Judi Dench: photos, filmography, biography and details of his personal life

Judi Dench - the famous British actress, winner of the “Oscar”. She received this award for her role as Queen Elizabeth I in the film “Shakespeare in Love”. In this article we will talk about interesting facts from the biography of Judi Dench, about her filmography and awards.

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early years

Judi Dench was born on December 9, 1934 in North Yorkshire (England). From an early age, the girl showed a craving for acting. Father Dench was a doctor at the Royal Theater in Yorkshire, so the visit to this place the baby was nothing new.

Even in her youth, Judi Dench showed a passion for theater and acting. She loved to dress up and sing when her mother played the piano. At first, Judy helped other actors dress up during performances, coming to the theater with her father.

The future actress first studied in an elite school for girls, then was briefly transferred to an art school,before she entered the Royal Central School of Stage Speech and Dramatic Art in London. For this step, the girl thanks all her life her brother Jeffrey, a novice actor who went to this school and pushed his sister.

Casting debut

Judi Dench's innate talent and versatility could not be ignored. Despite this, her first debut came in 1957, when she played Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet. This performance was staged in the old London theater “Old Vic”, which still exists today. There, the actress worked for another four years.

Judi dench interview

In 1961, Dench joined the Royal Shakespeare Company, becoming one of the leading actresses in Britain. It seemed that it could be better than becoming part of a large and popular theater. But Judi Dench was unstoppable. She made her television debut on the BBC TV series “Hilda Lesways”. The actress began to develop in this direction, speaking in comedy works, including stage productions of Oscar Wilde. In 1968 she got the role of Sally Bowles in “Cabaret”.

Career highlights

Already by 1960, actress Judy Dench announced herself on television.Her participation in The Four of a Morning (1966) as a young wife was noted by the British Film Academy. Thanks to this film, the young actress has received many television awards, recognition and a path to cinema. However, there were no other brilliant performances in British films. Along with this, the actress continued to work on the stage in her native England.

But how Judy Dench in her youth won the hearts of American viewers is another question. As soon as the actress came to the United States, she immediately became the star of the television romantic comedy “As time passes.” But Hollywood did not immediately notice the potential of Judy.

Everything happened after the release of the film “Golden Eye” about James Bond, where the actress got the role of M. She appeared several times as this character. Among the latter was the role in the new film "007: Skyfall coordinates" (2012).

In 1997, the actress enticed the audience with the first lead role of Queen Victoria in the film “Her Majesty Mrs. Brown”. Literally a year later, Judy starred in the film “Shakespeare in Love” (1998), but this time in the role of Elizabeth I. It was thanks to this role that the actress got her first Oscar.And this despite the fact that the total in the film the girl was no more than eight minutes. But the acting game Dench was so dazzling that it was awarded a popular and significant film award.

Judi Dench in her youth

Other significant roles

Other memorable roles followed in such films as “Chocolate” (2000), “Iris” (2001), “Mrs. Henderson Presents” (2005) and “Scandalous Diary” (2006). Dench joined the ensemble of famous British actors in the film “Hotel“ Marigold ”: Best of Exotic” (2011), and then returned in 2015 in the sequel “Hotel“ Marigold ”: Settlement continues”. She also played a touching role in the film “Philomena” (2013), which was filmed on the famous story of how a woman was looking for her child after adoption by strangers.

  • In 2015, Judy Dench (photo of the actress you can see below) starred in the film along with Dustin Hoffman in the film adaptation of the BBC channel “Ahap Erech” Roald Dahl.
  • In 2016, the actress appeared in the screen adaptation of Tim Burton's “House of strange children, Miss Peregrine”.
  • In 2017, the role of Judi Dench received the Golden Globe. The actress played Queen Victoria in Stephen Frears' Victoria and Abdul.
  • In 2017, on the screens, we again see Judi Dench's favorite in the movie “Murder on the Orient Express”, in the role of Princess Dragomirova.

Awards and Achievements

Filmography Judi Dench is striking and surprising. In her piggy bank more than 110 projects, not counting the many years of work on the stage.

In 1996, the actress received two unprecedented Laurence Olivier awards for Best Actress and Best Actress in the musical.

In 1999 she won her first Oscar. In the same year, Dench won the “Tony” award for her leading role in the play “Amy View”.

