How to name a child on the church calendar? The names of the girls on the church calendar. The names of the boys on the church calendar

Modern parents are increasingly approaching the selection of a name for a child responsibly. The question of how to choose the name of the child most successfully, takes the minds of young mothers and fathers. After all, the name is our most important companion on the path of life. It is no secret to anyone that it influences the formation of the personality and the choice of life purpose.

Choose a name - choose destiny

Proper selection of the name of the baby - the process is not easy. By choosing a strange or inappropriate name, parents condemn their daughter or son to the ridicule of their peers. The semantic meaning of the future name is also important, which always has a special energy, thereby purposefully influencing the formation of character.

It is believed that by giving the child’s parents on a certain day, the Lord already says how to call him. The name is the main and the very first property of man, his spiritual component.

How to name a child? Names range from the most common to the most unusual. It is argued that the more unique the name, the greater the chances for its owner to stand out from the crowd. Such people often break social stereotypes, become leaders, and lead a team.

Nowadays, mothers and fathers often give the name of the child by the name of the parents; they call their son or daughter after a relative, close friend or deceased loved one. But before you do that, think about it. The child will grow up and learns that he was named after his father's childhood friend. The kid may find that his self is not so important. In addition, there is a belief that thus it is possible to transfer the karma of the deceased to the child.

How to name a child on the church calendar

And if we do not look at the holy calendar?

Among the many choices of choice, the old tradition adopted in Russia is becoming increasingly popular - to choose a name according to the church calendar. It is believed that with the name of the newborn finds its own guardian angel, who will take care and protect the ward throughout the life path.

Supporters choose the name of the calendar, usually people who believe. They believe that the saint, whose name is named baby, becomes his personal protector in heaven. That is why the tradition adopted in antiquity to choose a child's name according to the church calendar, where each of the days has its own patron saint, has a deep meaning.

In the current 2014, the horoscope is likely to give birth to a large number of creative, extraordinary people. Turn to the calendar. At first glance, most of the options offered by the church calendar are not very suitable for modern children. Names like Emelyan, Sawa, Prokhor, Gerasim are unlikely to arouse the enthusiasm of their parents.

But if you look around carefully and remember all the friends who have got children in recent years, you will be surprised how often babies are called by Russian names. This is truly the fashion of the XXI century.

It is often not clear what motivates parents more - a return to Orthodox sources or an attempt to take a peer and stand out against the background of their peers. Sometimes parents compromise, because older relatives often insist on choosing a name according to the church calendar.

What did our ancestors

The tradition of choosing a name according to the calendar date began many centuries ago. In those days, parents did not have the right to independently name the child. The church calendar regulated what name a baby born on a certain day could be called. And the name was chosen only after birth. The parents of the newborn did not think about how to name the child - according to the church calendar or otherwise. They came to church, and the father offered to choose one of the names of Christian saints.

People did not dare to go against church in the old days. If it turned out that on the day of the birth of a child only one saint was venerated, the parents had no choice. Later, these restrictions have ceased to be so strict. If there was no saint on the indicated day or the names were completely disliked, it was permitted to take the name of the saint, "attributable" in the coming days.

How to pick up the name of the child

If nothing suitable, according to the parents, was on the calendar these days, it was possible to choose a name in the next 8-40 days. Thereby, the list of acceptable names expanded considerably, and there was no problem how to choose a name for a child.

In the old days, all parents wanted the babies to receive the protection of the saints. Everyone wanted to give his son or daughter a heavenly patron, who would lead him throughout his life, protect him from evil forces and help in everything.

Even under Soviet rule, children managed to baptize and give them church names. Often the sacrament of baptism was performed away from home, for example, in a village with relatives.

What is the calendar

Holiness is a list of names of saints revered in the Orthodox world. As a rule, several female and male names were attached to each day of the church calendar. Parents could choose from them.

The Orthodox calendar contains the names of Slavic, Greek, Latin, Hebrew origin. Really church names were given before only at baptism, over time they acquired a sound more convenient for the Russian ear. Many of them have the Old Slavonic pronunciation (for example, Yuri - the "secular" version of the name George).

