IPTV on TV - next generation TV!

IPTV on TV - digital television with interactive capabilities of a new generation, designed to watch your favorite programs and movies.

Main advantageshow to watch iptv on TV

High-quality image

Millions of people have been watching IPTV on TV for a long time in high resolution with excellent sound! In fact, it can be called an ultramodern cinema in your home, in the circle of close friends and friends.

Multi-channel sound

Home theater owners have an excellent opportunity to appreciate the quality of surround sound when watching their favorite movies on IPTV.

Video on demand

Watching IPTV on a TV is an opportunityenjoy your favorite series or program at any time convenient for you. They need only be selected in a special directory and look, and do not waste time searching and downloading from the Internet.

Live control of the air

If you are a fan of football matches, seebroadcast your favorite football club, but you constantly get in the way, then you have a way out! Just put the game on pause, and then return to it when you want. By the way, any movie or program can be rewound back right during the air and watch every moment as much as you want.iptv on TV

Recreation from advertising

If you are tired of watching commercials, then youyou can view multiple channels at once. Do not miss the start of your favorite program or series just because you watched another TV channel where there was no advertising.


It is possible to record several films or transmissions at once, and at that time you can watch another channel.

Weekly transfers

A convenient IPTV menu allows you to watch TV for a whole week ahead. Also, you can search the genre and watch movies and TV programs to your taste.

All these amenities can be controlled in the menu on thescreen of your TV or computer by pressing the buttons on the remote control. But the most important thing: if you watch IPTV on a TV set, then at the same time you can freely use the Internet. It is very convenient.

IPTV on the TV is a new generation television for connoisseurs of quality and time.

Digital IP-TV is a high-quality sound, which differs significantly from the usual analogue mode of broadcasting, in which the sound is broadcast in mono and stereo channels.

To all other delights of digital technology,IPTV can transmit several language tracks at once. For example, during the broadcast, you can choose the language of the scoring of the film or TV program. Are you surprised? The quality of sound is still inherent in the TV channel itself, that's why it depends on what sound properties it will broadcast.

If you still do not know how to watch IPTVon the TV so that it only brings pleasure with its high quality of sound and image, then we will explain: you will need such additional equipment as STB set-top box MAG 250 (micro).how to watch iptv on TV

The STB (Set-Top-Box) is a device that receives a digital signal, decodes it and converts it into a signal compatible with the television receiver.

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