How to walk in a solarium to tan beautifully

What can decorate a man or a woman? Beautiful branded clothing, expensive jewelry, designer shoes .. But in fact, tan is considered to be a very affordable and equally beautiful attribute of luxury. Bronze, gold, brown, chocolate ... How many "tasty" and beautiful names have gilding that the sun gives us! Therefore, questions about how to get a tan and how to properly go to a tanning bed are most relevant for people who look after their appearance and health.

Beautiful tan - a luxury or a necessity?

how to go to the solarium to tanThe sun's gentle rays are not always available to us. In the fall, in the winter and in the spring, we dream of summer, but the desired time comes, and the vacation lasts only a couple of weeks. Of course, there are some lucky ones who can afford to travel to a sunny country at any time, but they are in the minority. Most of the young girls and boys, men and women, look at the sun with anguish through the windows of the office and don’t always even know how to go to the solarium to tan.But the decoration of the skin with solar "gold" most people just need. The fact is that today it is impossible to be successful in career advancement or on a love front without a blossoming appearance. A healthy athletic body, shiny hair, clean tanned skin are signs of success. You can not have expensive things in the wardrobe, but even without that, it will be clear what a person is. If your goal is to achieve material well-being or to meet your soul mate, then be sure to watch your appearance. Exercise, eat more vegetables and fruits, use organic cosmetics and, of course, sunbathe.

Fashion gilding

how to go to the solariumWhere to get a beautiful and even tan? This question, it should be noted, began to interest the world in the last century. It was then that a sporty and healthy appearance came into fashion. Beautiful flowering people have replaced the pale skinny aristocrats. Until the mid-twentieth century, tanning was not considered a sign of wealth. On the contrary, the peasants, who spent their days in the fields, were tanned, and therefore the "kisses of the sun" on their skin were perceived as a sign of poverty.But bodybuilding and bodybuilding became popular, athletes began to participate in competitions like “Mr. Olympia” and show samples of body beauty. Athletes to underline the relief of the muscles are specially sprinkled with gold powder and bronzatami. At the same time creams for artificial tanning were invented. And finally, in the late seventies of the last century, a solarium was created by a German scientist.

How did the solarium?

how to walk in a tanning salon with fair skinThe invention of the physician Friedrich Wolfe was not intended for tanning at all. The doctor wanted to create a device that emits UV rays, because he knew about their benefits for the treatment of various diseases, starting with eczema and problem skin and ending with viruses and infections. In 1970, the first apparatus appeared, and it was then that it turned out that the side effect of the treatment was the appearance of golden tan. After 5 years, Wolfe patented the world's first tanning bed, designed not just for healing, but to get a skin-colored shade. Can I go to the solarium every day? To answer this question, you need to know what it is.

Solarium - what is this miracle machine?

Known fact that excessive sun exposure is harmful.Why? The fact is that the solar spectrum consists not only of ultraviolet rays that are beneficial to our skin. In fact, there are three types of radiation: alpha (α-rays), beta (β-rays) and gamma (γ-rays). If alpha and beta radiation do not harm our health, then the latter type - gamma - is hard x-rays. Staying in the sun, we are guaranteed to get a harmful dose of radiation, so the tan in its own way is dangerous. The solarium is free from this disadvantage, and is a safe alternative to getting a tan.

how to start walking in the solarium

How to start going to the solarium?

Despite the safety of the device to get a tan, it has its own characteristics. Before you start visiting the solarium, take the following steps.

- It is necessary to make sure that you have no contraindications. Chronic diseases, diabetes mellitus, susceptibility to cancer are a serious reason to refuse even a safe tan. Also, if you use medicines, especially antibiotics, you should first undergo a course of treatment, and only then proceed to solar procedures.

- It is necessary to consult a doctor if you have freckles or moles.Be sure to get information from your doctor in charge of how to walk into a tanned-skinned tanning bed if you are sensitive to the sun.

- If you have recently done photo epilation, skin cleaning with the laser method, polishing, laser tattoos, the tanning rays will be harmful to you. Before the first visit, it should take at least a month for the skin to recover.

