How to throw 5 kg per week? Lose weight easily and painlessly

On the eve of the New Year holidays, most girls want to quickly and painlessly bring the figure in order and look beautiful. When only a week is left before the celebration, many ladies think about how to lose 5 kg per week without much harm to health.

To achieve this goal it is not necessary to go on hard diets and starve yourself and seek out hard diets. Observing a few rules, throwing 5 kg per week without diets will be easy. It requires only perseverance and hard work.

The importance of a healthy diet for the process of losing weight

So, to lose 5 kg in a week, the first thing to take care of is proper nutrition. Dinner breakfast and lunch should be correct and balanced.

how to throw 5 kg per week

All nutrients should be ingested. An important principle of losing weight is to eat fewer calories than to spend. On the day you need to eat about 1600 calories. A food diary will help you track the calories received during the day, and help you quickly get on the scales minus 5 kg per week. Do not forget to lead a lifestyle.This means that you should try to walk more. Daily walks in the fresh air are also helpful. It is better to abandon the car and public transport. A good daily workout will be if you refuse to take the elevator in favor of the stairs. In order to make it easier to get rid of calories, you need to be constantly in motion.

Breakfast is the most important meal

How to throw 5 kg per week? Do not skip breakfast. This is a great stress for the body. It is proved that people who regularly eat breakfast, weigh less than those who prefer to skip this meal.

lose 5 kg in a week

A good breakfast should be healthy and helpful. It can consist of dishes such as:

  • oatmeal;
  • fruit salad or muesli;
  • low fat yogurt;
  • scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs.

The main thing is to have a light breakfast, and consist of low-fat products.

Add more lean protein to your diet.

Lose weight by 5 kg per week will be easier if you diversify food and add lean protein. There are lean beef, eggs, fillets, chicken breast and salmon. Veggie fans need to eat more tofu, low-fat yogurt, peanut paste and beans.

Remove from the diet flour carbohydrates

How to lose weight in a week? 5 kg can be lost by eliminating all flour products (cookies, cakes, buns, as well as honey, sweets and cakes) from the diet. To avoid the temptation to eat junk food, nutritionists recommend eating something healthy every four hours. Then the blood sugar level will be normal, and there will be no feeling of hunger. Unhealthy food is better to replace foods rich in complex carbohydrates. These include:

  1. Brown rice.
  2. Pasta from whole grain flour.
  3. Asparagus.
  4. Apricots

throw 5 kg per week without diets

These products are very nutritious and valuable because they are slowly absorbed and give a feeling of satiety.

Give up on fast food

Can I throw 5 kg per week? Of course. It is necessary not to buy fast food. Such food is a storehouse of trans fat. Potatoes and burgers are very harmful. These foods contain large amounts of salt and sugar. The abuse of such food contributes to the rapid collection of fat mass. Such food is not only healthy, but also can harm health. For your own good it is better to abandon harmful food altogether.

Eat small meals.

Another secret of rapid weight loss - eat in small portions. If you reduce the amount of food by ten or twenty percent, and replacing the dishes with smaller ones, but there is often, you can achieve a quick feeling of satiety.

Look for an easy alternative to your favorite products.

During weight loss it is not necessary to abandon the usual food. You can simply find a non-nutritive substitute.

Fatty cream change to milk with a low percentage of fat. The same applies to sauces and mayonnaise. It is better not to buy them in the store, but to do it yourself. Then they will be more useful. For second courses it is better to use sweet potatoes than regular potatoes. For lovers of sweets, chocolate should be exchanged for cocoa. All this is quite simple. But such changes will help preserve the figure.

Do not eat after 6 pm

How to throw 5 kg per week? We need to forget about late dinners and evening snacks at the TV. There is a rule - dinner should be until nine in the evening. Then there will be no extra weight in the stomach.

can I throw 5 kg per week

In the evening you should choose a light dessert, fruit ice cream or yoghurt with ice. After eating, you should immediately brush your teeth with mint paste. It will reduce the feeling of hunger at bedtime.

Water balance

To keep the fat mass in the norm, and always remain young and healthy, it is important to have enough water in the body. A person needs to drink 5 glasses of water a day. This should be pure and preferably spring water. She, though not calorie.

how to lose weight in a week 5 kg

But for a long time gives a feeling of satiety. Liquid for the person struggling with excess weight helps to get enough. For those who love teas, you can drink a cup of hot, unsweetened green tea with bergamot. However, you need to know that calories are also in liquid form. During weight loss, it is better not to drink juices in tetropacks, preferring freshly squeezed. Also, do not buy soda and energy drinks. A good choice would be to replace with juices from vegetables and fruits or natural compotes without sugar.

How to throw 5 kg per week? Of course, do not drink alcoholic or low alcohol cocktails or drinks. A large amount of alcohol consumed can cancel all the results of weight loss. Alcohol also contribute to body weight gain. So for the sake of a good figure, nutritionists advise doctors not to drink alcohol on the weekends.You can avoid many problems and stay with all the results of their labors.

Exercise and weight loss

How to throw 5 kg per week? Exercises and different types of fitness - that's what you can not do with weight loss. Do not forget about adequate exercise and training.

Compound exercises - a complex that uses different muscle groups. It is worth trying squats, pushups, raising the bar squatting.

An indispensable thing is a cardio complex that uses arms and legs. For fifteen minutes of training you need to do more reps. Thanks to cardio, can improve blood circulation and overall healthy. The following type of training, shown for better weight loss - charging on a medical ball. Feet spread shoulder-width apart and lift the ball over your head. Then you need to forcefully throw on the floor while slightly sitting down. To rise and repeat the same movements. Make such energetic movements need five times. Then the fat will go almost instantly.

When making a lesson plan for the week, be sure to turn on strength training. This type of physical activity not only builds muscle, but also can accelerate the fall of a kilogram.Will help to find a slim body and sports form.

how to throw 5 kg per week exercises

Mandatory daily walking race. This type of aerobic exercise is guaranteed, with regularity, will lead to a quick and painless loss of extra pounds. The number of steps completed per day will help control the pedometer. It can be purchased at the market. Fitness bracelets with pedometers are sold in hardware stores. Such devices will greatly help in losing weight.

Dancing is a great bright and fast way to keep fit. In this type of activity, all muscle groups will work and strain. Suitable for a variety of monotonous and boring physical exercises. There are many types of dance. For a successful weight loss fit active types - this is salsa, jazz, hip-hop, rumba and other Latin.

Crossfit - new aerobic workout with dance moves, which intensively help to throw off those extra pounds. Even 10 minutes of such exercises help in the process of losing weight. Crossfit tones all the muscles, improves mood and gives energy for the whole day.

The importance of healthy and sound sleep

Scientists have shown that lack of sleep can cause the appearance of extra pounds. Because the more you sleep, the more you eat.

minus 5 kg per week

People working late into the night often drink a lot of coffee. This leads to a set of extra pounds. In a dream, hormones are produced that affect the appetite. It is proved that during sleep a person loses weight. Breathing and sweat help this process.

Small conclusion

Now you know how to lose weight by five kilograms in just seven days. As you can see, everything is simple. Listening to the advice given in the article, you can achieve the desired result in a short time. Good luck to you!

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