How to prepare pork, baked in foil

One of the most common and ancient methods of heat treatment of products is roasting. At the same time, this process is quite diverse and can produce completely different results for cooks. For example, the same piece of meat with different baking can be both very dry and hard, and tender and soft. However, since ancient times, methods have been developed that can bring this method of cooking to perfection. For this, clay, parchment paper and foil were used. It should be noted that the pork baked in the sleeve, in its taste will be different from the dish cooked in foil. Therefore, the real masters of cooking, after various studies, came to the conclusion that the sleeve is good for fat and poultry. But pork, baked in foil, will have an absolutely incredible taste that can not be repeated without its use.pork baked in foil


To prepare the dish you will need:

- pork - 1 kg (any part of the carcass is suitable, but the softer it is, the tastier the result will be);

- garlic - 1 head;

- salt pepper;

- carrots - 1 pc.

Meat preparationpork baked in the sleeve

First of all, the meat must be washed and allowed to dry. Then, in order to pork in the oven in foil turned out juicy and had a unique taste, it must be stuffed. To do this, a thin knife to make a lot of punctures in the meat from all sides. After that, they need to insert peeled garlic cloves, which are cut, and carrots cut into strips. It should be noted that it is not necessary to remove the veins, veins and chaff, even undesirable. Since pork, baked in foil, must be a solid piece, and when cleaning it is impossible to preserve such a structure. After that, the meat is rubbed with pepper and salt. If for chicken this process is shared, then in the case of pork spice you can even mix it.pork in the oven in foil


When the meat is marinated, it begins to wrap. To pork baked in foil, turned out more juicy, with it you can put a small piece of bacon. However, this culinary technique should be used only if the selected meat does not have its layers of fat and looks rather dry.After the entire piece has been completely wrapped in foil, it is placed in a preheated 200 degree oven. There the meat should be about an hour. After pork, baked in foil, comes from the oven and checked for readiness. If the meat is ready, then put it another 15 minutes in the oven, without wrapping.


Many cooks prefer to wrap various vegetables in foil together with meat. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that they must be combined with each other, since in the process of preparation they will acquire a joint smell and even taste. Although almost any vegetables that will serve as a great side dish when serving will look good with pork. Also with this product will be combined with various cereals, mashed potatoes or rice. At the same time, real connoisseurs prefer to use it as an independent dish, cutting into wide chunks, which they impose on bread.

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