indicator at the level below forty percent, then the ability to regenerate even more. They depend both on the maximum health of the hero, and on the degree to which his basic skill is pumped. In general, a very useful skill for team play, but with its help you will not be able to defeat opponents - this requires other skills.

Burning Spear

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This ability is just an attacker,However, you need to use it very carefully. Its essence lies in the fact that your standard spear starts to cause more damage - not just one-time, but for a certain period of time, more specifically - eight seconds. Depending on the level of ability, the periodic damage ranges from five to twenty units per second, and the effects add up, that is, each of your attacks deals the main and periodic damage to the full. The spell looks very powerful, but why should they use cautiously? The thing is that each such attack takes you fifteen health points - you will not be able to kill yourself in this way, but if you are not careful, you will noticeably facilitate the work of your opponent.

Berserker's Blood

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With this skill, your character can verygreatly increase the attack speed, and also bring your resistance to magic almost to the maximum, approaching full magical invulnerability. This ability is passive, so you do not have to activate it - it activates itself when your hero's health level reaches 87 percent of the maximum. Then, depending on the level of ability, you gain from 220 to 340 units of attack speed and 20 to 50 percent resistance to magic. And this is not a one-time effect - with the loss of the next seven percent of health, the effect of the skill is repeated, again adding you the attack speed and resistance to magic. When your character's health drops to 3%, the effect will be applied the maximum number of times - fourteen.

Life Break

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Well, of course, you need to talk aboutulte this character, that is, the most powerful of his abilities. This skill allows your hero to jump to the enemy, which is in the radius of your attack. With this attack, you take away 35 percent of your health, the same percentage is taken from the opponent, so you need to carefully choose the time of using the spell and its purpose. The more health your opponent has, the more damage he gets, the less health you have, the less damage you get. Pay attention also to the fact that the enemy receives a slowdown, the effect of which varies depending on the level of ability - from 40% for four seconds to 60% for six seconds.

What to collect?

what to collect for the Khuskar in DotA 2

Another important point in "DotA 2" is the items,Many of the characters without them are as hands-free. What to collect on Juskar in "DotA 2"? It can be different items at different stages, but the main thing you need to take care of is Aghanim's Scepter. It increases your maximum health and mana pool, improves basic attributes, but it's not so important. The important thing is that it affects the ultras - its recharge time decreases from 12 seconds to 4, and the damage done to the enemy rises from 45 percent to 65.

Counter peak

Also, do not forget about such an important aspect,as the counter peak of Juscar. "DotA 2" is a game in which you need to constantly think and analyze the situation. With whom did you decide the fate of one team? Against whom will you play? Against whom do you prefer not to play? And most importantly, what you need to learn is the counter of Juscar. "DotA 2" nowhere identifies which heroes are best suited for confrontation with specific opponents, but if you want, you can find this information. So, the most terrible enemy that can meet you on the battlefield is Ursa. If you see him in the opposing team, you better choose a different character, since Juscar will have too many problems with this hero. It will also be difficult to cope with Sven, Taini and the Anti-Magician, that is, with those characters who have certain opportunities to confront your ulta. Now that you know who the counterpart of Juscar is in DotA 2, it will be easier for you to navigate the battlefield.

Best friends

Naturally, the game has not only enemies, but alsofriends, that is, those characters who will make the best match with Juscar. In this case, these are the heroes who have the skills of the camp or slowdown, or even better, of both. Also characters with a large health reserve are also welcome. The best options are Shadow Shaman, Dazzle or Drow Ranger.

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