How to make a drywall arch

The use of arches in the interior

Replacing ordinary interior doors with arches is a fairly common phenomenon. The use of such a technique in interior design allows you to create a luxurious atmosphere in the apartment, and with the proper use of a color palette, you can significantly increase the space in a narrow room. Many of us believe that the arch is designed to divide rooms, but this is not at all the case. This interior element is a suitable solution for combining rooms with the same theme and design to make an arch with your own hands

How to make an arch: the selection of material

The arch can be made of plaster tiles, and then covered with wallpaper. In addition to this option, you can use a decorative stone for decoration, which is able to give the building volume and adds solidity to it. The most advantageous design would be if the room contains in its design a composition of brick or stone. If the owner has a creative beginning and patience, you can choose another way - to finish the arch with a mosaic.This process is very laborious and takes a lot of time, but the result will be excellent. Exclusive design will be appreciated by guests. Before you make an arch, pay attention to the drywall. This material is most common in this area of ​​repair. Before you use drywall, you need to carefully think about the place of connection to obtain an even bend.make an arch with your own hands

How to make an arch of drywall?

After the acquisition of the necessary material, you can begin making the arch. To begin with, a place is prepared for its fastening using a special profile. It is mounted with screws or dowels. For this end holes are drilled, and fasteners are arranged in them, strengthening the profile in the opening. Then the dimensions of the arch are determined and transferred to a sheet of drywall. It should consist of a rectangular strip and several semicircles, which are made in two copies. The dimensions of the structure depend on the opening in which it will be installed. The elements are cut using an electric jigsaw or a special knife. The width of the strip should be slightly larger than the size of the door to make an arch

Installation design

It may seem to many that it is not so simple to make an arch with your own hands, but you should try, even if the first attempt is not successful. After this experiment, the owner of the house will get experience in this area and learn how to decorate the room on their own. Before you make an arch, you must give flexibility to the structural elements by wetting them with a wet cloth. Such a procedure will simplify their attachment to the profile and allow them to bend in the right places. The finished part is applied to the product frame and is installed using screws at a distance of fifteen centimeters from each other. The final stage of the work will be the processing of the finished arch perforated area for each edge, the coating of joints with reinforcing tape and puttying the surface. After reviewing how to make an arch with your own hands, do not forget about its design. For this you need to show maximum imagination and originality.

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