Instinct is what? Nature instincts

What is the basis of the behavior of any person? Mind? It is possible, because most of our actions are motivated by the work of the psyche. Virtually all of our actions we are able to give a logical explanation. Then what is instinct? Is this also a product of our mind? Or maybe this is something more?

Let's take a little look at our psychology. And also in what was the reason for the emergence of human instincts, and why are they needed at all? So let's get started.instinct is

Instinct is ...

We all know that our mind controls the body. In general, this control can be classified as conscious and unconscious. The first category includes all actions for which the intervention of human consciousness is necessary. For example, walking, drawing, singing, talking, doing a certain job, and so on.

But there is a second group - the unconscious. For example, when a person pulls his hand away from a hot object. It is her instincts.

As for the exact value, the instinct is a certain model of human behavior, inherent in it by nature from the very birth. Instincts do not require awareness, they, like reflexes, work automatically.

How did the instincts appear?

It will probably be quite logical to ask the question: how did the instincts of man arise? After all, a person develops reflexes throughout his life, but his instincts appear with his first sigh. The answer can be found in Darwin’s theory of evolution.

As is known from scientific reports, for tens of thousands of years, mankind has continuously developed. At the same time, only those who could best adapt to the environment survived. And these are not empty words, in those days danger was at every turn, and, of course, nobody put warning signs.animal instinct

Therefore, nature has invented a cunning mechanism capable of transmitting genetic information from parents to children. Including instincts. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of them carry the animal character of our ancestors.

For example, let us examine the nature of one of the instincts - the fear of darkness.Never thought about why so many people are afraid of the dark? And those who have repressed this horror in themselves, still feel uncomfortable, having found themselves in total darkness? It's all about the instinct, because with the onset of night, predators often went hunting, capable of tearing a lone traveler. Therefore, mother nature has endowed man with fear, so that he would always be on the lookout, being in the dark. This fear became the basis for the appearance of the first of instincts.

Animal instincts

Now, when the nature of the instinct is clear, we proceed directly to which of them have been preserved by man to this day. It is easy to guess that the so-called animal instincts will be the strongest, because they are with us since the time when a person was still moving on four limbs. And for many centuries, they only strengthened in our subconscious.

So, animal instinct is responsible for the primitive needs of people. To be more precise, for reproduction, hunger and self-preservation.

The worst instinct

When people talk about the instinct of survival, they do not always realize what it can lead to.Yes, without it, the human race could not stand in the struggle for the dominance of species, giving way to other individuals. This is his main merit, and this should not be forgotten. But there is another side to the coin.

human instincts

In an environment where life hangs in the balance, the instinct of survival prevails over the mind. In this situation, a person is not able to control his actions and becomes like a wild beast, cornered. Naturally, this is the world, and everyone has the right to his own defense, but sometimes under the influence of the animal principle, people go over all the permitted limits. That is why this instinct is considered the worst of all.

How does sympathy arise?

Let the people think that searching for a couple is their sensible choice, in reality everything is much more complicated. After all, everyone knows that girls and boys begin to be interested in each other from a certain age. It is during this period that our animal instinct triggers a special mechanism of influence on the subconscious.human instincts

If we look at it on a physiological level, we can see that during this period male and female hormones are actively entering the blood of young people.It is they who motivate teenagers for first love. So, not only consciousness is responsible for relationships between people, but also instincts.

What is behind the maternal instinct

The birth of life is always a small miracle. But the tiny creature, just born, still can not stand up for themselves. Therefore, it is so important that the mother always looked after her child. That is why nature has given woman maternal instinct.maternal instinct

Thanks to this, every girl at a subconscious level knows how to properly behave with a child. In addition, the maternal instinct is a protective mechanism that binds the mother's heart to her child. It is he who is responsible for the warm feelings that a woman has with the first sigh of her child. Also, this instinct ensures that the true mother will always protect and cherish her child.

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