How to make a profilebib do it yourself: schemes and reviews

Today, different types are used to bend steel profiles, but profilebib is one of the most convenient, because it has many advantages. Not every consumer can buy expensive factory-made equipment today, but to design such equipment is really your own. Before starting work, you must decide for what purpose you will use the device. This is required in order to select a specific type of aggregate.

Profilegib Design

profilebib do it yourself

If you decide to make a profilebib with your own hands, you should take a closer look at its design features. This machine with an electric, hydraulic or mechanical drive, which is quite easy to transport. Its weight is small, the dimensions are compact, and this equipment is used for bending metal. In order to obtain optimal curvature values, different nozzles can be used, which allow processing any products.

A simple solution

profileib hand-made do-it-yourself how to make

To date, there are four types of profilegib. The simplest version of the device is the design in which the movable roller is located on top. In this case only the mentioned unit moves, and the device itself can have an upper manual or hydraulic roller. In the latter case, we are talking about equipment, which is controlled by the upper roller hydraulic system. If the unit uses a hand roller, the control is carried out by the gearbox.

Convenient version of the machine

profilebib handmade DIY drawings

Profilebib do it yourself using this technology is quite simple, and the position of the rollers in the equipment will determine the radius for bending parts with minimal errors. More convenient are the machines with the left roller, they are used for curling spirals and allow you to perform the same functions as in the case with the above described unit. The only difference is in the drive mechanism of the roller. Models have a bending gradient that allows you to bend the workpiece from the original drawing.

Recommendations for making

how to make profilegib do-it-yourself drawings

If you decide to make a profilebib with your own hands, you should know that it is deforming the metal using rolling, rather than bending technology. The principle of operation of such devices is similar.The machine is installed and fastened through the holes in the frame, use for this you need anchor bolts. Before operation, the device is grounded, in addition, it will be necessary to verify the integrity of the electrical and mechanical elements.

When profilebib is made with its own hands, before its first start it is necessary to clean the rollers from the preservative grease. Use for this should be dry rags. It will also be necessary to check the correspondence of the voltage to what the profilegib needs. The device must be run in idle mode, leaving it for half an hour. If you notice deviations from normal operation, you will need to correct the problem.

For reference

profileib do-it-yourself drawings dimensions

Billets should be cleaned of grease and ensure the elasticity of the metal, it should be the same along the entire length of the product. Rollers need to be configured for processing. To do this, the nuts for fastening the support and pressure rollers need to be unscrewed, set the rollers and fix them with the help of nuts. The handle will allow the presser roller to be raised upwards, then it will be possible to clamp the part between the rollers. Under high pressure, the next stage will be rolling between the shafts.

Profilegib Manufacturing Technology

do-it-yourself profilegib dimensions

If you need a manual profilebib, do it yourself how to make such a device, you can find out by reading the information below. The diameter of the profile will affect the design features. If this parameter does not exceed 20 mm, then the pipe can be bent using a concrete slab; there must be holes in the latter where the metal pins are placed.

The pipe is located between the pins and bends to the desired angle. If the cross section of the pipe is more than 25 mm, then the drawing of the machine will be somewhat more complicated. On the base, two rollers should be reinforced, and the side face radius should have an equal diameter with the pipe. A tube is installed between the rollers, one end of which must be fixed. The free end is strengthened to the winch, which must be activated. Once the part has reached the desired bend, the winch should be installed.

Additional Tips for Making a Manual Profileb Based on a Concrete Slab

profilebib do-it-yourself drawings

If you decide to make a profilebib yourself, the drawings of this design can be prepared by you. For example, if we are talking about a construction, which is based on a concrete slab, then before starting work it is necessary to select a site where the soil is compacted and then filled with rubble.The surface of the latter must also be leveled and compacted.

The prepared area is poured with concrete solution, which is mixed from cement and sand in a ratio of 1 to 4. Before you start pouring concrete solution onto the prepared base, you need to install pipes or sections of channels, they are fixed so that they form a right angle with the surface.

