Joint-stock company "Ryazan Radio Factory": address, products, management

Joint-stock company "Ryazan Radio Plant" is the leading domestic manufacturer of communication systems of the 5th generation for the armed forces, government agencies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Radio stations of the enterprise allow you to reliably transmit information in difficult conditions, are resistant to interference, and are protected from signal interception. An important direction is the production of KSHM (command and staff vehicles) and training complexes for communications operators.

Joint-Stock Company Ryazan Radio Plant


Today, the plant is a modern, high-equipped production unit that is part of the Sozvezdie concern and the Russian Agency for Management Systems. The company occupies a worthy place in the design and manufacture of special and civil communications.

RRH plays an important role in the development of Ryazan and the region as a whole. Thanks to his stable work, taxes come to the budget,socio-economic sphere is developing, housing is being built. Address of the Ryazan Radio Factory: 390000, Russia, Ryazan, ul. Lermontov, 11.


The 2nd World War Company showed the importance of communications on the battlefield. Sometimes, the rapid exchange of information meant more than the firepower of combat units. Until the end of the 40s of the 20th century, the electrical engineering industry of the USSR against the background of Western countries was still underdeveloped. In 1950, the government decided to build an enterprise in Ryazan to produce loudspeakers, radio stations, and military and civilian radio components.

The first production of the Ryazan Radio Factory was released in 1954. Initially, the range was modest: loudspeakers "Harp", 1GD-5 and quartz resonators. A year later, the company was completed, all production buildings were commissioned. From this point on, the RRP becomes the main supplier of loudspeakers and dynamic loudspeakers in the USSR.

Ryazan Radio Factory


By the end of the 50s, Ryazan Radio Plant produced a wide range of products:

  • 1GD and 2GD loudspeakers.
  • Sound station "Sound".
  • Radio station for armored vehicles "Granat".
  • Recording station "Moss".

In the 60s, the production of marine radio beacons (equipped with “Kura” transmitters), military receivers VRP-60, armored radio stations “Magnolia” was mastered, the design of the speakers was improved. In 1963, the plant expanded due to the commissioning of new buildings, a plant management was built, and a plastic workshop was launched. At the beginning of the 70s, the foundry, electroplating and stamping shops were gradually introduced.

In subsequent years, RRH improved radio systems by improving noise immunity and working in difficult weather conditions. Created communication systems for spacecraft, command and staff complexes, important government agencies. This period includes the release of the proven communications equipment "Aqueduct", "Arbalet-2.5", "Rus", "Merka", "Meschera", "Halibut", "Paragraph", "Viola" and others.

Ryazan radio factory address

Time for a change

In 1994, the Ryazan Radio Plant was transformed into a joint-stock company. Despite the difficult economic situation, the company continued to improve communication systems, to produce new products. In 1996, Yu.L. Smirnov is an honorary citizen of Ryazan. A talented manager was able to "pull out" the plant, make one of the industry leaders.

The technological breakthrough was the development in the late 90s of mobile communications equipment of the “Granit” series.The complex allows you to create multi-zone radio communication and the principle of operation is similar to modern cell phones. Granit-B has been tested in many hot spots; they are equipped with units of constant readiness, for example, amphibious units.

In 2006, RRH entered the state scientific and industrial concern "Constellation". This made it possible to maximally simplify contacts with related organizations and research centers within the concern, as well as to get direct access to government orders.


Today, the favorable outcome of hostilities is largely ensured not by means of transportation, but thanks to stable secure communication between units. Since its foundation, RRH has been producing communication equipment. And today it is one of the leaders in the design and production of fifth-generation products. These include the Duet radio communication complex.

The uniqueness of the complex lies in the fact that it was the first to use the technology of temporary digital signal compression. Product specifications are an order of magnitude superior to analog devices. Speech quality, regardless of the distance between the radio stations (provided they are in the coverage area), remains equally excellent.The undoubted advantage of the complex is its maximum proximity to civilian products. The Duet intelligently combines the power and reliability of a military radio station with the convenient interface of a cell phone.

Concern Constellation


Ryazan Radio Plant OJSC has been developing the KSHM since 1998. The first hardware command-and-staff telephone communications machine manufactured at the factory was P227-BRM1 on the BTR-80 chassis. The product was intended for the organization of telephone communication by radio, radio-relay and wire channels, the creation of a network of trunking and paging communication using equipment of type Р169 ("Granit-B").

From 2002 to 2007, for the deployment of a mobile radio communication system in the interests of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, equipment sets and radio relay stations Р419-С, Р419-С1, Р419-М2 were developed and delivered. In 2004, a sample of the upgraded product P149-BMDD of a unified command-staff vehicle on a tracked chassis, which is a mobile control center for the commander of the tactical subdivision of the Airborne Forces, was manufactured.

In 2005, the KSHM was upgraded using the 5th generation communications equipment by using Ryazan Radio Plant OJSC and successfully passed a complex of tests.
Product Р149-БМРД was produced up to 2010 and won good marks from the military.

Ryazan Radio Factory products

Other products of the Ryazan radio plant

Wearable, portable and powerful stationary communication systems play a key role in the interaction of various military units, in the structures of the protection of important objects, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, medical and emergency services. РРЗ produces a wide range of products of this type.




Radio station


It is used to provide two-way radio communication both in the parking lot and during movement over land and afloat.

Radio station


Used to receive telephone information.

Radio station

Р168-25УЕ Р168-5УНЕ

Carry and wearable. Used in the implementation of a masked / open link in the frequency range 30-108 MHz.

Radio station


Transportable. It guarantees open or technically masked communications in the regiment / battalion / company tactical control unit.

Radio station


It is intended for the organization of radio communications in the units of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the special forces.



It is intended for transmission of voice and facsimile information both over an IP network based on the SIP2.0 protocol and over regular telephone lines in the PSTN network.

Paging station


Designed to transmit alphanumeric messages in a personal radio call system.

TO switch


It works in conjunction with mobile telephone and radio communication using the trunking protocol MRT-1327.

Radio station


It receives telephone information in the ultrashort wave range with frequency modulation.

electrotechnical industry

Responsible approach

The Ryazan Radio Plant is responsible for the entire life cycle of the products manufactured, from commissioning, warranty to technical maintenance and repair. Communication facilities manufactured by the enterprise are used not only by communications specialists, but also by military personnel of other military occupational specialties. With this in mind, RRP is trying to design products along with the introduction of the latest scientific achievements that are understandable to ordinary soldiers, law enforcement and security agencies.

If the operation of complex communication complexes is required, the plant organizes training courses. This is especially true for the training of staff of command and staff machines. For example, in Kaluga, a large center for training Interior Ministry officials has been created.The complex consists of 36 KSHM models, 33 training facilities, 12 medium power radio stations and other training equipment.

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