Italian actress Anna Magnani: biography, personal life, movies

Italian films attracted and continue to attract the attention of moviegoers for their ease, unobtrusiveness and a certain "airiness." They create an amazing atmosphere of warmth and comfort, regardless of what is happening on the screen.

The heyday of Italian cinema came in the 50-60s of the last century. And it is precisely with this period that the name of the actress, who beautifully played the many tragicomic roles - Anna Magnani, is connected. On the biography, personal life and major films of the Italian Edith Piaf, read the article.

Roman Slum Girl

Along with such stars of European cinema as Sophia Loren, Ornella Muti, Adriano Celentano and Monica Bellucci, stands the name of the Italian actress Anna Manyani. She achieved global fame thanks to the magnificent and lively performance of female roles in the tapes of neorealist directors.By the way, Anna Magnani became the first Italian to receive the Oscar for her game - the most prestigious and desired award in the field of cinema.

The icon of post-war Italian cinema was born on March 7, 1908. According to a popular legend, it happened in ancient Alexandria, in the north of Africa. But this is just a myth. In fact, Anna Magnani was born in Rome. True, her mother soon after the birth of her daughter really left for Egypt. And the future movie star was raised mainly by her grandmother.

Anna Magnani biography

Magnani grew up on the outskirts of Rome, in a not very prosperous area. She did not know either father or mother, and was brought up surrounded by numerous relatives. The most dear and closest person in the childhood of Anna Magnani was her grandmother. She first met her mother at nine, but failed to make contact. This meeting, as recalled later by Magnani, did not bring her anything but pain and frustration.

School, theater, night clubs

At school, Anna perfectly mastered playing the piano, and became seriously interested in theater. She took part in the annual Christmas productions. At the age of 16, Anna Magnani without any problems entered the Academy of Dramatic Art. E. Duse.

At the end of two years of study, Anna signed a contract with one of the local theater companies. The first years of her creative career, the actress describes quite gloomily: constant rehearsals in musty halls, long journeys and a chronic lack of sleep. However, the theater did not bring Magnani the desired success and recognition.

actress Anna Magnani

A few years later, the troupe broke up, and the young actress was forced to look for new sources of income. Soon, Anna Magnani moves to Sanremo, where he performs in nightclubs and cafes with low-grade songs and shows. At one of these speeches, it was noticed by the director Goffredo Alessandrini. The short stature, the peculiar beauty and the explosive nature of the young talent reminded him of Edith Piaf.

First love and first disappointment

Having fallen in love with Goffredo Alessandrini, she soon married him and abandoned her career, concentrating entirely on household chores. However, before that, she still managed to play a minor role in his own film "The Blind of Sorrento." Here is how she wrote about this period of her life:

“I really fell in love, and no longer thought about the theater. Truth be told, I stopped thinking altogether.And when he offered to get married, I immediately agreed. "

Goffredo and Magnani have been married for several years. However, her husband soon began to change Anne, which she could not stand. The couple broke up, and Magnani again returned to the theater stage and continued to act in films.

Anna Magnani Tattooed Rose

Long way to glory

Success and world fame came to Magnani not immediately. By the beginning of the 40s, the actress played in only seven scenes. And the most significant at that time was the role in the Teresa-Friday comedy film (1941).

Magnani personal life

But real recognition awaited Anna Magnani only in the postwar years. At the age of 37, she meets Roberto Rossellini, who decides to invite her to one of the main roles in her film “Rome - an open city”. Anna played in it the partisan anti-fascist resistance of Pinu, the prototype of which was a real woman - Teresa Gullache, shot by the Germans in 1944 The picture glorified not only the director himself, but also turned Magnani into a star of the first magnitude.

After the release of this film, Anna Magnani was considered a symbol of Rome. It is curious that the last film in her filmography is also connected with the capital of Italy. And her name is appropriate - "Rome."In this film, Magnani appeared only in the episode, and in the role of herself.

Anna Magnani and Neorealists

The phenomenal success of the actress, one way or another, is closely related to Italian neo-realism. This current reached an unprecedented scale in the period from 1945 to 1955. After the release of the film "Rome - an open city", Anna Magnani became a key figure in this direction in the country's cinema.

Anna Manyani The most beautiful

The popularity and demand of the actress due to the uniqueness of her talent. Director Franco Zeffirelli noted that Anna Magnani possesses an amazing ability to put any scene into a real dimension. At the same time, he said this:

“Magnani works with the clarity of a genuine master. And there is nothing accidental in it, it does absolutely everything on a professional level. ”

Oscar and international recognition

In the first half of the 50s, Anna Magnani was the number one movie star in Italy. After more than a successful performance of the role of Angelina Bianco in the film “The Deputy Angelina”, she is invited to Hollywood. Tennessee Williams, an eminent American playwright, especially for Magnani, wrote a play called The Tattooed Rose. The film was released in 1955.For this role, Anna Magnani received her first and only Oscar. Two more prestigious awards (“BAFTA” and “Golden Globe”) only secured the status of a world magnitude star for Magnani.

Anna Magnani Movies

In Hollywood, Magnani shone brightly, but not for long. In addition to the "Tattooed Rose", she appeared in several overseas pictures, but unfortunately she did not reach Ingrid Bergman. Therefore, the history of cinema, Anna Magnani entered, first of all, as an icon of Italian cinema.

Magnani and Rossellini

A marriage with Goffredo Alessandrini was the only actress in the life. After the divorce, the personal life of Anna Magnani was rather stormy, though unhappy.

Actor Massimo Serrato gave her son. But with the director Roberto Rossellini, she was linked by a long, seven-year romance, which, alas, ended in a break. The reason for parting was a new passion Rossellini - Swede Ingrid Bergman. Magnani was very offended and saddened by this fact, and was able to reconcile with Roberto only on the eve of her death.

Magnani and Rossellini

The actress died September 26, 1973 at the age of 66 years. The cause of Anna Magnani’s death was pancreatic cancer. The disease was diagnosed in her in the mid 60s.It is important to note that Rossellini stayed with Anna until the last minute of her life. He also buried the actress in his family vault.

The main films of Anna Manyani

During her life, Magnani has played in more than 30 paintings. The most famous films with her participation should include the following films:

  • Teresa Friday (1941).
  • "Rome, an open city" (1945).
  • "Deputy Angelina" (1947).
  • Love (1948);
  • "Dreams on the roads" (1948).
  • “The Most Beautiful” (1951).
  • The Tattooed Rose (1955).
  • Mama Roma (1962).
  • The Peeler (1971).
  • The Automobile (1972).

One of the most striking works of Magnani is the role in the drama “Mama Roma” (see excerpt in the original). By the way, it was this picture that glorified the actress in the USSR. Anne got the role of a former prostitute who tries to start a new life. No less vivid and memorable film with the participation of Anna Magnani - “The Most Beautiful” by director Luchino Visconti. In it, she played the role of Maddalena Chekkoni - the mother who brings her charming daughter to the screen test.

The last serious role of Maniani - participation in the film "Car", released a year before the death of the actress. In the picture she plays an elderly, impoverished and lonely countess. From solitude and boredom, she is saved by buying a car - a cute yellow Fiat.Actually, further events in the film unfold around him.

What is the secret of Anna Magnani's phenomenal success? It would seem that the Lord has not endowed her with any special beauty, growth or slimness. On the other hand, it was extremely textured and memorable. In her game, you could feel the depth and emotion, as well as the true Italian temperament. She perfectly embodied on the screen the roles of simple Italians - women from the people, which is what the viewer fell in love with.

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