HP 1102 laser printer: specifications, cartridge, reviews

An affordable laser printing machine with a high monthly print volume and high speed is all HP 1102.It is about this printer economy class and will be discussed further.

hp 1102

What segment of the MFP market does this solution target?

Hp 1102 printerfully able to cover printing needs in the following case:

  • At home.

  • As part of a small or even a large computer working group.

  • Also, this peripheral product is perfect for printing in a small or medium by the number of PCs or workstations in the office.

The basis of this printer is laser printing technology. It allows you to get a large amount of printing throughout the month. Another advantage of this method of output documentation can be attributed to a very, very high speed. Also this printer can be quite successfully used both in a copy center and in a large office with a large number of workplaces.But with such use of it, the capabilities of this peripheral solution will not be enough to fully cover the need for printing. Therefore, it will be necessary to additionally purchase other similar products. In such a situation, the purchase of a multifunctional device looks more appropriate, which, in addition to printing, can still scan and even copy.


Sufficient and complete equipment in the HP Laserjet Pro 1102. SheIncludes the following:

  • Printer.

  • Cartridge with a starting volume of toner.

  • Interface wire for receiving data from a PC.

  • Wire for the organization of power supply of the peripheral device.

  • Warranty card.

  • CD with specialized software (drivers) and electronic version of the documentation.

  • User guide.

This list allows you to immediately use the HP 1102 for printing. In the future, it will only be necessary to periodically buy toner and unlocked chips for cartridges. Only after complete wear of the cartridge will have to buy a new such accessory.

hp 1102 printer


The weak side of the laser printing method is the quality of the pages.This is rather easily explained from the position of resolution. The laser method of obtaining prints has a lower resolution than those obtained with the jet method. It is this flaw entirely inherent in the HP 1102.Its maximum resolution value is only 600x600. For ordinary text, tabular and other simple documents, this is quite enough. But here quality pictures, photos and images in this case certainly will not come out.

Paper sizes. Requirements for its density

Hp 1102 printerprimarily capable of printing on A6, A5 and even A4 formats. The last one is the largest possible size. Also in the list of supported sheets is also B5, C5 and DL. Paper density in this case is limited to two values ​​- 60 and 163 g / m2. As a result, this printer can print on Whatman paper, but on glossy or matte photo paper with a density of 280 g / m2he will not withdraw. Also this printer will not be able to print on cardboard for the same reason. On the other hand, such a peripheral device cannot print on newsprint, the density of which is significantly lower than the minimum allowable 60 g / m2.

hp 1102 reviews

Speed ​​performance

One of the most important advantages of the laser method of obtaining prints is speed. And in this regard, HP 1102 certainly boasts phenomenal performance. This peripheral will take 8.5 seconds to get the first page. After that, the output speed of the documentation will become fixed and will be equal to 18 pages per minute. Considering that the laser printer in question belongs to the middle segment of the market, this is an excellent speed, and not every competitor can boast a similar speed.

Communication list

A modest, but at the same time quite typical communication list for this solution. Only one wired method of obtaining information supplied the developers of this printer - USB. Optimally in conjunction with this solution is to use version 2.0 of this wired interface. Also compatible with this laser printer are modifications 1.X and 3.0. But in the first case, the speed of the print subsystem will decrease due to a lower data transfer rate over this wired interface. And in the second, the port itself in the personal computer will not be fully loaded.Of course, the disadvantages of a peripheral device include the fact that it does not support such methods of obtaining information as Wi-Fi, a card reader and RJ-45. But this is a mid-level device, and in this part of the laser printer market such options are quite rare in the specifications. At the same time, its value would have increased, and against the background of its direct competitors, it would no longer look so attractive. For this reason, the list of connection methods was minimized in this case.

hp 1102 cartridge


Several models of cartridges can be installed in the HP 1102. CartridgeCE285A model is in this case the base and is included in the original package supplied by the manufacturer. Its resource is 700 pages. There is also an advanced modification of the cartridge for this laser printer - CE285D. In this case, the print resource has already been increased to 1,500 sheets. The second model of the cartridge looks preferable, but it is recommended to acquire it after complete wear of the starting CE285A. The maximum print resource per month for this printer is 5000 pages. The first model with such intensive operation will have to fill 7-8 times a month, and the second - 3-4.But at the same time the consumption of the toner itself will be the same.

Cartridge refilling

Toner for HP 1102to purchase is not so difficult. It is advisable to buy an unlock chip with it. An alternative option, which is based on flashing the printer, is not recommended for the reason that it can completely disable the printing device.HP 1102. Cartridgedisassemble, remove the remaining toner from it. Then we pour new powder into the container. We collect the cartridge back, and in place of the usual contacts install an unlocking chip. It is in this order that the cartridge is refilled.

toner for hp 1102


A very extensive list of supported operating systems can boast this solution for printing. This list includes three families of operating systems:

  • “Windows”. The list of supported system software contains all the latest versions of this OS.

  • “MakOS”.

  • “Linux”.

Algorithm of connection, configuration and use

Now we will deal with how to install HP 1102, configure it and start using it for its intended purpose. This algorithm consists of the following steps:

  • The printer is removed from the carton.

  • We dismantle from it various transport fastenings.

  • We install a peripheral device on a permanent place near the print server system unit.

  • Inside this printer we install a cartridge with a starting volume of toner.

  • With the help of one supplied cable, we connect the PC to the printer, and the second with a printing device to the AC power supply network.

  • Turn on the printer.

  • In the drive of a personal computer install the CD.

  • Install the driver.

  • After that, as the device for printing by default, select this printer model.

After that, the device in question is already fully and completely ready for use.

install hp 1102

Cost of

Today, such a laser high-speed printer can be purchased at a price of 5000-5500 rubles. The starting life of a complete cartridge, as already noted, is 550 - 600 pages. Refueling HP 1102allows you to increase this value already up to 700 pages, which allows you to further significantly reduce the cost of consumables. As for the rest, the indicated cost fully complies with its specifications.


The HP 1102 turned out to be just excellent and devoid of any significant shortcomings. The reviews about it once again accentuate attention. The advantages of this device include an increased resource output pages per month, high speed, ease of setup and use, low cost per print and an affordable price tag. Also to the undeniable advantages of this model, you can add the ability to refill the cartridge at home. A kit for these purposes is quite simple to buy, and there is nothing too complicated in the procedure itself. This is an additional way to save more on printing with this peripheral.

refueling hp 1102


A really high quality and functional enough for an affordable middle class product turned out to be the HP 1102.As noted earlier, there are no significant and significant drawbacks and shortcomings. But there are much more pros and cons, and they are already listed. The result is a great product for your niche. Its parameters and capabilities are quite enough for small or medium-sized offices or workgroups. Also, this printer may well be suitable for organizing a local printing subsystem at home.In all other cases, it must be supplemented with other similar peripheral devices.

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