How to save "gifku" on your computer and phone

The graphical format of the GIF animation is veryoften found on the expanses of social networks and conventional information sites. Due to the low weight of such files, they do not take up much space on servers, so their use is justified. More often than not, "hyphas" are short animations, in which fun cases from life, jokes and short cooking recipes are demonstrated.

how to save gyphus

Independently such a file can be created in almost any graphic editor. But what if you want to leave a favorite video for memory? How to save the "gyphus"?

Download to computer

Not everyone knows that GIFs canPlay not only in its "native" format, but also in MP4. Thanks to this you can easily download animation to your PC and watch your favorite clip at any convenient time. To do this, it is enough to follow a very simple instruction, which tells how to save the "gifku" on the computer:

  • Activate the playback of the file in your browser.
  • Point the cursor at the moving image and press the RMB.
  • Select "Save picture as" in the window that appears.
  • Copy the file to the computer. "Gifka" will be saved in GIF format.

how to save the hyphus on the computer

If the option Save image as does not work, thenyou must select "Save Video" and specify the path to the folder on the PC. In this case, the video is downloaded in MP4 format. After that, you must use one of the Internet resources to reformat the saved file back into GIF. To do this, any online converter that converts video from MP4 format to "hyph" is suitable. On the site, you only need to specify the path to the folder in which the movie is located, and wait until a new document is created, which will also need to be downloaded to the computer.

We learned how to save the "gifku" on the computer, butit can also be downloaded to a smartphone. This is very important, as most modern phones have the ability to view files in this format.

Save to iPhone

In this case, it is necessary to do a little moremanipulations. Before you save the "gifku" on the iPhone, you need to download a special application Camera Roll iOS. Without it, the movie will not play correctly (only the first frame of the file will be displayed) and it will not be possible to view it. It is also recommended to download the GIF Viewer application or any of its analogues. In addition, the "gifki" is easiest to download via the Safari browser.

how to save gifku on iphone

In order for the video to be displayed correctly, you must perform the following steps:

  • Start the browser and activate the GIF animation in it.
  • Click on the image and select "Save Image" in the window that appears. After that, the picture is downloaded to the standard iPhone gallery.
  • Enable the application to correctly display all animation frames.
  • Enjoy watching.

How to download a file from "VC" to your smartphone

Many users of social networksare interested in how to save the "hypha" from VK, since it is on this site that such videos are most often found. However, if a person does not have an iPhone, but any other smartphone, then standard applications will not help. So you can not even waste time on them.

However, there is one method that will help keep the "hypha". How it works:

  • You need to go into the Safari browser and find in the "VC" any "gifku."
  • Click on the picture and select "Open in new tab".
  • Wait for the full download of the video.
  • Click on the image again and select "Save Picture".

Similarly, you can save to your smartphone any videos from other popular social networks. If you use the Google Chrome browser, the "hypha" will be preserved, but will not be played.

How to download GIF from mobile apps

Many users of instant messengers Viber and WatsAppworried about the question of how to save the "gifku" on the phone, if it was sent in the correspondence. In this case, everything is much simpler. The fact is that all applications for the exchange of free messages have a function that allows you to perform various manipulations with the received files.

how to save gifku to your phone

If you want to save GIF animation fromcorrespondence, then simply click "Save", and the file will be automatically sent to the standard phone album. After that, it can be viewed and sent to other users. If for some reason the movie does not work, you need to download GifPlayer from the App Store. Knowing how to save the "gifku" on a computer or phone, you can download your favorite videos and send them to your friends using any messenger or application.

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