How to take birth at home?

The birth of a child is a completely natural process, and many women today decide that their baby can be born at home, in a familiar setting, surrounded by the closest ones or paired with a midwife. And it also happens that emergency childbirth forces you to postpone plans for a trip to the hospital and urgently undertake something. In such situations, the ambulance arrived can pick up two already, the mother and her newborn child.

Childbirth at home remains the subject of constant debate. Complications can occur regardless of where a woman gives birth, but the clinic has everything to quickly help her. At home, even with the help of an experienced obstetrician, the lack of resuscitation and special equipment can be costly. Of course, every mother has the right to decide for herself, our goal is only to weigh the pros and cons of a risky event.childbirth at home

Why does this question arise?

Why do modern moms decide to follow in the footsteps of their grandmothers, who have always been giving birth at home? This is a kind of trend of fashion or, simply freed from social norms and dogmas, the woman understoodwhat is the right to choose, how exactly will the birth of her crumbs? Most likely, it is both, but today it is important for us to understand the pros and cons of such a decision. As already mentioned, childbirth at home can be planned and emergency. For now we assume that you are initially preparing for the appearance of a baby in a cozy atmosphere.

The main advantages

If you have not yet decided, you should be aware that any complication is fraught with more seriousthe consequences, since time will be lost for delivery of the woman in labor to the hospital, where physicians could immediately help. However, in defense of such a decision, it is worth noting that they do not happen very often. If the pregnancy was good, only a few pregnant women per thousand face unplanned situations. But it is impossible to foresee everything.

So, what advantages do you give birth at home:

  • Complete freedom for the mother. She can walk or crawl, take a bath, lie down, all this when she sees fit. However, there is a great responsibility behind such freedom. If the doctors control the whole process in the hospital, here you will have to be well aware of what is happening at one time or another, whether this is a variant of the norm or needs correction.
  • Childbirth women at home are attractive because they can occupy any comfortable position: lying or sitting on all fours, and some prefer until the baby is bornto liein the bathroom.
  • Comfortable atmosphere allows you to relax. Cozy homely atmosphere is perfect for such an intimate event.
  • Here you have the opportunity to give birth without the use of medicines, such as painkillers. However, there are also two sides here, since sometimes their use is necessary. Without a medical education, it is better to entrust such a responsible decision to specialists.
  • The cost of delivery in this case is lower or equal to zero.

women giving birth at home


Now you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for the life or health of the crumbs. Home births (home births) can be very attractive in a number of ways, but they are not always safe. There are certain situations in which a woman should give birth only in a hospital where she will be provided with maximum care.

  • If in history there is a serious illness. This may be diabetes or hypertension, epilepsy.
  • When the previous birth occurred by caesarean section.
  • If the ultrasound revealed the health problems of the future baby.
  • Whenfemalehard transfers his condition.
  • If the mother during pregnancy takes alcohol or drugs, smokes.
  • When a woman bears twins or triplets, or if the baby has assumed the wrong position (buttock or longitudinal previa).
  • If preterm labor has begun (earlier than 37 weeks), or the period is delayed, that is, 41 or 42 weeks are already underway.

Only if the mother is completely healthy, you can plan delivery at home. But even in this case, it is necessary to make a reservation that in modern clinics there are all the conditions to make childbirth comfortable. You can take an accompanying person with you, a woman is free to choose different options, from bath to vertical childbirth. I have an opportunitytake anya doctor who will be constantly there, not to mention a separate comfortable ancestral chamber with a ball, horizontal bar and a bathroom to facilitate the fights. At the same time you are in the hospital, where a whole staff of doctors works and there is all the necessary equipment for help.childbirth home home childbirth

Emergency childbirth

Sometimes fate or chance decides everything for us.Transient labor is not uncommon, and a baby can be born within 10-30 minutes. What to do? First of all do not panic. Call the ambulance and ask the consultant to tell you what to do until the doctors arrive. Childbirth at home itself is difficult to control, because a woman needs to think about so many things at the same time, and the inherent excitement only hinders. Therefore, it is important that someone help.

