How to treat cervical erosion? Cervical erosion: methods of treatment. Cervical erosion: effects

Cervical erosion is a defect of the ulcer type on the mucous membrane. During the pathological process, the normal epithelium under the influence of any factors is replaced by a cylindrical one from the cervical canal. Usually such a diagnosis does not portend anything serious. It should be said that erosion is a benign process. In extremely rare cases, it can lead to the development of to treat cervical erosion


There are several types of erosion:

  • Congenital ectopia. During the inspection, it is presented in the form of a rounded formation, having a bright red color. As a rule, such erosion of the cervix in non-bearing women in adolescence is detected.Congenital ectopia is considered the only one of all species that is able to heal independently and spontaneously. In this case, the risk of developing oncology is quite low.
  • True erosion. This pathology is a defect in the stratified squamous epithelium. During the inspection with the help of mirrors, you can see a red spot having a diameter up to a centimeter. It surrounds the external pharynx of the uterus and has clearly limited edges. The existence of true erosion lasts about 1-2 weeks. After this, the pathology passes into the next type - ectopia. Experts note that the risk of transformation into oncology at this stage is also quite low.
  • Ectopia (pseudo-erosion). This violation is characterized by the final replacement of the squamous epithelium with cylindrical cells. During the inspection in the mirrors visible area having a red color. It is located near the outer throat, as a rule, on the back lip. The existence of an ectopia can last months or even years. As practice shows, such erosion does not pass on its own, but requires a certain treatment. In the absence of cell atypia, the risk of transformation into oncology is quite low.However, women with human papillomavirus 33, 31.18 and type 16 are alert. Such patients have a high chance of developing cancer of the neck. It should be noted that ectopia occurs more often than other species. In this regard, it is necessary to consult a specialist in time to cervical erosion as soon as possible. The consequences of this pathology can be quite serious.radiowave treatment of cervical erosion

Signs of disease

How can cervical erosion occur? Symptoms in pathology, as a rule, are absent. The disease in most cases is detected suddenly during the examination of the gynecologist. However, it also happens that patients refer to a specialist with bleeding. With erosion of the cervix in women may experience pain during sex. In some cases, inflammatory processes may join the pathology. In this case, purulent-mucous discharge may occur. Inflammation significantly worsens the course of the disease. Many women do not suspect that they develop cervical erosion. Symptoms that accompany the pathology, they are confused with the signs of thrush, menstruation, the threat of miscarriage and so on.For any manifestations indicated above, a woman should immediately contact a gynecologist, so that cervical erosion is detected or eliminated in time. The consequences of pathology can be prevented by adequately prescribed treatment or timely prevention. Among the main complications should be called the progression of the infectious process, the occurrence of problems with the reproductive system, as well as the probable degeneration of benign education in the malignant one.cervical erosion after cauterization


The disease can be detected by visual inspection by a gynecologist. However, as a rule, this is not enough. To understand how to treat cervical erosion, the doctor must evaluate the entire clinical picture. To this end, the specialist designates additional tests. Among them:

  • Smear on the flora.
  • Colposcopy (extended). This study is carried out using a special microscope. It allows you to increase the surveyed area 30 times.
  • Cytological examination. This analysis is a scraping from the surface of the cervix and cervical canal. Taken cells are examined to detect a malignant neoplasm or inflammation.
  • PCR diagnostics.This study allows to identify or exclude the presence of major infections: herpes (genital), trichomoniasis, HPV, gardnerellosis, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia.
  • Hepatitis, RW (syphilis), HIV tests.
  • Smear (bacpossev) of the vagina.
  • Biopsy. This study is prescribed in cases of suspected malignant process. For histological examination, a sample of the affected area of ​​the cervical surface is taken.cervical erosion symptoms

Therapeutic activities

Today, there are many options for how to treat cervical erosion. Therapeutic tactics will depend on the type of pathology, the extent of the lesion and the associated infections or inflammations. Before we talk about how to treat cervical erosion, it should be recalled that therapeutic interventions should be carried out under dynamic observation. Congenital erosion, as mentioned above, can be removed on its own. Specialists recommend getting rid of other types of pathology on time. Today, there are two main methods of how to treat cervical erosion. Therapy may be conservative. In severe cases, various surgical interventions are prescribed.

Conservative therapy

If ectopia is accompanied by an infectious or inflammatory process, treatment begins with its elimination. First of all, a specialist identifies the cause of the development of pathology. Given the identified diseases, the patient is prescribed a course of antibiotics. Drugs prescribed by the doctor, as a rule, have a wide range of therapeutic activity. In addition, anti-inflammatory drugs, immunomodulators are prescribed. It is also recommended to topically treat the cervix with drugs that can cause chemical coagulation in the affected area. Such products contain organic acids: nitric, acetic. These medications are intended only for the elimination of benign tumors and are recommended to a greater degree to unborn patients, since after their use no scars remain. Among the minuses of conservative therapy should be noted the likelihood of re-development of the pathology.candles from cervical erosion

Surgical intervention

Experts recommend to undergo a regular examination by a gynecologist, and when signs of pathology appear, do not delay the visit to the doctor, since it is necessary to treat cervical erosion in advanced cases only with operational methods.There are several ways to eliminate the defect surgically.

