Jenny Shimizu: biography, career, personal life

Who is Shimitsu Jenny? How successful was her career in the American show business? What is known about the personal life of this extraordinary person? What films did Jennie Shimitsu star in? the path of the artist to fame - all this will be considered in the presented material.

Childhood and youth

shimitsu jenny

Jenny Shimitsu, whose photo can be seen in the article, was born on June 16, 1967 in San Jose, California. After some time, the family of the future artist moved to live in Los Angeles. Childhood girls spent in the Korean quarter of the city.

From an early age Shimitsu Jenny preferred to spend time in the company of guys, in all imitated boyish manners, dressed up in appropriate clothes. In adolescence, the girl preferred to drive a motorcycle, and also was fond of cars, everything related to technology.

After graduating from high school Shimitsu Jenny got a job as an auto mechanic in one of the workshops in Los Angeles.At this time, her appearance became masculine. All this was once again emphasized by the rather crude manner of behavior of the girl.

Shimitsu Jenny had a rather non-standard, original appearance, had a slender body, a good figure, expressive features of the face. At one point, the girl decided to try their hand at modeling. For a long time, Jenny took part in photo shoots, was shot for small magazines. Only in 1990, when the girl was 23 years old, respected fashion designers from New York, where she moved to live, paid attention to her. Soon, Calvin Klein representatives signed a professional contract with Jenny Shimizu. Photos of the young model began to show off on Times Square billboards.

Participation in television projects

Shimitsu Jenny and her wife

In the early 2000s, Shimizu Jenny attracted the attention of the owners of popular American TV channels. Bright type, strong character, unconventional sexual orientation - all this helped the girl to shine in successful projects. Jenny Shimitsu, whose photos were on the pilgrims of reputable fashion magazines, began to take part in the work on the creation of several shows simultaneously.The girl was one of the leaders in the programs “Top Model in American”, Power Lesbian. In the second season of the modeling business project Shimizu, Jenny appeared as a jury member.

Filming at the cinema

Shimitsu jenny biography

In 1994, Shimizu was approved for a small role in the television series Ellen. In 1995, an aspiring actress starred in her first full-length film called “Dinh Don.” The following year, work on the creation of the film “False Flame” followed.

The most successful for Jenny was the participation in the film "Lesbian Committee". Here, the actress and fashion model successfully got used to the image of a daring, wayward girl gay, for which she was praised by reputable film critics.

Filmography of the artist:

  • Ellen (1994);
  • Dinh Don (1995);
  • "False Fire" (1996);
  • "New Woman" (2001);
  • Dante's Cove (2005);
  • Lesbian Committee (2007);
  • Three Ways (2008);
  • “So much shock” (2011).

Personal life

Jenny Shimitsu photo

In 1996, the popular British tabloid The Sun presented an article to the audience in which Shimizu revealed frank details about the relationship with her counterpart in the film “False Fire” Angelina Jolie. The actress noted that already in the first week of shooting the picture, they began to attend entertainment facilities in Los Angeles together.Soon the girls, not embarrassed by the views of others, kissed in public. According to Jennie, they enjoyed wonderful, clean feelings.

In 2005, Shimizu announced marriage to her longtime friend Rebecca Luz. However, the girls did not formalize the marriage officially. The story turned out to be nothing more than an ordinary hoax. Jenny later admitted that she was not going to connect life with Rebecca. False rumors about a quick marriage were spread by girls intentionally. In this way, friends tried to draw public attention to the problem of gay marriage.

In 2007, Jenny Shimizu began an affair with Madonna. The model opened to the audience the information that the singer regularly organizes romantic dates for her in various parts of the world.

In 2012, the artist began a hot love affair with fashion designer Michelle Harper. The girls took the marriage a few years after the start of the relationship. Shimitsu Jenny and her wife remain together until today.

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