According to the dictionary of V.I. Dahl, the cedar is the calendar, which indicates the ecclesiastical, as well as the civil meaning of each month and day throughout the year.

Monthly officially used before the 1917 revolution. Under Soviet rule, with the beginning of persecutions of the church, this tradition was abandoned. There are new names for children, often formed from several words - modern concepts. Many of them were artificial and difficult to pronounce, for example, Dazdracen (or Long live the seventh of November).

But in recent years, parents are increasingly turning to the Orthodox calendar, although for many of them it is just a tribute to modern fashion, according to which the old name is the last squeak. Therefore, among modern babies one can often meet Lavra, Barbara, Pelageya, Yefim, etc.

Most of the names in the calendar are male. That is, the names of the boys on the church calendar is much easier to choose than the names of girls. And all of them are about 1700. Many names have already become obsolete and seem to modern people ridiculous and disinterested.

Choose a name on the church calendar

Saints - who are they?

Who are these saints, whose names are forever included in the Orthodox calendar?

According to legends, they were especially revered by various religions for their piety, righteousness, and wisdom. The phrase "holy martyrs" tells us that the saints were subjected to endless persecution, persecution and torment.It was firmness, unshakable faith, the ability to withstand any test that these people deserved the eternal glory of holy martyrs and were canonized.

So, one of the most revered saints - Nicholas the Wonderworker, the patron saint of sailors. The day of his death - December 19 - became the day of St. Nicholas. The tradition to celebrate the day of the saint on the day of his death was widely spread in Christianity, although there are exceptions.

Calling children according to the calendar date is a tradition not only of Orthodox Christians, but also of other nations, and the Slavs here are no exception. People always believed that, having received the name of the saint, the baby will live a long happy life. At the same time, they tried not to name the children by the names of great martyrs, so as not to condemn such a fate.

According to other traditions, a child could be called by the name of that saint who was especially revered in the family, or by the name of a particularly honored relative. Most often, the names of the saints were taken, taken from the three following days from the birth of the baby, according to the testament of Theophan the Recluse, who proclaimed the opportunity to call the child the name of that saint who was revered between the birth of the baby and his baptism.

How to name a child on the church calendar?

There are certain rules, according to which you should choose a name according to the calendar. It would be more correct to consider not the day the baby was born, but the eighth day from the moment of birth. Earlier in Orthodox Russia, on that very day, a child was baptized, naming the name of a certain saint.

If none of these days did not have a suitable name, do not try to strictly adhere to the formalities. It happens that parents with all their hearts are drawn to a particular name. It happens that the name comes to the mother in a dream. Orthodoxy does not at all reject such a method of choice, so you may well listen to yourself and your own feelings.

Baby Names

If you still can not decide, find a special book - calendars, where all the Orthodox names are painted by day and month.

How to call a child on the church calendar or according to the calendar correctly? You need to purchase a church calendar in advance, where the names of all the saints are listed in order. This calendar has more than 1,100 names, that is, every day there are several different names, which simplifies the task for parents.

Choose from the date of birth of the child or the eighth, or fortieth day (since on the fortieth day, baptism in Russia was also allowed). From the list, it makes sense to choose the names that are most consonant with the patronymic and surname of the baby.

What to consider when choosing a name

Before you call a child on the church calendar, think carefully. Choosing a name, remember that it will impose a huge mark on his fate and character. Before you finally decide on the choice of a name, study its meaning in all available dictionaries, select the appropriate name of the child by date of birth. Also, do not forget to check it for compatibility with the surname and patronymic, religion and other important circumstances.

Choosing the names of girls on the church calendar, one should discard the male variants. Such a choice has long been considered unsuccessful, ostensibly imposing a male imprint on the character and fate of the newborn. It is customary to believe that the "male" names for a female child (Victoria, Alexandra, Eugene, Valeria) bear its owner a complicated fate, many difficulties and obstacles. It is also not recommended to choose a name from previous days.