The process will require boiled water and disinfectants (iodine, peroxide or alcohol), clean cloth, diapers and sheets. In addition, it is important to prepare sterile tampons, gauze and bandages, scissors and string, a pear or a pipette. All tools must be sterilized in boiling water or with alcohol. Linen for a newborn, warm diapers, a vest and a cap should also be immediately put in a prominent place.

Preparing for childbirth

How to understand that your sensations are not deceiving and that there are only a few minutes left before the appearance of the crumbs? Usually fights go on increasing. The interval between the first is 10-20 minutes, and the period of tension of the muscles of the uterus does not exceed 2-7 seconds. Gradually, the intensity of contractions increases, and the intervals are reduced.But it also happens that the cervix opens very quickly, contractions practically do not stop and immediately turn into attempts. Missing them is impossible. Reflexively the muscles will contract more and more, expelling the fetus. If you have not had time to go to the hospital before this, you will have to take birth at home. What to do? It is advisable to put yourself an enema to clean the intestines. A baby is born face down and it is not at all necessary that it contacts with fecal masses leaving you at the same time.childbirth at home itself

Decisive moment

In order to give birth safely, now you need to take a deep breath to ensure the flow of oxygen, and how to pull. While the fight continues, you need to help your baby for a long time and smoothly.move. Childbirth at home at home requires the help of someone close, but if it so happens that you are alone, do not worry. The ambulance called is already on the way, and the on-line consultant will support all the time. As soon as the fight is over, you can rest. By the time the child enters the birth canal, the contractions begin to go almost without a pause. The process of the expulsion of the fetus itself lasts from 5 to 30 minutes.

What you need to pay attention

Childbirth at home, at home, can pass easily and quickly, and by the arrival of an ambulance you will already be swaddling a newborn. However, there are signs that you must pay attention to and immediately inform the doctors about it. If home births are scheduled, your midwife should lead you to the hospital immediately. The following symptoms are alarming:

  • Availabilityfaeces in waste waters.
  • Severe vaginal bleeding.
  • Difficulty getting a child.
  • The lack of progress of contractions or their attenuation.

childbirth at home what to do

Help the woman in labor

If you are alone at home or there is a person who is not knowledgeable in medicine, then you need to once again accept the fact that you will have to take the baby without the help of doctors. Do not try to feel the hands of the vagina, you still do not understand. This also applies to your assistant. His job is just to wait patiently until the head cuts through. Now you need to completely remove the clothes from the lower half of the body and lie down comfortably. If during sweats, the crotch bulges out, and the baby's nape looks through the genital gap, now it will be born.

The task of a woman is to breathe correctly. And that means, to gather a full chest of air and to push with force.The assistant can put one hand on the pubis, and the other below, as if clasping the sex gap. So he will prevent its breaks. As the eruption of the head, you can gently release it from the tissues of the genital organs. When one shoulder appears, you can gently unfold the second. Next babyis bornto light fast. It remains to ask the woman in labor to work a little more towas bornafterbirth.

giving birth at home

Newborn care

Very carefully you need to pick up the crumbs with a towel and wrap. Take a rubber bulb, expel the air from it, and bring it first to the nose, and then to the baby’s mouth, sucking the mucus. If he shouted, then we can assume that the birth went well, otherwise you need to gently shake it so that the lungs are free from fluid. Now put it next to mom and tie the cord to the string. If there are no doctors yet, cut it with a sharp instrument. You need to put an ice pack on the woman's stomach, and a sterile pad on the perineum. Placentacollect in a suitable containerand tell the ambulance crew that arrived along with the mother and child. This is a brief excursion on how to take birth at home.If there is no other way out, then it is very useful to know these basics. So you can help yourself or a woman in such a situation.childbirth home reviews

Instead of conclusion

All expectant mothers need to remember that the eight weeks preceding childbirth is not the time for trips or other events. You need to be at home, preferably within walking distance of the hospital and have on hand the means of communication. Just in case, there should be a generic first-aid kit, that is, bandages and alcohol, iodine and potassium permanganate, napkins and sheets, scissors and gloves. Try not to stay alone for long.

If you decide to give birth at home, then pre-arrange with an experienced midwife who can come to you on the first call. But you need to be aware that even this does not guarantee a safe birth at home. Reviews of doctors urge not to risk and be sure to give birth in the hospital.

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