How to write an essay "Why do people need people?"

In our age of progress, each person leads a more and more secluded life. If before society was characterized by the fact that everyone was ready to stand up for the defense of another, now people live on their own. Is it good or bad? Modern schoolchildren are often invited to write an essay "Why do people need humans?". The topic is quite interesting.

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Society in our time

So, more. In order for children to answer important questions, schoolchildren receive an essay “Why do people need people?” As a task. This type of work helps not only to assess the current situation in society, the seriousness of this problem, but also to draw a conclusion in relation to itself. Do I personally need people? Can I live alone, is it real? Or do I still need others, and without them I can not do?

With the development of technology, communication between people is becoming less and less close. For a long time, psychologists have been sounding the alarm - many of their clients simply do not know how to build relationships with others, because they are used to communicating only via the Internet.Nowadays, many people note the fact that people have become more aggressive, selfish. In Western countries, as well as in Russia, various neurotic disorders are common - anxiety, phobias, and depression. This is associated with a high level of economic development. And at the same time, the question increasingly arises - why does a person need people? Is communication really that important? We were able to make our life more comfortable and safe, but they did not find a solution for deeper problems.

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What can be mentioned in the essay

Once received a negative experience, many are closed, as if in a "shell" in their daily lives. They do not allow new people into their lives, consciously limit their contacts. Good or bad - only the person can judge. And a conclusion can be made only on the basis of the benefits or harm that the hermit lifestyle carries. A schoolboy in his essay “Why does a man need people?” Can highlight his own point of view on this question.

Someone will note that now society has become very cruel, and therefore you only need to live by your own interests, without looking at others.It is not surprising that many loners prefer in our time to have as little contact with people as possible. Another, on the contrary, will provide arguments in favor of the fact that communication is necessary for a full life, in order to receive joy from the society of other people every day and bring them the light of their smile.

In order to write a good essay “Why does a man need people?”, A student can bring arguments from his own experience. For example, it can be such cases when a person was able to satisfy all his needs without help. Or, on the contrary, illustrative examples of the fact that a helping hand can always be needed, and without other people, a person always has a hard time.

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Is it possible to live a hermit?

In reality, man cannot exist outside of society. Even if he lives in a city apartment with all amenities, is provided with money, food and clothing, he cannot call himself completely independent from those around him. After all, all these household items that surround it were created by the hands of others. Man can not do without medical care.All these arguments can be considered in the essay "Why do people need people?".

Many psychologists say that the society of their own kind is a prerequisite for mental health. Indeed, those who are closed only on their own person have very few opportunities for development. Such a hermit might think: “Why do people need humans if I myself am not bored?” But sooner or later, this approach will be felt. Living “by itself” will soon discover that communication with others is beginning to cause fear, insecurity; In addition, loners are sick more often than those who live in a family or with friends. It has been proven that hugging with loved ones helps to increase immunity.

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Different styles of life

There are social categories for which the question “Why does a person need people?” Is not even worth it. They choose for themselves a way of life in which communication with their own kind is reduced to zero. For example, this is how monks live in monasteries. But condemning such a lifestyle would be inappropriate. After all, these people devote their lives to religious service, and it is certainly much harder than ordinary secular life.

A writing on the topic “Why does a person need people?” Will help every schoolchild to carefully study this issue. And it is important because it affects all spheres of life.It is possible to mention in the work and such phenomenon when people live for the sake of each other. For example, one person seeks fame, and another, on the contrary, would like to have an idol next to him. In this symbiosis, both enjoy the relationship.

Complexity of the issue

If you study the topic of such a composition in more detail, it turns out that the question “Why does a society need people?” Is much deeper and more multifaceted than it might seem at first glance. After all, each of us chooses with whom to live, like, how many years. During life, people make choices with which person to build a family, with whom to start a business, with whom to maintain friendly relations. Breaking old ties and creating new ones is a vast topic that concerns many adults. And at school age, students have the opportunity to reflect on it during homework.

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