How to send mail by email. How to mail a video or photo

The choice of postal service

how to send mail by email

Let's start with the fact that even such a simple matter as choosing a postal service should be approached responsibly, so that later you can simply send an email by e-mail, and not suffer for hours, faced with technical constraints from which you cannot escape.

How to use e-mail

So what do you need to send an email? And how to send mail by e-mail? To use e-mail, you must

  • have access to the Internet;
  • the device with which the mail will be sent (such a device can be a personal computer, mobile phone or tablet);
  • registered mailbox.

Let's look at the most popular mail services where you can get mail, and also say a few words about some of the advantages, disadvantages and features of each mailer.

send an email


It was once one of the most popular postal services, which today, alas, almost "ordered to live long." The service survives due to the monstrous amount of contextual embedded advertising, which also affects the outflow of users. Now only hardened oldfags use mail, who do not want to join the ranks of users of other "mailers".

"Mailer" has a classic login form that involves entering a password, login and selecting the type of box.

An interesting feature is the need to enter captcha (characters from the image) to send each letter. This is used in order to combat spamming from the "Rambler" mailboxes, but it starts to annoy me when you have to regularly send letters and enter captchas as a result.

Of the minuses, there is only one limitation in the number of files attached to the letter.


The giant corporation has created, perhaps, one of the best free mailers. The size of the contents of the mailbox has already exceeded 15 GB, while Google is not going to stop there. The maximum size of files attached to the letter is 20 mb.Not very much, but this "mailer" supports work with "Google" documents, the size of which is not taken into account when sending a letter. Special mention deserves an integrated social network, profiles and convenient mobile applications.

Login and password are used to enter the mailbox. The login itself is the email address itself, while for other email services the login is a combination of letters and numbers, up to the dog icon. Mail

Confident "middling". Once it was very popular due to the existing My World network, but now it is inferior to its more advanced comrades, although it is trying to regain the leadership. "Mail" has a classic login form and an interesting opportunity - to make text notes in a web notebook. Mail size is limited to 10 GB.

An interesting feature is the pseudo-ability to send letters with attachments of unlimited size. This happens in the following way: no more than 25 MB is sent directly by mail, all other content is stored on the service, “”, the link to which is attached to the letter if its content does not fit into the regular 25 MB.

"Yandex Mail"

The product of a domestic company occupies not the most recent places in popularity among postal services, especially in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. He has an unlimited mailbox size, at least in theory. The size of one letter can not be more than 30 MB. As in the case of mail, everything above is packaged in the archive and sent to the Yandex disk.

email is free

Free and paid email

Consider the advantages of paid and the disadvantages of free mail.

You can send an e-mail not only through free e-mail, but also through paid mail services. The question arises: what is their fundamental difference?

E-mail (free) is different from the paid.

The first immediately obvious advantage of paid email is the complete lack of advertising, which, unfortunately, can not boast of numerous free services. The same "Mail-mail" or "Google-mail" are just overflowing with contextual advertising. However, if you do not pay attention to it, then the presence of advertising banners will not be for you, as a significant drawback.

The second advantage of a paid mail service is its reliability. However, in fact, no matter how the owners of the paid "postal service" would assure that their mail will never shut down, one cannot be sure of this one hundred percent. However, according to statistics, the servers of Yandex and Google companies servicing mail are still subject to a more frequent decline, if only because a huge number of people use them.

Third, paid mail arrives ten times less than spam than free mail.

send by email

Now we turn to the advantages of free and disadvantages of paid mail.

First of all, however paradoxical it may sound, the postal addresses created with the help of paid services are not always recognized during the automatic dispatch of letters of technical support, and it is not always possible to send a letter to them from free mail.

Secondly, as a rule, a paid mail service does not have a mobile version and a tablet version, which means that you will have to enter the mail through a browser, which is not always convenient.

Thirdly, you have to pay for paid mail. On average, the cost of an annual subscription to paid postal service is 600-800 rubles.For a fee, you can connect additional service packages that open access to new features or increase the size of the box.

how to use e-mail

What paid mail to get?

The leading position is occupied by the American "mailer" 1 & 1.He not only offers to get paid e-mail, but also provides the opportunity to create your own domain to which it will be linked. For example, you create a domain and bind to it the mail citizen. Your mailing address will be , plus you have the opportunity to create a website, since you already have a domain. Very convenient for organizing your business on the Internet. In addition, the "mailer" has a nice shell and friendly interface, which means that in the process of using it, you are unlikely to have a question about how to send mail by e-mail.

send video by email

Email photos

How to send a photo by e-mail? There are two options for sending images:

  • Send e-mail links to a photo hosted on a remote server. Mail services such as Google and Yandex can process a link to a photo and upload a photo into the body of the letter, that is, only the link is sent by mail, but the recipient of the letter, when opened, sees the finished image.
  • Directly send a graphic image: the photo is attached to the letter as a normal attachment and sent to the addressee. It is important to keep in mind that all "mailers" have a limit on the size of the letters sent. The largest limit for Yandex is, however, it plays a cruel joke with it, especially if you send photos not in the archive, but in a list. It happens that the service does not cope with the traffic passing through it, and, as a result, the mail begins to slow down terribly and hang.

Tips for sending photos

  1. Send photos better in the archive.
  2. Do not send e-mail large amounts of graphic files, calculated in gigabytes of data.
  3. It is best to upload photos to a specialized server designed for storing graphic images, and send the photo by e-mail to the addressee as a link to an album with photos.

send photo by email

Email Video

How to send mail by e-mail with an attachment in the form of a video? Now let's deal with this moment. As in the case of a photo, you can send a video by e-mail in two ways:

  • In the form of an attachment (or archive, if there are several videos).In this case, the recipient will be able to download the video either from the letter itself or from the file sharing service, if the mailer has one.
  • In the form of a link to a video posted on video hosting (for example, on YouTube). In this case, to download the video will require a deeper knowledge of the computer.

Video Tips

  1. Sending a video by e-mail is not the best idea, but if this is not avoided, it is better to send no more than one video in one letter.
  2. The size of the investment in the letter is always limited, so the video is better to compress to a size of no more than 25-30 MB.
  3. The best way to transfer video over the Internet is to download it to a special video hosting service and then send the link to the video clip to the addressee. Remember that you can upload to a hosting only video that does not contain incitement to violence, pornographic content or other prohibited by law content.

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