Instruction: "Lazolvan" (solution)

The drug "Lazolvan" is a mucolytic andexpectorant drug. According to its physico-chemical properties, it is a colorless solution that does not have impurities. The preparation contains an active active ingredient, which is ambroxol hydrochloride, as well as auxiliary substances such as disodium hydrophosphate dihydrate, sodium chloride, citric acid and water for injection. Manufacturers of medicines also produce the drug "Lazolvan" in the form of tablets and syrup. Before starting a course of treatment with the use of a medicine, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

The main indications for use includeinstructions. "Lazolvan" (solution) is recommended for various chronic and acute respiratory diseases, which are accompanied by the release of sputum viscous type:

- pneumonia;

- acute and chronic bronchitis;

- obstructive lung diseases of chronic type;

- bronchial asthma with a difficult process of sputum discharge;

- respiratory distress syndromes in premature babies;

- bronchiectasis diseases.

Pharmacological effects on the body alsodescribes the instruction. "Lazolvan" (solution) increases the secretion of mucus in the respiratory tract. Ambroxol hydrochloride normalizes the synthesis of surfactant in the lungs and increases ciliary activity. These processes contribute to improving the excretion and removal of mucus from the body, as well as reducing cough.

The drug "Lazolvan" (solution), the instruction forthe use of which recommends it for internal administration, is often used for inhalation. During this procedure, the aerosolized agent directly enters the bronchial mucosa and exerts its therapeutic effect. The drug "Lazolvan" (solution), introduced into the body by means of inhalation, promotes the expansion of the bronchi, which makes it possible to strengthen the expectorant effect of the medication.

The drug increases the amount ofsputum by activating the cells of the mucosa responsible for its production, and also contributes to its liquefaction. Under the action of the drug cilia, located in the epithelium of the bronchi, begin to produce at a higher rate of translational movement, directed to the exit from the respiratory tract, freeing the body from sputum.

Once in the body in the process of inhalation,the drug is able to reach the most remote corners of the bronchi. Settling on the walls of the alveoli, which are a tissue of the lung, the drug prevents their adhesion, stimulating the production of a special substance - surfactant.

The process of inhalation is described in detailinstructions. "Lazolvan" (solution) is recommended for use in inhalations in combination with taking the medication internally. This course of therapy is effective in all bronchopulmonary diseases, which are inflammatory.

Contraindications prohibiting usethe following: increased sensitivity to ambroxol or other substances that make up the product. Side effects indicate the instruction. "Lazolvan" (solution) can cause minor digestive system disorders, which can be expressed as heartburn. Also, when taking medication, dyspepsia may develop, and nausea, vomiting, and allergic reactions may occur.

Use of the drug during the course of treatmentantibiotics helps to increase the concentration of the latter in the lung tissue. Taking a medicine at the same time as antitussive medications can cause difficulty in getting the sputum out of the body.

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