It is important in this matter the approval of relatives, so they should consult in advance. Of course, it is impossible to please everyone, but it is better if the names for the children chosen by the parents will be approved by the majority of relatives. This will have a beneficial effect on their attitude towards children in general.

If parents do not feel particularly enthusiastic from the prospect of calling a child an old and not always convenient name, but they want to make concessions to the older generation, they can choose a name for their son or daughter of their own accord, but during the baptism to choose another, according to the calendar.

Name day

Names of girls on the church calendar

In the future, that calendar day, on which the choice of the name of the newborn fell, is considered the day of his angel or name day. On this day, it is customary to attend the temple and pray for the health of the chosen saint. Many people confuse things like angel day, birthday, and name day. Often the birthday is congratulated on the name day and vice versa. In fact, the name of the day of the memory of the saint, whose name the baby bears, is meant. Their other name is the day of the angel (or the day of namesake). Earlier these days most often coincided, now it happens rarely, nevertheless, many celebrate the day of the angel along with the usual birthday.

Named in ancient times were celebrated by the whole world, but the actual birthday of a child was not given much importance. Thus, the child’s baptism was considered a more important holiday. Names assigned at baptism do not change throughout their lives except in cases of monasticism or change of religion.

The saint becomes the patron saint of the infant after the rite of baptism. It is believed that the guardian angel prays to God for his ward and protects against harm. His prayers are more pleasing to God than the prayers of us sinners.

The name given at baptism accompanies a person throughout his life and even after death. This name commemorates the deceased in prayers for the repose of the soul.

Other days of memory of the saint are called small names. If a child is called a non-orthodox name, during the baptismal rite, an orthodox version is most often chosen.

Name and Zodiac sign

Whether you choose the child's name by date of birth or not, it is worth checking it for compatibility with the sign of the zodiac, and even better - so that it slightly corrects the effect of this sign. For example, for a boy born under the sign of fire (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo), it is better to choose a name with a predominance of vowels softening a hard character (for example, Ilya or Pavel).

name of the child by the name of the parents

Representatives of the water elements (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) require a name that encourages decisive action, as these children are often inert and sluggish.

Earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus) sometimes lack creativity. In this case, it is better to choose a name that stimulates creativity.

The air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) are shown names that carry determination and solid living position.

Do not choose either too rare or too popular variants of names. The best choice is a moderately common name. If you need to make adjustments to the character of the child already in the process of life and upbringing, you can use a shortened version of the name, which has a harder or, on the contrary, softened sound (for example, Dmitry - Mitya).

Errors of modern parents

Since the Orthodox calendar has many saints with the same name, some parents mistakenly celebrate the baby's birthday several times a year. Actually it is wrong. The names of each person are the same as the birthday, and they are celebrated only on the day of "their" saint.

In addition, many confuse the concept of the guardian angel and the saint, whose name the child was baptized.According to church canons, the guardian angel is given by God to the newborn on the day of baptism.

baby's name by date of birth

Church calendar and the present

The holy calendar continues to replenish to this day. At first glance, the choice of names from the month of the month is very monotonous, but it is not. Although many of the names have an outdated form and are not suitable for modern life, parents sometimes name the baby with the most bizarre and dissonant names to stand out from the crowd. Thus, they go against the traditions of their ancestors, who tried to avoid strange and unclaimed names.

And the names of the girls on the church calendar, and the names of the boys are quite diverse and there is always the opportunity to pick a classic beautiful and melodious name.

Nowadays, modern parents often give children a double name, both secular and ecclesiastical. Sometimes they do it intentionally, sometimes it happens by chance. If at birth the baby was given a name that is not Orthodox, the parents who came to baptize the child in the church usually find out that the name given to the baby has a consonant Orthodox passport option.

It is believed that an Orthodox Christian must have two names - secular and ecclesiastical.

In any case, choosing a name for a newborn is a purely personal affair of the parents. The main thing in this business - the love of the baby and care about his future. We are only trying to explain how personal preferences can be combined with genuine Orthodox values ​​that have a deep meaning. I wish you success, dear parents, happiness and health to your baby!

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