Types of surgery

Cauterization of cervical erosion, the price of which varies from 300 to 10,000 rubles, is carried out in various ways using these or other means. The most common options are:

  • Diathermocoagulation. The procedure is carried out using electric current. As a rule, this method is recommended for giving birth to patients who have not planned a pregnancy for at least a year.
  • Cryotherapy. Cauterization is carried out with liquid nitrogen. During the procedure, the so-called "freezing" of the tissue occurs. This method is considered to be more benign than the previous one. However, erosion of the cervix after burning with nitrogen can recur.
  • Laser therapy This method is considered one of the most effective ways to treat cervical erosion. Reviews of patients suggest that healing is much faster than in other cases. During the procedure, a laser beam of minimum power is used. After such an impact does not remain scar.
  • Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion.As a rule, such an effect is recommended by those planning to re-pregnancy. This procedure is also prescribed to nonparty patients. In the process, the apparatus "Surgitron" is used. Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion is a virtually painless method. However, this procedure is considered one of the most expensive. The price can reach 10 thousand rubles. After the procedure there is no scarring. Bleeding is also absent. However, there may be a discharge from the vagina and pain of a pulling character in the lower abdomen for 2-3 days. After cauterization in this way, it is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse for at least ten days. Anesthesia during the procedure is not required. However, at the request of the patient can be given a shot of lidocaine.cervical erosion reviews

Candles for cervical erosion

Topical preparations can be prescribed both during conservative therapy and after surgical procedures. Suppositories are considered the most effective and, therefore, popular. Among the drugs should be noted the following:

  • Candles "Depantenol". The basis of this drug is dexpanthenol.This substance, after penetration into mucosal cells, is transformed into pantothenic acid. This vitamin-like compound has a wound-healing effect.
  • Candles "Hexicon". This agent contains chlorhexidine as an active ingredient. This substance is an excellent antiseptic. Its activity is manifested in relation to various microbes, viruses, fungi. The action of the drug is aimed at eliminating pathogenic microflora, provoking inflammation, which, in turn, causes erosion.
  • Means "Suporon". These suppositories have a healing, anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the drug stimulates the formation of normal cells in place of those that cover the damaged surface.
  • Suppositories containing sea buckthorn oil. Erosion of the cervix, as mentioned above, is amenable to conservative methods of exposure. Many patients prefer natural remedies. Sea buckthorn oil is an antiseptic and wound-healing substance of natural origin.moxibustion cervical erosion Price

Preparing drugs at home

There are many means by which you can eliminate the disease, such as cervical erosion. Folk treatment is usually used after surgery or in the early stages of the development of pathology. For the manufacture of suppositories should take honey - 5 tbsp., To which should be added propolis (tincture) - 5 g. To these components add 150 g of butter. The resulting mass is heated to a uniform state in a water bath. After a homogeneous mixture, turn off the fire. Mass cooled. After the mixture becomes warm, you need to make candles and put them in the refrigerator. The course is calculated 7-8 pcs. It is recommended to introduce 1 candle at night daily. Also at home used syringing. Tampons soaked in broths and infusions of medicinal herbs are also used. Popular and sea buckthorn oil. It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic. It is not contraindicated in pregnancy. A cotton swab moistened with sea buckthorn oil is injected into the vagina overnight. The procedure is repeated daily for two weeks. For douching, as a rule, use a two percent solution of tincture of calendula. The procedure is carried out for ten days after using the toilet regularly.

Antenatal Therapy

It must be said that erosion does not affect the course of pregnancy, as ovulation does not affect the development of pathology. Surgical intervention is not carried out in the prenatal period. This is due to the fact that after cauterization, childbirth will be more difficult - the neck will stretch and unfold worse. Therefore, surgical manipulations should be postponed. In the prenatal period, it is allowed to use folk remedies (sea buckthorn oil, for example). But phyto-tampons, which have recently become increasingly popular, are contraindicated in pregnancy. If an infectious process is detected, a specialist may prescribe a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory topical preparations. But in most cases, gynecologists simply perform dynamic monitoring of pregnant patients with this pathology.sea ​​buckthorn oil cervical erosion

What is dangerous disease?

Experts note that there is no obvious threat to the health of a woman with this pathology. Exceptions, however, are cases of complications. They can not be allowed if you do not run the disease. Cervical erosion can cause female infertility — damaged tissue can interfere with normal fertilization.In addition, defects in the mucous during pregnancy can contribute to its interruption (miscarriage). Erosion in some cases is the cause of premature labor, colpitis and cervicitis.

Preventive actions

As you know, it is better to prevent the pathology than to treat it. To protect yourself, you should follow a number of recommendations:

  1. Regularly visit a doctor (at least twice a year).
  2. Follow the rules of hygiene. In particular, you should take a shower at least twice a day, especially during menstruation.
  3. Use condoms for sexual intercourse with casual partners to prevent infections from entering.
  4. Strive for monogamy and regular sex life.
  5. Protected in cases where pregnancy is not planned. It should be remembered that any abortion complicates the course of pathology, injures the neck.

If the gynecologist revealed erosion, it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle. You should regularly change the pads or tampons during the menstrual period (at least once every three or four hours). It must be remembered that erosion contributes to the formation of an ideal environment for the development and subsequent penetration of pathogenic bacteria into the uterus and ovaries.


It should be noted that in almost all cases (99 out of 100) erosion can be treated. Existing methods of exposure for the most part give excellent results. The main thing - to prevent the recurrence of pathology. During rehabilitation after surgical manipulations, it is recommended to refrain from heavy physical exertion and sexual contact for two weeks. This will contribute to better tissue healing after the procedures. During the recovery period, spotting may occur. As a rule, they pass independently.

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