- Choose a good salon. Do not buy at an attractive price or the proximity of the cabinet to your home. Solarium has a direct effect on your skin, so you need to choose a place for tanning carefully. Ask friends, read reviews and only after that go to the procedure. It is the choice of a good salon is the right answer to the question of how to walk in the solarium.

Types of tanning salons

What often confuses newbies before visiting artificial tanning sites is the variety of types of apparatuses. What are tanning beds and how do they differ from each other?

how to go to the solarium every day

1. Vertical and horizontal. The most common is considered a horizontal view. This type of tanning bed is considered by many to be the best.Placed in her lamp capable of ensuring uniform distribution of rays. There is also a minus in such a solarium. Lamps work with low power, so being in such a construction needs more time than, for example, in the horizontal one. Meanwhile, it is very pleasant to be in a horizontal solarium - in the supine position, you will not get tired.

In a vertical solarium during exposure to ultraviolet rays, you must take a standing position. This is a minus of this type of apparatus - not everyone is able to withstand ten minutes, without getting tired. Lamps in a vertical solarium are an order of magnitude more powerful than in horizontal ones, since during the procedure there is no contact between the skin of the tanning device and the glass.

2. Not so long ago appeared turbo solariums. In fact, this is a modification of horizontal tanning beds, more perfect, using more powerful lamps. In addition, they are equipped with a special adjustable cooling system. Due to this function, during the procedure a stream of cool air is injected into the apparatus, which greatly facilitates the process of getting a tan. If you are in the process of thinking about the question of how to properly go to the solarium, then turn your attention to this option.

3Sunbeds are designed for those who can not take a tan procedure completely for medical reasons. It is very comfortable to be in such a device, but only the face and shoulders will light up well. This type of tanning bed is not very common with us.

4. And finally, another type of tanning beds - household. These are small devices designed to get a sun tan on the face, shoulders and décolleté. You will not find such tanning salons in the salon, but you can purchase a home appliance for home procedures.

How to go to the solarium for the first time? Recommendations

how much to go to the solariumSo, the choice is made, and you will visit the salon for the first time. How long does it take to sunbathe for the first time so as not to harm health? What type of tanning bed prefer? The question of the types of structures is not accidental, because, as you already know, there are several of them. Know that you can tan well in any kind of “artificial sun” apparatus. But still, most experts when answering the question of how to walk into a tanning bed correctly, in order to get tanned, it is recommended to visit either vertical or turbosolarium. Be sure to find out how often the lamps change in the device.If the change occurs less frequently than once every six months, know that such a tanning bed will not provide you with a good tan, even if you spend hours there. Another important tip for newbies: check with the salon administrator how many lamps have already worked in the device. If you find out that less than 50 hours, then it is likely that you will burn. During the first visit, sunbathe no more than 2 minutes, if you have fair skin or freckles, 3 minutes - if you have skin of medium darkness, 4 minutes, if you are dark or already tanned. The second time you can come to the solarium no earlier than two days after the first visit.

How to sunbathe without harm to health?

First of all, you need to make a plan for your visits. Get a notebook in which specify the date and time of the session. This simple precaution will not allow you to get carried away with the procedures and dry out the skin. How long should I go to the solarium? To get an intense tan, you will need to go to the salon for about three weeks two or three times in seven days. Do not sunbathe more than 13-15 minutes in one session, even if your skin has already acquired a chocolate color. You will not become even more tanned, but you can seriously harm yourself.

to go to the solarium every day

General tips for tanning visitors

When you achieve the desired color, take a break in visiting the salon for a month and a half. After such a period of time, you can continue the procedure again. During a visit to the tanning salon, remember that your skin is still subjected to a serious test. Be sure to lubricate it with a moisturizer after the salon, drink enough liquid to avoid dehydration. How to go to the solarium? Before going to the salon refuse to use deodorants, be sure to remove makeup. Protect your eyes, lips, hair and breasts while you are in the machine: use glasses, balm, nipple stickers and a head scarf. What kind of cream to use in the solarium to enhance tanning? Purchase it directly in the salon, but do not use it in the first visit, so as not to burn.

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