Icon "quick-minded". Prayer and miracles

In the history of the Orthodox religion there are many cases of miracles. Today we talk about the miraculous icons. This article will be devoted to the icon especially esteemed by the people, called the "quick-hearted". Prayer really brings fruit quickly if you cry out to the Virgin Mary from a pure heart.
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The legend associated with this image is amazing and has been around for over a thousand years. According to the legend, for the first time the image of the Virgin of the Hearted One was written from the venerable image of the Mother of God, located in the city of Alexandria. With the blessing of the Monk Neofit, the list of icons was placed in the Dokhiar monastery, built on Mount Athos.

The icon received its name much later, in the 17th century, after a miracle occurred, which is described in the monastic tradition. At present, the daily prayer of the Mother of Skoroproslushnitsa in the monastery of Dokhiar on the Holy Mountain is lifted by monks and monks.

Dohiar Monastery

This monastery was built in the middle of the tenth century,He was founded by a certain monk Euthymius, a disciple of Athanasius of Athos, performing the duties of a dohiar under the monk, that is, the manager of edible reserves (olive oil, wine, etc.). The monastery of Euthymius decided to name Dohiar in honor of his obedience.

But the ascetic and his builders did not have enough money to complete the erection of the monastery, and then by the grace of God to one novice boy was a revelation from the Queen of Heaven. She pointed out to him the place where the treasures are hidden, and ordered to find and use them for the construction of the monastery. The treasure was located on the opposite of Dohiharu Island Longos. A boy with two monks was set out on a journey and waited for news.

Archangels Michael and Gabriel

But the monks overwhelmed greed, and, having come to terms with each other, they, finding treasure, decided to drown the boy and seize wealth. Having tied a stone around his neck, they threw him into the sea. But the archangels Michael and Gabriel saved the lad, and the plot was uncovered. Construction completed. Subsequently, the monastery was dedicated to the archangels Michael and Gabriel.
prayer icon fast listener

In memory of the miracle in the monastery is stored part of the stone,to which the boy was tied (later became the abbot of the monastery with the name of Barnabas), and the icon of “quick-hearted”, the prayer in front of which is performed daily, as a miracle happened to this amazing list.

In the Dokhiar monastery opposite the cathedral is located the chapel of the Virgin of the quick-hearted. Inside in a niche on the outer wall in front of the entrance to the refectory, the icon "quick-hearted" was painted. This is a fresco! The monks perform a prayer before the image, take care of cleanliness, accept offerings from pilgrims and perform various kinds of obedience.

The tradition associated with the icon "quick listener." Prayer for healing

In the middle of the 17th century, a miraculous event occurred in the Dokhiar monastery located on Mount Athos. At that time, the monk Neal, who obeyed the refectory, was seeking salvation. Each time, passing by an icon hanging at the entrance with a burning torch, he inadvertently smoked the image of the Mother of God. Once Neal heard the words emanating from the icon so that he would not smoke her image, but at first, frightened, the monk did not attach any importance to this and intentionally continued to smoke the face of the Heavenly Queen with the Divine Infant.

the prayer of the god of faith

After a while, Neal again heard a voice reproaching him with neglect of the shrine, and after that he lost his sight. Deeply repenting, the monk decided not to depart from the icon and with tears decided to atone for his fault. When in the morning the monks of the monastery found him lying on his back and heard about the story that had happened to him, they warmed in front of the icon an inextinguishable lamp that they still support. The monk prayed day and night in front of the icon until he received healing. The Virgin Mary commanded to call the icon the Obedient. Prayer to the God-Saying God from pilgrims who trust her faithfully and hopefully will be heard and fulfilled. The miraculous healing of the Nile occurred on November 9, 1664.

Rumors about the miraculous icon quickly spread throughout the monasteries on Mount Athos. Many monks came to worship to the icon, and the monks of the Dokhiar monastery protected the place where the icon was located. A little later, a temple was built in honor of the Icon of the Hearken. Prayer, prayers, reading psalms in front of her occur daily, every evening on Tuesday and Thursday the brethren sings before her the canon of the Mother of God, and the priest commemorates all Orthodox Christians and prays for world peace.

Value icons

This story has become indicative of all Christians.It reminds all believers that icons should be treated with reverence and reverence. Thus, the Mother of God appeals to all Christians with a request not to forget to pray even in case of sorrows and temptations to turn to Her.

The prayer to the Icon of the Perceptual One ascends with a pure heart, with the faith that the Lord and the Most Pure Mother remember, see and hear about us. And most importantly - they will definitely help.

mother's prayer to the obedient

The icon depicts the Mother of God with the Baby sitting on her left hand and blessing the faithful with her right hand. In his left hand the Lord holds a scroll. A characteristic feature of this icon is that the right heel of the Infant appeals to believers. Later, the image of the Virgin began to write with the crown.

Lyutikov monastery

In Russia, another icon is associated with this icon. Toward the end of the 19th century, the peasant Alexander Frolov, living in the Kaluga province, decided to become a monk and go to Athos. He succeeded, after a while he sent a parcel for a priest who served in his native village. In the package was a list of the icon "quick-hearted." In the letter accompanying the icon, Alexander Frolov asked to put it in a wooden church, and send the money for the icon to him in order to give them to the Athos icon painter.But in the village church there was no such amount (150 rubles), and they decided to transfer the icon to the Trinity Lyutikov monastery.

On the feast of Pentecost, the icon was transferred with all the honors to the monastery, and on the same day several miraculous healings took place. The money was immediately sent.

"Nevskaya the quick-minded"

Be sure to hear the prayer "The surrogate of the Mother of God." In Russia you can see a lot of lists from this icon. The most famous "Nevsky Skoroproslushnitsa", which is now stored in the Holy Trinity Cathedral of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. This icon is different from the usual look of the Hearing. On the Nevsky look, only the Mother of God is depicted with a prayerfully outstretched hand, which is specially written of an unnatural size. This icon painter emphasized God's help. According to legend, this image of the Most Pure Mother appeared in a dream to the monk of the Holy Mountain. And Elizaveta Fedorovna, together with the Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, ordered this list for the St. Nicholas-Bagrad Church.

prayer to the obedient mother of God

From 1879 to 1932 this icon remained in this temple until it was destroyed. This type of icon can not be found either in Greece or on Mount Athos, which is why it was called the “Nevskaya Skoroblusnitsey”.

Very soon, the image began to work wonders and be revered not only by royal persons, but also by all Petersburgers.

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