How to lose weight in a week? How to lose weight in a week: exercises, reviews

In our time, looking fit is not just a fad. Health, athletic build, positive attitude - the key to success not only in social life and career, but also in personal relationships. Who is faster promoted to the post - a successful and fit or flabby mattress? Who would be more pleasant partner at a party or reception - fat man with shortness of breath or an athlete? Decide for yourself. Next, we analyze how it is possible to take the path of improving the figure.

How to lose weight in a week

You say it is unreal. And you will be right, but only in part. The question is how many extra pounds you need to lose. In addition, if this is only the beginning of the journey and 2-3 kg will go away in a week, this, you see, is also an amazing result.

Only it will not be easy. You will have to change some habits, rework your daily routine, regimen and diet.However, the goal deserves it! If you are ready, then read on - and you will learn techniques to lose weight in a week, reviews of people and some exercises.

If you want to make your dream or desire come true, you need a plan of action. It will depend on him the speed of achieving the result. Here you will help checklist. This is a list in which we tick off or delete it after the item is executed. Next, consider the components of this list.

Item 1. Oddly enough, rest

No matter how you twist, but for good health and appearance you need to go to bed in time. At least occasionally. Energy, alcohol and other stimulants can help withstand the crazy rhythm of the metropolis, but they also harm the body. If possible, try to rest at night for at least 8 hours. And the best relaxation in total darkness (curtains help here) and silence.

Item 2. Drinking Balance

Also for a good speed of losing weight you need a sufficient amount of water. It is believed that the average person needs to drink 8-10 glasses a day (2-2.5 liters). Tea, fresh, herbal drinks also belong here. But they should not add sugar. These are extra calories, and they will be extra for us.

Fluid should be consumed evenly throughout the day, and not one liter at a time. In the latter case, most will not benefit, but simply come out.

Reduce the amount of alcohol, coffee and cigarettes. These factors contribute to the removal of water from the body. In addition, alcohol is very high in calories, and with it it is impossible to understand how to lose weight in a week.

Item 3. Power

In your usual diet, add fresh vegetables and fruits, some cereals (buckwheat, pearl barley), legumes (beans, peas, lentils), lean meat and fish. Try to make the dishes colorful and varied. If you feel that you are quickly tired and have little energy, you may need to add a vitamin-mineral complex to your food.

For those who like to understand deeper: increase the amount of protein and fiber in your daily diet. This will preserve satiety and activity for a long time.

how to lose weight in a week

Item 4. Activity during the day

No less important factor that affects the harmony and well-being, is the dynamics of our day. If all movements are reduced to a walk from the refrigerator to the couch, the way to work goes along the route elevator - auto (public transport) - elevator - office, which means you most likely have hypodynamia - lack of sufficient physical activity during the day. That is, you move a little.Leaving this factor unchanged, you will not know how to lose weight in a week, and even more precisely you will not achieve the goal.

How to get out of the situation? Very simple - start your morning or evening walks. Perhaps, jogging will turn out, slowly. At the beginning of the day, such a load will help to tune in to an energetic rhythm, and in the end - to relax the body after routine stresses.

In addition, you can get out of transport or park in a couple of blocks from work and walk. Sometimes it turns out to do without an elevator. Not constantly and definitely not before an important meeting. Sweaty and breathless you will not make a good impression in the office. Only if you have time and do not hurry anywhere!

Point 5. How to lose weight in a week: exercise

The next step is one of the necessities that causes the greatest resistance. There are various reasons and excuses, but basically they contain laziness. Yes, everything is simple. I decided to become handsome - do it, doubt it - buy a beer and download an interesting series. The choice is quite simple: either yes or no. And that's it!

Next, we present a set of exercises that will help to get a stunning appearance, tone and fit with the least effort.No one says it will be easy, but these exercises are easier than others and do not require you to visit the gym. That is, you can do them at home, giving them only 10-15 minutes a day. Regular classes will help you learn the answer to the question of how to remove excess weight.

Think, when it is more convenient for you to devote yourself this time. Ask your family to not distract, turn on your favorite music.

You need to tune in and warm up a little. You can walk around the room, making energetic arms with your arms, like at school on physical education. Next, stretch your hands ("We wrote, we wrote, our fingers are tired" - remember?) And neck. Jump up a couple of times, and after a few seconds do circular rotations with your feet, lunges straight and to the sides for stretching the legs.

Very simple, amateur warm-up, but it is comfortable and reaches its goal.
We proceed directly to the training. It is important to understand that the described complex is the ideal to which we will strive. First, do all the exercises once. Daily add the load - and in a month or two you will be able to make the complex completely.

If you are in a hurry and you need to know how to lose weight in a week, then start carefully: with 3 repetitions per day of each type. If there is no pain, add another 2 reps to the next workout.Only felt fatigue, discomfort, it became difficult to do, immediately stop! The next day, the muscles ache - take a break, if everything is in order - we repeat the number of times with which we felt comfortable. And we fix it.

Set of exercises

1. For warm-up and a mood for active work, we recommend starting with burpi (burpi, Burpee). This is an amazing load on most muscles. Reviews trainers claim that it gives a wonderful effect with regular performance. Over time doing 10 repetitions.

Starting position - standing, with arms down. You can think about yourself or out loud. It helps to focus. So, once again, we squat vigorously, touching the floor with our palms; two - with a jump we put our legs back, moving to the position for push-ups lying down; three - wring out once; four - jump back to the squat; Five - we jump upward, at the same time we clap our hands above our head. Take a close look at the diagram below, and this exercise will become simple and straightforward.
how to remove excess weight

2. Next, do 20 squats. There is nothing complicated, we repeat, as in the figure. It is important to try to sit lower, spreading your knees slightly apart. This will tighten and strengthen the buttocks.The girls say that this exercise is very effective.

how to lose weight in a week

3. Next, 30 pushups from the floor. At first it will be easier for girls to do push-ups from their knees, as shown in the figure. After that, if you wish, you can go to the classic position. Triceps are weak, so we are not zealous yet. Remember that it is written above - the first training is once every exercise. Many after class say that you should be extremely careful. Even if it seems that there is still strength, you need to be able to stop on time.
lose weight weekly reviews
4. 40 times do the torso rises to the press, as in the diagram. Here it is especially necessary to be cautious, as for many the press is weak. Add the number of approaches gradually! Judging by the reviews, the stretched muscles of this area make people walk crooked and cause terrible discomfort, which is completely unacceptable in a working atmosphere.
 how to lose weight in a week of exercise5. 1 minute keep the bar. Here you should start with 10 seconds, you can add 5 daily until it is hard. If you have reached a minute and you do not feel a strong load, that's fine. But do not increase more time.

The younger generation and excess weight

How to lose weight a teenager in a week? Teenagers are asking this question when the summer is coming or the relationship is getting underway. The age is interesting - new opportunities are opening up, everything is needed, parents do not understand ...

how to lose weight in a week

What to do? And everything is simple - implement what is written above. Just add more protein and vitamins with minerals to your diet. Avoid alcohol and do not lean on soda. Dilute your daily activity by walking with friends in reality, not online. As they say young people who try to adhere to these rules, it is not only useful for the figure, but also much more fun and interesting.

That's all, in short. In this article we figured out how to lose weight in a week. But it is important to remember that in this case haste is equivalent to defeat. Only a methodical approach, daily exercise and the right diet will give cool long-term results.

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