Increase the speed of the Internet in one of three ways

It just seems like an increase in speedInternet was interested in the computer community only at the dawn of the Global Network, during the time of slow dial-up modems working through existing telephone lines.increase the speed of the InternetIn fact, and now not all can feel the benefits of high access speeds (meaning more than 50 Megabit), which many providers offer.

The problem is not in the cost of the tariff plans. Indeed, $ 5 per month for 100 Megabit, together with cable TV, is difficult to call an "unbearable" amount even for the most needy family. The real reason is that before some areas of the former Union, civilization in the face of high-speed wired Internet has not yet reached. In addition, while on the road with a laptop, it is impossible to drag a coil with a multi-kilometer cable. Therefore, all truly portable devices connect to the Internet through wireless communication. It is to these groups of users that it is well known how important is the increase in the speed of the Internet.

Even actively advertised 3G-access,offered by both GSM operators and CDMA, is much inferior to the usual wired one. And about GPRS or EDGE it is not necessary to speak - they basically can not provide high-quality communication.increase the speed of the Internet on Windows 7Nevertheless, the increase in the speed of the Internetmaybe even on mobile phones. Of course, there is no need to wait for miracles, but when the bill goes on tens and hundreds of kilobytes per second, each additional unit is a victory.

Increase Internet speed on Windows 7is performed in the same way as in other systems of the NT line from Microsoft. It is worth noting that the "Seven" initially works better with the Network than the previous versions. Before we tell you how to get an increase in the speed of the Internet, we will make a reservation that sometimes any optimization actions fail, as the speed is limited by the provider itself.

So, there are three main ways to increase the speed of the Network:

  • with the help of manual registry editing;
  • through specialized programs;
  • other means.

internet speed increase programThe principle of operation of the first and second variantsare completely identical, since any program for increasing the speed of the Internet only just corrects the registry and, what happens very rarely, patch (patch) some files. The advantage of the software method is that the user does not need to delve into the registry structure and study what the record is for. You can recommend XPTweaker (section "Internet"). All the basic settings are present here. In addition, by pressing F1, it is possible to obtain exhaustive background information.

The next program is CfosSpeed. Opinions about its effectiveness are opposite, so it makes sense to test the performance on your computer. After installation, you need to call the properties of the corresponding icon in the system tray and experiment with the parameter "ping / channel width". Double-click to open the settings window, where MTU can be adjusted.

It is pointless to list all existing programs of this orientation, since there are hundreds of them. It is necessary to choose what you like and check: usually what does not work for one will work for another.

The third method involves changing the provider,or installing an updated driver version. These methods are much more effective than working with the registry. Their only drawback is the need for additional financial costs.

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Increase the speed of the Internet in one of three ways Increase the speed of the Internet in one of three ways Increase the speed of the Internet in one of three ways Increase the speed of the Internet in one of three ways Increase the speed of the Internet in one of three ways