Between the exposed blanks the distance must be maintained within 5 cm. If you decide to make such a profilegib by hand with your own hands, you need to prepare the drawings in advance, and after the completion of the work, after 3 days, the device can be used. It is very convenient that this design can be used to bend stainless steel blanks.

Method of work

Quite often today, homemade craftsmen use manual profileb. With your own hands how to make such a setup, you can understand if you read the article. For work you will need more cement mortar and thick pieces of pipe, the diameter of which can be equal to the limit from 60 to 110 mm. Channels can be used, they are excellent for this.

Cement pad is arranged on the ground, where the trim tubes are installed. They must be installed vertically in the rubble. The maximum distance between the elements should be about 0.5 m. The site should be filled with cement, but the pipes should remain in a strictly vertical position. The solution should be left to dry for several days. In order to prevent the occurrence of cracks, collapse and swelling, the pipe must be filled with quartz sand before heating. Before this, one end is closed with a wooden stopper. The length should be equal to two pipe diameters. Taper can be 1 to 1000 or 1 to 2500.

A bit of sand is poured into the pipe section, and then heated to a dark red color. As soon as the cooling is achieved, the sand is filled up completely, and the master should pay attention to the pipe walls. The pipe should be located vertically, it is necessary to pour sand into it. At the same time, it is important to observe the rule that says: after each portion, it is necessary to raise the pipe and tap it with a hammer. These actions are performed until the voids are filled.You can check their presence or absence by tapping a pipe. If you hear an empty sound, then there is space left inside. The sand should not reach the top of the pipe for the length of the diameter. A cork is plugged on top, but first you need to make a few holes for the gases to escape. Using chalk, you can put a mark on the pipe to the place where the greatest bending should be done.

Specialist recommendations

If you decide to make a profilebib pipe bender with your own hands, then it is necessary to choose the dimensions of the frame parts correctly so that they fit the bending force, otherwise the profilebib will bend itself. The bed can be made of structural steel. Parts will be made of metal, the thickness of which should be equal to 1/6 of the diameter of the bent pipe. For example, if you have to work with a 35-mm pipe, then the metal of the bed should not be thicker than 6 mm, otherwise stress concentration will go to weak points.

If you are thinking about the question of how to make profilegib with your own hands, then you should remember that the thickness of the base plate should be twice as large.The diameter of the rollers must be selected taking into account the diameter of the pipe for bending using rolled. In all other cases, you must be guided by the permissible bending radius. The bed will be welded from the corner, the shelves of which should have dimensions equal to three pipe diameters. As for the channel, the size of its shelf should be two diameters or more. For a 35 mm pipe, the bed must be made of a corner with dimensions of 100 x 6 mm, this value is the limit. If manual profileib with your own hands will be made of a channel, then its dimensions should be equal to 70 x 6 mm.

Alternative solution

Profilebib can have a frontal design, in this case it is necessary to prepare:

  • drive chain;
  • three rollers;
  • the axis of rotation of the mechanism for actuating the elements;
  • metal profiles.

The rollers will serve as shafts, which is why they must be made of metal. The frame of the device is formed from a metal profile. Before you make a profilebib your own hands, the drawings must be prepared. Sometimes for carrying out such works rollers from polyurethane or wood are used.When choosing such materials, you should take into account that they have not very high strength, therefore, when bending the pipe, they will undergo deformation. In this case, the working elements of the device may not withstand the load and fail prematurely.

Do-it-yourself profilegib, drawings, the size of which you can choose yourself, sometimes made from a conventional jack. In this case, the design will require the presence of springs, metal profile, drive chain and other structural elements. When bending the pipe on such a device, it is necessary to lay it on the side rollers, while the third roller will fall on top of it, creating a force. To achieve the goal you need to scroll the handle, which will drive the equipment chain and shafts.


The dimensions of the profilebib, which you can make with your own hands, can be seen in the drawing presented in the article. However, it is important to observe more and technology. It provides for the creation of a strong frame, its elements should be connected with bolts and welding.

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