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Jan Fried is a talented director whose pictures you want to watch and revise. “The Bat,” “Silva,” “The Twelfth Night,” “The Dog in the Hay,” “The Pious Martha,” are just some of his famous films. The path of this man to fame was long, but now his name is known to all movie lovers. What can be said about the master in addition to this?

Jan Fried: the beginning of the road

The director was born in Krasnoyarsk, it happened in May 1908. Jan Fried was born in a simple family that was not related to the world of dramatic art. Soon after the birth of his son, his father became addicted to cards, and therefore the parents of the future star constantly needed money. The boy was forced to start work early, during the civil war he served as an orderly at a military hospital.

Yang Fried

Traction to the creative activity woke up in it early. Yang was barely eight when he began to play on the Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater stage. The first performance with his participation was called “Days of our life”, the plot was borrowed from the work of Leonid Andreev.At first, he got only occasional roles, then more serious tasks began to be trusted to him. The artist won his first audience back in Krasnoyarsk, when he performed under the pseudonym Jan Kolibri. Then the talented young man moved to the capital, learned at the working school.

First successes

Jan Fried shot his first picture at the age of 18. It happened in 1926, when the future famous director still lived in Krasnoyarsk, led a theater group. The Krayom ​​Komsomol commissioned him to create a tape telling about the crimes of the White Guards. Jan took up this task without enthusiasm, because he did not like to work under duress. As a result, the film turned out to be defective, and no one saw the film.

Jan Fried filmography

In 1932, a young man received a diploma from the Leningrad Theater Institute, and in 1938 he graduated from the Film Academy at VGIK. The head of the course on which he studied was Sergei Eisenstein. For some time after graduation, Fried worked at Lenfilm.

Directorial debut

In 1939, for the first time declared himself as a director, Jan Fried. His filmography acquired a short film "Surgery". The plot was borrowed from the work of Chekhov, and the main role was played by the famous mummer Ivan Moskvin.Relations with the actor with the director did not work out, as he constantly tried to teach him to work. Much more he enjoyed working with Vasily Merkuriev, who was not yet known to the audience.

In the same year, Jan Fried presented the painting “Patriot” to the audience court, focused primarily on children. This is a story about a boy who lives in the 30s and loves his native country. In 1940, the director released the melodrama Return, telling about the adventures of a child named Nikita. The boy leaves home and travels to the Arctic in order to see his father, whom he has never met.

After the war

When the Great Patriotic War began, the director Jan Fried did not stand aside. He fought in the flight unit, reached Berlin. Upon returning to his native country, the director continued to make films. His first work after a long break was the documentary tape "Soviet Buryat-Mongolia", which was released in 1951. Then Yang presented to the audience court a film-play "Lyubov Yarovaya." However, the main achievements of the director, thanks to which his name forever entered the history of cinema, were still ahead.

director Jan Fried

Fried is the director, thanks to whom the star of the film star Ludmila Gurchenko was lit. The actress made her debut in his film “The Road of Truth”. The success of the audience had a historical drama "Baltic Glory", which told about the struggle of the sailors for Petrograd, which took place in 1917.

Musical films

Musical films are considered the hallmark of a brilliant director. Jan was still a teenager when he began performing in the operetta of Valeryanov. The master of music carried his love through music throughout his life. Needless to say that his musical film "The Twelfth Night", the plot of which was borrowed from the eponymous work of Shakespeare, was a tremendous success. And he enjoyed popularity not only among ours, but also among foreign viewers. The tape became a start in life for George Vitsin, who embodied the image of Sir Egyuchyk.

Yang Fried Soviet director

Jan Fried could not return to the musical pictures for a long time after that, the biography of the star claims that this happened only in 1967. It was then that the maitre created the painting Green Carriage. This is the story of the famous Russian actress Varvara Aksenkova, who lived in the 19th century. The image of a woman with a tragic fate embodied Natalia Tenyakova, it is precisely this role she owes her popularity.

"Dog in the manger"

Jan Fried is a Soviet director who is known to many as the creator of Dogs in the Hay. The plot of the picture is borrowed from the play Lope de Vega. The leading roles were brilliantly played by Margarita Terekhova and Mikhail Boyarsky.

Jan Fried photo

“The Dog in the Hay” is a film about the misadventures of a noble and rich lady Diana. A woman cannot choose one of her boyfriends. Her heart is drawn to her own secretary, a handsome man and a womanizer. Beloved Diana, in turn, can not understand their feelings. He likes not only the charming hostess, but also her charming maid.

What else to see

In 1978, director Jan Fried presented the comedy musical “The Bat” to the audience court. He entrusted the main roles to Yuri and Vitaly Solomin, Lyudmila Maksakova, Larisa Udovichenko. The film begins with the fact that his wife learns about the constant betrayal of the second half. She swears that she will be able to force her spouse to rekindle her with passion. To do this, a woman goes to a masquerade ball, having previously changed her appearance.

ian fried biography

“Pious Martha” is a comedy, the stars of which are Emmanuel Vitorgan, Margarita Terekhova, Nikolai Karachentsov and Svetlana Toma.The film tells about the adventures of Spanish students who went to conquer Madrid, not having a penny in their pockets. The young men intend to correct their financial situation with the help of a profitable marriage. However, events unfold quite differently, as was intended by friends.

In 1992, the comedy “Tartuffe”, which became the last creation of the master, saw the light. This film adaptation of the comedy Moliere, which tells about the adventures of a clever swindler.

Personal life

Jan Fried, whose photo can be seen in the article, lived all his life with one woman. His chosen one was the actress Victoria Gorshenina, which can be seen in many pictures of her husband. For example, she played Madame Pernell in Tartuffe, embodied the image of Countess Ekenberg in Silva, tried on the role of the viscountess in Don Cesare de Bazan.

In the first half of the 90s, the family decided to move to German Stuttgart. There lived the only daughter of a star couple Alain. The director was forced to interrupt his romance with the cinema, but this did not upset him at all. Jan had already got tired of working on the set, he dreamed of trying himself in some other matter.The master had many plans, unfortunately, he managed to implement only a few of them.

This amazing man lived to 95 years. His last anniversary was celebrated in the Stuttgart concert hall.

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