How to write a review about the practice

Each student, while studying at a university, is confronted with an internship. The first practice at the undergraduate courses is often educational in nature, when the future specialist only looks closely and learns the basics of the chosen profession. In senior courses, the student must learn to perform practical tasks in the organization or in the workplace. Attached to a specific manager and department, the trainee must show maximum knowledge in order to get a good feedback on the internship as a result. To do this, he needs not only to be present at the workplace every day, but also to join the work process together with the entire team of on practice

Who is preparing a review of the internship

Compiling a review is the responsibility of the head of practice. Each student who arrives at the production is assigned a leader who oversees the activities of the young specialist. He gives tasks, checks them, controls the process of execution, indicates errors.It is important to bear in mind that a review of internship is a document that summarizes the student’s professional level during the work process. Therefore, a detailed description in the form of memories for the entire period to prepare the head is not worth it. All the details and subtleties must be displayed in the report, where, depending on the requirements of the department, it is necessary to describe each working day with completed tasks and the result of the knowledge and experience gained. Based on the report, own observations, the results of the student’s activity, the manager makes a review of the on internship

The main structural components of the review:

- reference data - F. I. O. trainee, period of work, place of passage;

- the main part - the characteristics of the student, his positive and negative professional and personal traits;

- A generalized assessment of the student's activities;

- signature, date, stamp.practice review example

Feedback on the internship. Compilation example

A student of the 5th year at the Faculty of Journalism (the name of the university) Sergey Vladimirovich Ivanov from March 15 to May 29, 2013, had an internship at the TV channel (name).Upon arrival at the practice, the student was assigned to the production department of artistic and journalistic programs. Under the leadership of the honored journalist (F. I. O.), the trainee has mastered the basic skills of producing an audiovisual product on television.

Together with the creative team, he attended cultural events, as a result of which he acquired knowledge and skills:

- writing a television script;

- setting voice for offscreen text to the plot;

- artistic video shooting and editing.

In the process of field shooting, the young specialist showed himself as a creative and enterprising personality. The painstaking studio work related to video processing (digitizing, editing, archiving video files) was also on the shoulder of the trainee. However, this type of activity was noticeably less interesting for the future specialist. From this we can conclude that during the period of practical training, the professional orientation of the student was more clearly manifested, which characterizes the presence in it of the potential to work as a director, operator, administrator. Sergey Vladimirovich has organizational skills, creativity, and interpersonal skills.These traits necessary for the journalist, as well as responsibility and decency, helped S.V. Ivanov. successfully cope with all the tasks provided by the program of practice, and get a positive assessment of its results. In general, the activity of the student during the production process can be rated as “excellent”.

Head of Practice

(F. I. O., position) Date

Organization stamp

practice review example

Instead of conclusion

In this form, preparing a review of the internship, not only in the media, but in any other company or organization. The structural components of the revocation remain unchanged. Only the writing style can change, since the presentation form does not have a rigid framework and depends on the wishes of the manager himself.

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