How to grow apple trees?

Specialists-gardeners claim that to grow fromthe seed of a fruit tree is a very complicated process. After all, no one can say how much this or that seed is capable of sprouting. How to grow an apple tree if the process resembles a cat in a poke: the shell is there, but what is inside is not known. In the environment of gardeners, there are cases when, out of the carelessly thrown out stub, a wild rose with tasty fruit has grown up, and then, turning into a tree, yielded fruits completely unlike those of which the seed turned out to be a plant.

Unpredictable result

This is the main risk of growingapples from the seed: it is impossible to predict in advance what kind of fruit will be to taste and whether they will even have any worthy taste. Moreover, these experimental apples will not be able to taste until a few years later. In addition, the trees from the seeds themselves grow tall, because they were not originally planted on a dwarfish rootstock, unlike cultivated apple trees. For care this is extremely inconvenient. More information about caring for apple trees can be read here: "Which apple tree should I plant?"

If all of the above did not stop you huntinggive a few years of life to an invaluable experience in growing a tree from a seed, and you are still interested in how to grow an apple from a bone, follow our recommendations. After all, even in case of failure, ready annual plants can be successfully used as a stock, to which a varietal apple tree will be inoculated. Maybe this experience will end with unusually tasty large apples? About how to grow just such a tree, you can read here - "How to crop an apple tree?".

We stratify

Seeds of apple, in contrast to the seed of cucumbers ortomatoes, with great difficulty arise without special preparation. It will take a lot of effort to achieve good germination. But about everything in order.

  • First, we can rinse well the mature brown seeds that we removed from the apple, in running water. So we can remove the substance that inhibits their germination.
  • Soak the seeds for three days in the water, replacing it every day. On the last day, add the "Epin" stimulant to the liquid.
  • Then the seeds undergo stratification, that ishardening in the refrigerator. To do this, fill the appropriate container with wet sand or sawdust, put there a couple of months of seeds and put them in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. From time to time, check to see if the sand has become covered with mold, if it is dry or if sprouts have appeared.
  • There is another way that is successfulused the servants of the Valaam Monastery: after washing, they immediately put the stone in the ground long before the end of the summer. By winter, the grain had time to swell, and during the winter the necessary stages of hardening passed, releasing green sprouts already in the warm spring.

Planting a seed in the ground

After the apple seeds have germinated ina refrigerator, we will land them in boxes, in which the drainage was poured into the bottom in advance, and the nutrient soil mix was laid on top. Ready boxes are put on a well-lit window sill. Because it takes 60 to 90 days to prepare the seeds of house apples, begin stratification in early January. Sprouted seedlings are planted in the open ground and watered in hot weather.

Then it will not be very difficult to find out the wild game: at an early stage it has a bright green color of leaves and thin spines on short shoots. These seedlings are best removed beforehand so as not to waste their time on leaving. Young plants, of which then a good apple will turn out, are distinguished by the absence of thorns, their buds are symmetrically located, the stalk is thick with large leaves.

It will be easier to grow an apple tree if it is closer tocold, you will extract young seedlings from the ground and transplant them into tall pots or boxes. So you will provide enough space for the central root for growth. A year later, the grown trees are again planted in the open ground on a new bed, while tucking the main root at an angle of 90 degrees.

Now you know how to grow an apple from a seed. It remains to be reserved for patience, not to be upset by failure and to believe in the best. We recommend planting a few seeds, so that in the process of growth it is possible to cull weak plants, leaving the strongest. Perhaps one of the planted apple trees will bring sour small fruits, and the other, on the contrary, will please tasty apples.

Other articles on how to grow an apple tree seedling, read here - "How to plant apple tree?".

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