Can sage be pregnant? Sage when planning pregnancy

Nowadays, women more and more often have to deal with various female diseases. The main problem with which the ladies turn to their gynecologist is infertility. It is worth noting that the prolonged inability to conceive a child is not an independent disease. Most often this is a consequence or symptom of another (more serious) disease.

To treat this pathology can be in different ways. Doctors use conservative therapy, hormonal and homeopathic remedies, as well as carry out complex operations. One of the correction options is traditional medicine. This article will discuss how sage is useful when planning pregnancy. You will learn how and for what use this plant. You also need to know whether sage is possible during pregnancy.

sage during pregnancy

Sage plant

This herb has miraculous properties and has been known since ancient times. Many people use this remedy for external use: for gargling in case of respiratory diseases, for preparing baths, for inhalations. Despite this widespread use, sage is most often used when planning pregnancy.

This plant has not yet been studied completely, but it has long been known that it contains phytohormones. These substances are very similar to female estrogen. That is why this medicine helps to get rid of many ailments.

sage when planning pregnancy

Salvia with infertility and pregnancy planning

Doctors do not deny the miraculous effect of this tool on the female body. Recently even tablets "Salvia" are being produced. During pregnancy (planning), they are very useful and can help conceive a baby as soon as possible. However, it should be recalled that such a drug should be taken only on the recommendation of a doctor and after a thorough examination.

Follicle growth

Sage during pregnancy (planning) helps to grow the follicle to the desired size.Some women have a lack of estrogen. As a result, the follicles remain underdeveloped and not broken. Most often, this pathology develops into polycystic ovary syndrome.

If you find the disease in time, then sage can really help. By drinking this decoction, the pituitary gland is restored and the level of estrogen rises. Due to this treatment, the follicle grows to the desired size and self-ruptures. Ovulation occurs and the subsequent conception.

can sage during pregnancy

Thin endometrium

Also, sage during pregnancy (planning) can help with thin endometrium. It is worth noting that the lack of the inner layer of the uterus may be due to a lack of estrogen and progesterone. Herbs or pills perfectly fill the first phase.

Remember that progesterone is also needed for endometrial growth. If its level in the body is low, then you need to take additional drugs (in addition to sage).

Prolonged periods

Sage herb has a beneficial effect on menstrual bleeding. If you suffer from prolonged or very heavy periods, this remedy will certainly help.

The drug gently reduces the uterus and contributes to the speedy cleansing.

sage pills during pregnancy

How to drink sage when planning?

An important condition for such treatment is that it is necessary to use this remedy strictly in the first phase of the cycle. Sage during pregnancy (planning) increases the level of estrogen. These hormones contribute to a slight contraction of the uterine muscle. If you drink the infusion after ovulation, it can cause premature release of the egg from the uterus.

So, if you calculated the day of your ovulation, you can safely begin treatment immediately after the start of menstruation.

It is necessary to use medicine twice a day. Pour one tablespoon of dry pharmaceutical herbs with a glass of boiling water. Let it brew for two hours. Then strain the solution through a sieve or cheesecloth. It is better to drink this remedy in the morning (after breakfast) and in the evening (before bedtime).

Treatment can last up to three months. If conception has not come during this period, then take a short break and continue the correction.

In the case when the decoction helped, and the conception took place, it is necessary to stop taking the sage herb.In pregnancy, this tool can be very dangerous. The main hormone in this case becomes progesterone.

Sage during pregnancy

Drinking medicine after conception is impossible. Its action can have a negative effect on the fetus and cause miscarriage. It is worth noting that in ancient times, some women resorted to this method of abortion. However, sage can be useful in the waiting period of the baby, you only need to properly use it.

sage rinsing during pregnancy

Cold treatment

It's no secret that after conception a woman's immunity decreases. During this period, the expectant mother is subject to various colds and viruses. An excellent tool for the treatment of such diseases will be the herb sage.

Rinsing during pregnancy should be carried out after each meal. Type a little broth and wash them throat and mouth cavity. Repeat the procedure three times. After that, it is not recommended to drink water and eat for half an hour.


Despite the fact that the sage herb causes minor cuts in the uterus, doctors often prescribe it for the treatment of erosion. This drug has healing, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It kills bacteria and promotes tissue regeneration.

Douching should be carried out once a day before bedtime. Broth herbs should be diluted with water at room temperature. After that, you need to pour the solution into the syringe and irrigate the vaginal cavity with it (only as prescribed by the doctor!).

Lotions and compresses

You already know that this remedy has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect. That is why it is often used for lotions. If your body has abrasions, cuts or burns, then a sage compress will be an ideal treatment.

drink sage during pregnancyMoisten a cotton swab in a strong decoction of herbs and attach to the sore spot. Keep such a lotion for at least ten minutes. Then blot the injured area with a dry cloth and leave until the next treatment. Such lotions can be made several times a day until the wound is completely healed.


Sage is a healing herb, but if used improperly, such treatment can not only help but also greatly harm. Before carrying out a similar therapy, consult with a specialist and get his recommendations.

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