Irina Sotikova: "I can play everything!"

Irina Sotikova becameknown, after she began to play Marina Voronin in the "Road Patrol". Her clever and courageous heroine fell in love with many viewers who admired such an independent and self-sufficient woman. But she has other roles. Everything in order.

Children and youth

The future actress Irina Sotikova, whose films have been released for two decades, was born a few days before the new, 1974, in a military family.

Irina Sotikova actress

Her childhood years were quite unusual, because because of my father's service, the parents of the girl constantly moved from town to town. They lived in Mongolia, Khabarovsk, Chita ... Until eleven years old Ira lived in the Far East. Perhaps that is why she has preserved a love for long hikes, mushrooming and fishing.

The family moved to Leningrad when Ira grew up. The girl entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts - LGITMiK (studied in the workshop of V. Petrov), which she graduated in 1996.

Theatrical path

When Irina Sotikova was still a student, she began her career at the Akimov Comedy Theater. The walls of this temple of art she does not betray to this day. And this should not come as a surprise, because the actress, like a real Leningrad woman, grew up from an early age in an atmosphere of art that pervaded this beautiful city.

She is an actress of a truly classic genre. Many performances of the Comedy Theater have been remembered by the audience. Sotikova was a beggar and a court in “Shadows”, a Woman in “A Cat Who Walks by Herself”, Barbara Smith in “A Too Married Taxi Driver,” a Girl in “Sheer Trouble,” Anna Pedge in “Windsor Lizards”.

The road to the big cinema

Actress Irina Sotikova began to go on the set immediately, as she received a diploma, in 1998. Her first character was a pretty Polish bride, Ani Yadzya, in the comedy of Yuri Mamin and Arkady Tigay called “Bitter!”. Her partners in the picture were Mikhail Porechenkov and Andrei Zibrov.

Like other St. Petersburg actors and actresses, she had quite a lot to act in the late nineties nineties. These were popular at the time series about the police.She was asserted on the role of a nurse in “Streets of Broken Lanterns”, Katya Slastina in the “Golden Bullet” Agency (2002). And she played Katya in six series with Andrey Sokolov and Valery Degtyar.

Irina Sotikov age

A few years later, she never changed her role, firmly settled in it. She turned into Angelica in the seventh part of "The Streets of Broken Lanterns", Masha in the TV series "Foundry, 4" (2007).

Two words about her ...

The filmography of the actress holds about three dozen works. But she not only starred in the movie and went on the stage of the theater. Irina Sotikova, whose films are known to a large number of viewers, twelve years ago participated in the duplication of the role of Beyonce Knowles in the film Pink Panther.

Anna Kovalchuk and Irina Sotikova

For four years, the actress was the mother of Vanya Polesova in the series “High School Students”, which was broadcast on Russian channels. One of the best directors of the twenty-first century, Nikita Mikhalkov, could not help but notice Irina’s magnificent play in her reincarnations. Maitre approved her for the role of Arisha in one of the episodes in the second part of the film "Burnt by the Sun" seven years ago.

And yet the main genres in which she works now and plans to stay for a long time are adventures, detectives and crime.It is in such far from always typical for fragile woman genres that Irina Sotikova can show everything that she is capable of, can realize herself as a talented and hardworking actress who doesn’t allow herself to leave the set until the double .

Her "Highway Patrol"

The first season of this series came out exactly ten years ago and instantly won the sympathy of the audience. It tells about a special police unit that deals with special traffic accidents. And the whole story begins with the investigation of the details of the departure from the life of a major businessman, who was in the top management of a famous bank.

The main heroes were the first to arrive at the crash site - a beautiful and very strict captain Marina Voronina and her partner colleague, Senior Lieutenant Odintsov. He is always ready to help Marina.

Irina Sotikova films

Eleven seasons are a very worthy indicator of such a long-lived Russian television. Each series deals with cases related to the incidents on the road. Each time it is necessary to make numerous investigations, find evidence, carry out checks to find out the reasons for what happened on this or that day.

Irina Sotikova, who played Marina, proved to be just great. She and Yuri Elagin (Starley Odintsov) formed a great tandem.

Briefly about personal ...

Irina Sotikova, whose age is now 44 years old, assures journalists that her personal life is completely arranged. She met her future husband in the theater, where they still work together. The actress was always confident that she would not create a family with an actor, but ... the feelings were stronger than conviction. The wedding was held according to the rules, elegant and on a large scale.

Her husband now works a lot in the theater and acted in films. They did not manage to arrange a honeymoon, but later they went to rest in Greece.

Irina Sotikova and Alexey Krasnotstov

Actress Irina Sotikova (her husband and children are interested in ordinary viewers) once told reporters that in recent years, the acting profession has become fashionable to not have children. He cites his theater as an example, whose actors and actresses have not rushed to expand their families over the past twenty years. But Irina herself is sure that it is the child who is able to turn an ordinary woman into a very soft, gentle, feminine and at the same time more self-confident creature.

She is very happy with her husband, actor Alexei Krasnozdov, who is 14 years younger than Irina. Now she dreams of children's voices in their house and the laughter of their babies ring out.

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