Judi Dench on the radio

Attitude to work

The approach of the actress to work is very unusual. With all this, films with Judi Dench are incredibly interesting, complete and high-quality. She may not read the script or even become familiar with the concept of the film adaptation, preferring to rely on the words and opinions of her friends and colleagues. They often help her make the right decision.

Many actors point out that working with Judy is a bit difficult. She often comes to rehearsals without even reading the script completely. But it’s hard to argue with the results of her work. Throughout her career, Dench has been recognized as the best actress in Britain and the United States, and more than once.In addition to receiving the “Oscar” in 1999, the actress won a total of seven nominations for this film award. She also won two Golden Globes, six Laurence Olivier awards and ten British Film and Television Academy awards.

In addition, Dench was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 1970 and was awarded the title Commander of the British Empire in 1988. The actress was awarded a scholarship to the Royal Society of Arts in 2006, and also won a scholarship from the British Film Institute in 2011.

Photo by Judi Dench

Personal life

Judi Dench married actor Michael Williams in 1971. The couple worked together several times, including in the British television series “Beautiful Love” (1981-1984), and then in the film “Tea with Mussolini” (1999). Michael Williams died of lung cancer in 2001. The couple had one child - actress Tara Cressida Francis William, who is best known under the pseudonym Finty Williams.

Immediately after her husband's funeral, Judi Dench began traveling around Canada and Nova Scotia to star in the movie “Ship News” (2001). It was for her as a therapy that helped relive grief. Even the actress herself repeatedly admitted that grief had supplied a huge amount of energy, and Judy was unable to direct her to the suffering.She used it to survive the loss and continue to live a normal life.

Despite the diagnosis of macular dystrophy and knee surgery in recent years, Judy Dench continues to devote herself to her craft and attract rave reviews. That is why a huge number of viewers call her one of the most famous actresses of her generation.

Since 2010, Dench has been in a relationship with journalist David Mills. Four years later, the actress in an interview for the Times admitted that she did not expect to find her love again after the death of her husband. “I was not ready for this. At first it was very strange, and then gradually the feeling grew into something wonderful, ”admits Judi Dench.

Judi Dench in a fur coat

In 2012, the actress was discussed in many newspapers and programs because of her illness - macular degeneration, but the problem was resolved by an injection into the eye and an assistant who read scripts to her. In 2013, Judy underwent knee surgery, but said after a while that she had recovered from the procedure and was ready to begin work. “For me, this is not a problem,” said the actress.

Fight for a place in the sun

Judi Dench is a famous scandalous person and not becausethat someone crossed her road or looked wrong in a restaurant. The actress, on the contrary, defends the right to the existence of older actresses. “I’m tired of hearing that I’m too old to try something new. I am able to decide for myself what things I can do and which I cannot, ”said Dench. “Age is a number. This is what they have imposed on you and it incredibly drives me crazy. Especially when people ask me if I'm going to retire, if I'm not ready to die. But the most annoying is when they ask a question about my age, ”the actress continued.

Interesting facts from life

  1. Few people know about this, but Judi Dench sings quite well. This can be judged when the actress appeared in the musical “Cabaret” (1968).
  2. One of her most famous roles is M in James Bond films. It all started in 1995 in the film “Golden Eye”, where the main actor was Pierce Brosnan.
  3. In 1996, Judi Dench became the first woman in history to win two Laurence Olivier Awards. It is important to note that she won them for two different performances.
  4. Dench has a pronounced, rich and hoarse voice. It can often be heard in cartoons and animated stories.In the animated series “Ballerina Angelina”, the actress dubbed the character Miss Lily.
  5. The actress just loves horse riding. Judy has a horse named Smoky Okey.
  6. The actress in 2013 confessed to the world about her religion, which she adheres to. Judi Dench is part of the Quaker community, which was founded by George Fox in the 17th century.
Young Judi Dench


Judi Dench - an actress who is worthy of praise, attention and great respect. All her life she made an incredible contribution to the film industry, and not only starred in the James Bond film, as is commonly believed.

It would seem that this woman is not afraid of anything - neither death, nor defeat, nor even illness. Her eyesight is gradually refusing, she is already in a respectable age, in which many people don’t even think to leave the house, not to act in films and go to the red carpet. But it is Judi Dench who is fighting for the rights of elderly actresses, doing everything possible so that the world does not lose the talented artists of the old school.

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