How to keep weight?

There is not a single woman in the world who, at leasttime did not sit on a diet. It is peculiar to the female sex to be dissatisfied with her appearance. All the ladies want to become thin. And when they become thin, they begin to want ... to be ... even thinner! But let's stop in deriding the feminine desire for leanness, it's not so bad on the background of serious social problems. But do it with the mind. If a woman, having turned off her brain, starts to lose weight sharply, refusing absolutely vital products, she can easily undermine her immunity, seriously damage the proper metabolism, completely bring down the hormonal background and the endocrine system. Such thoughtless pursuits end with one thing: after a diet, weight does not just return, but it also increases in comparison with the original one. And here there is absolutely natural question how to keep weight after a diet.

Why Weight Returns

Everything is very simple. Our body is endowed with many systems of self-regulation. When you do not give him food in full volume, he begins to limit the body in motion, in active life, launching different mechanisms. You may get dizzy (the body does not want active movements so as not to consume excess energy), there may be weakness for the same reason. Being in such stress, the body is slightly rebuilt, but as soon as the diet is over, he immediately rubs joyfully his palms and starts to put food aside, suddenly tomorrow you again want to put him on a diet? And he will have several kilograms of fat as NZ. Now this NZ becomes your new problem, and you think how to keep your weight, how to deceive the body? There are ways, I will repeat, but to fulfill them you need the work of the brain, that is, a sensible approach.

How to lose weight

That there were no questions, how to keep weight afterdiet, we must build the diet itself so that the body does not perceive it as stress. Begin to gradually limit yourself in the amount of food, in certain products, gradually bringing these parameters into line. Yes, the entire diet can then go not 3 weeks, as advertised, but six months, a year. But in this case, the diet will benefit you and seriously improve your health. And this is very important! So, remember that doctors recommend losing weight at 1.5 kg per month and no more. If you lose weight sharply (by 10 kg or more) in the abdominal area, if it is not supported by physical exercises, the internal organs may fall. Previously, they were lying on a fat pad, and after a diet they have nothing left to do but fall down to 15cm! And this is very painful.

What is

Want, consider it a diet, want, healthynutrition, but it's best to start by reviewing your diet. Start eating more vegetables, stewed, boiled, steamed, fresh, etc. Only not salted and not fried! Exclude sweets, pastries, all fried, salted, smoked, fatty. And no fast food. Yes, I have to go to the store and buy natural products there. And then get up to the stove and start learning to cook delicious. Eat more fruit, instead of delicacies eat dried fruits. You can eat without restriction of sour-milk products, little by little nuts and seeds are allowed. And less potatoes and pasta. Believe me, this is not a diet at all, because there is practically everything possible, just to reduce something, but to increase something. After all, the ban on sweets does not mean that at the birthday you can not eat a piece of cake, just do not do it daily with respect to the whole cake! Or potatoes - put it in the soup, only reduce the volume by half. If you start to gradually switch to such food, then you will like it, it will become your lifestyle. And no pounds that can return, you are not afraid.

Move more

Very good advice how to keep weight - startmove more. I understand that it is difficult to force yourself to work after work, press a press or run around the house. And this is not necessary. Try to walk in the park in the evening, it's better not to run, but at a slow pace. Remember how the ballerinas at the machine work - the main requirement for their movements is the very slow implementation of them. This makes the muscles strong and hardy, strengthens the whole body, helps the work of the heart. Therefore, walk slowly, consider the surrounding nature, communicate with people. And if you go to fitness or to the pool, then sincere delight and recognition of others!


To understand how to keep weight after losing weight, you can,but it is so difficult to implement restrictive recommendations. Here's a permissive recommendation: eat! But only useful products and always for breakfast. Whims, that you can not swallow anything in the morning, are not accepted. Get up early for 20 minutes, drink a mug of water, this will make the stomach start to work. Go to the shower, make coffee, finally waking up the body will already just require a delicious breakfast. The breakfast rule is sour-milk products, fresh eggs, oatmeal (sir!), And all this little by little, so that the total breakfast weight does not exceed 150 g. You can drink all this with a weak coffee or tea, and your weight will never increase, because lunch you do not much want, and dinner can disappear altogether.

Short rules of an exit from a diet

Drink more, more than 2 liters per day, it reducesappetite. Eat more fish, meat, chicken, vegetables, and no pasta! Always for a snack, keep a banana or apple in your bag. For dinner - vegetable salad, tasty yogurt. Eat for the last time 4 hours before bedtime. No spirits, only dry wine in reasonable quantities. Eat slowly, chew your food well. Be sure to help the body with the intake of vitamins.

If you follow these rules, you will never gain extra pounds after a diet, on the contrary, continue to lose weight and will remain very beautiful!

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