How to set up mail on "Android": step by step instructions

Using a smartphone without e-mail can not be called full. Moreover, the full functionality of most sites on the Internet is not available without an email client, because an email address is required to register an account.

how to set up mail on android

Let's try to figure out how to set up email on Android from the most popular providers. Immediately, we note that the main emphasis will be placed on the function of assembling letters from other accounts, and the other individual settings, such as the location of the elements and the appearance of the client, are entirely up to you.

Which mail to choose?

Before you set up mail on “Android” (Mail-Android) you should know that there are many sites on the Internet that will provide you with an email with great enthusiasm. But beauty and convenience are not the most important thing in this matter, because not all customers are equally reliable: some are suspected of reading personal information from letters, someone is malfunctioning, etc.

configure Yandex mail on android

Most users of the online community recommend to pay attention to the following email clients:

  • Gmail from the search engine "Google";
  • "Yandex.Mail" from the domestic search engine;
  • from a major Internet company.

In order to register the box, just go to the main page of any of the above resources and select the "Mail" section. As for the smartphone, before you set up mail on the "Android", you must have a branded application from a particular client. You can download the official utility from the same Playmarket.

Next, we analyze each client in more detail.


Before you set up your mail on “Android,” we will look at the list of installed applications. There in 95% of cases there will be an email client from the eminent search engine “Google”, that is, you will not have to download and install anything.

how to set up email on android

Naturally, the box is primarily designed to interact with its own service. If earlier you had to work with the Android operating system, then surely you already have an account from Google mail, and if not, registration will not take much time.All you need is a full name, age and place of residence, and you can fill in the rest of the profile lines later.

The search engine provides its customers with the use of 15 GB of cloud space. For clips, audio and other documents enough full. In addition, the mail has excellent anti-spam protection and various filters to correctly sort incoming correspondence, so no letter will be lost.

Build letters

The mail client “Gimail” is distinguished by its reliability, pleasant and functional appearance, as well as sensible filters for working with letters, so it can be called the best choice for the owner of the gadget on the “Android” platform.

To collect emails from other accounts, follow these steps:

  • launch Gmail and log in to the system;
  • push the “curtain” on the left side and go to the “Settings” section;
  • find the menu item "Add account";
  • in the section for selecting email clients, select from the list the necessary one: “Yandex”, “Mail.Ru”, etc.
  • enter the login (email address) and password;
  • now mail from another account will appear in your mailbox on the “G-Mail”.

Before you set up your email on “Android” in the Gmail service, it’s worth it to know that the client doesn’t delete emails from other accounts, but only duplicates them, but this point can be changed in the settings.

“Yandex. Mail"

Another convenient box for the Android platform. The client is installed by default on most budget gadgets delivered to Russia from the Middle Kingdom. The application was distinguished by stable work, sensible push notifications and quite nice appearance.

how to set up mail on android mail

In addition, the client is ideal for users who work with a huge amount of correspondence. Even if the box contains more than 1000 letters, smart search will find exactly what you need. So keep this in mind before setting up your mail on Android.

The service from Yandex correctly identifies each letter or group with a distinctive mark, which allows them to be distinguished from the crowd. There is a classification by topic and importance of mail correspondence. Moreover, the client has good anti-spam protection, albeit a little less efficient than the G-Mail.

Assembly of correspondence

It is quite simple to set up Yandex mail on Android.Click on the drop-down menu icon in the upper right corner and select the “Settings” item. Then we tap on the words "Add account" and in the list we mark "Email".

Next, enter the login third-party client (mailbox) and password. Then you need to decide on the type of the connected account: POP3 or IMAP. Almost all Internet gurus recommend to stop at the IMAP-type. Because this option allows you to work with correspondence in real time, that is, all changes that will be made with the letter will be immediately reflected on all accounts. Roughly speaking, a POP3 connection is intended only for downloading new messages, while the IMAP protocol allows you to work with correspondence without breaking the connection on another server.

As for the specific ports and the type of security of each individual third-party client, the service should configure everything in automatic order, so there will be no problems here. The only thing that can be added is to choose the frequency of checking other mailboxes: every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.


Quite a famous domestic client, distinguished by aggressive marketing.Before you configure on Android, you should know that this service is called by many people as viral, because of the abundance of annoying ads and the installation of applications without the user's knowledge. Nevertheless, the client is used and even considered one of the best in our market.

how to set up mail ru on android

The mailbox interface is quite simple and intuitive. The rest is also up to par: good spam filter, tags on letters, etc.

Build letters

To manage the collection of correspondence, you must open the settings in the special agent Mail.Ru (download from the Playmarket), where in the menu click on the line “Add account”. Then you need to enter the data of the third-party mailbox (login and password) and the type of connection (POP3 or IMAP). The agent will do everything else automatically. You will only have to choose the frequency of checking other accounts and choose the name of a separate folder for correspondence that came from a particular client.

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