Information on how to remove the album "In Contact"

Interesting and useful article about some functions of the VKontakte page. When uploading photos, we may want to either remove or change them.

Another life!

Communication in social networks, although it takes a lot of our time, yet in the modern world of information without the Internet is nowhere! Spending a huge number of hours on the pages of "VKontakte", we live more than one life, posting photos, sharing information about ourselves and events in our life, living in the real world and developing, we take a great interest in new and diverse useful and not so busy activities!

how to delete album in contact

But there comes a time when you want to change or remove something from the page! And there are moments that raise the question of how to remove the album "In Contact", due to changes in life and just with a change of interests! The creators of social networks, including VKontakte, understand us 100% and have provided some provisions for changing your pages at any convenient time! Wow, isn't it?

How does it all start?

First of all, let's understand that you can upload / upload photos to albums only on your VKontakte page or in a group that you created or in the one where it is provided for by the moderators / rules of the group you visit! “How to remove the album“ In Contact ”?” - you ask.
Yes, of course, it is quite possible to do it! To begin with, we will try to do without deletion, you see, sometimes this process is not entirely relevant!
how to remove aljuom in contact on your page

Instead of getting rid of our work for a certain period of time, we have the opportunity to allow / prohibit viewing of certain individuals / users of the social network “VKontakte”, thus filtering individuals who have access to your albums / photos, the same can be done and with comments from users of this network. Convenient, right? Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to delete.
Since the removal is either necessary or inevitable at the moment, here’s a step by step guide on how easy it is to do it.

So, how to delete the album "In Contact"? First, go to your page by entering your login and password. The menu of interest to us is to the left of your main photo, here we see a lot of different useful buttons.Next, go to the tab "My Photos". Click on it. A new window will open, in which all your albums are visible. In the same place, single folders with photos from your page are displayed, with marks on them. If there are too many albums, then some of them may not be shown on your page. To see them, you need to click on the button "Show all my albums", which is located below the albums. Thus, you see the entire list, including what you want to delete. Hover the mouse over the desired album. On the right, we find the “Edit” button, and we click on it. When the window is open, under the album there will be two options: “change the cover” and “delete the album”. If at the moment you are interested in how to delete the album "In Contact", click on the second button. You will see a window where you need to confirm your action. Click on the button "delete", but if you change your mind - "cancel". We considered with you the option to remove the album "In Contact" on your page.

And now let's learn how to delete the album "In Contact" in the group

In order to delete the album "Vkontakte" (in the group), click on the "edit album" button.Choose the album of interest to us. Select the option "delete album". By clicking on this button, you delete the entire folder and all the photos in it. Very often group moderators limit access to deleting albums to ordinary users of VKontakte, and these buttons are often disabled / not active.

how to delete an album in a contact in a group

If you yourself have created such a community or are its administrator who has the right to delete / edit albums, and delete it still does not come out, then most likely this album is the main one in the group. You cannot delete it, in this case you just have to make another album mainly and delete the one that you decided.

Is it possible to recover a deleted album and how?

Unfortunately no. Albums "VKontakte" deleted immediately and forever. Just as in the case of individual photos. There is a possibility to restore the album only if it is done immediately after its deletion, while the “Restore” button is lit on the screen. If you have closed the page, recovery is no longer possible. Therefore, be especially careful when removing the album! Social networking is awesome, do not let your guard down, friends! Yes, the huskies will arrive with you in everything!

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