How to get to Abkhazia? To Abkhazia by car, by plane, by train

You can get to Abkhazia by plane, car or train. In order to get there by train, you must follow to Adler. The distance from it to Abkhazia is approximately 8 km. If there are no traffic jams, it is only 10 minutes to get to the border from Adler's train station. If there are no more than 15 from the airport, how can other transport get to Abkhazia? In any case, initially it is necessary to get to Adler, which serves as a starting point for any means of transportation: buses, minibuses, taxis, catamarans.

How to get by train

One train travels to Abkhazia - No. 305С Moscow-Sukhum (more precisely, Moscow-Adler with trailer cars to Sukhum). In order to use it, you need to be in Moscow, as he departs from there. Sent from the Kursk railway station, and the journey time will be almost two days - 42 hours and 51 minutes.

The route schedule depends on the season: the train to Abkhazia Moscow - Adler travels in the summer every day, in the winter - every other day or once every 3-4 days (depending on the winter months).The special mode, you must first know the schedule. This is especially true of winter time and holidays. The train costs 1 hour in Adler, after which it moves with additional trailer cars Adler - Sukhum. First stop is Fun. The time of parking of trailers is half an hour, the journey itself is 4 hours. Customs control is carried out on the spot, it is not necessary to leave the cars. The second inspection and verification will be at the station to get to abkhazia

The same train moves in the opposite direction (No. 306С Sukhum - Moscow). It departs from the city of Sukhum at 15.14, and the journey time will be 44 hours and 6 minutes.

Trains No. 305С and 306С follow with stops through Lazarevskoye, Sochi, Adler, Gudauta, Tuapse, Loo, Khost, Gagra and New Athos.


At present, route taxis do not go directly to Abkhazia, they run only to the border, but from the station itself. Can be reached with a transfer. The parking is located on the Central Market in Adler, and from there the second shuttle bus can reach the Cossack Market, which is located next to the checkpoint.

Moscow - Abkhazia: how to get by bus

You can get there by regular buses from Moscow, Nalchik, Krasnodar, Sochi, Krymsk, Volgograd.Buses run daily, passing through the border in half an hour. Skipped out of turn. Passport control is passed on the bridge, separately from the rest of the transport. Today it is the fastest way to get to Abkhazia. Bus Moscow - Sukhum - Moscow runs from the subway Krasnogvardeyskaya. Travel time is 31 hours.

Suburban train

 machine to abkhazia

How to get to Abkhazia yet? Train Adler - Sukhum. She stops to check passport control twice. On Psou and directly in Abkhazia itself. Stops to check - just half an hour. The train runs daily and stops on the way to Vesely, Gagra, Musseur, Gudauta, Gandiati, Bzyb, Zvandrishpe, Novy Afon.


How to get to Abkhazia by sea? There is such an option. To do this, you can use the catamaran "Sochi-2", which operates flights on odd numbers in Gagra from Sochi. Travel time is one and a half hours. On even numbers, it is sent along the route Adler - Gagra. Works from May to October. Tickets can be purchased in Sochi with a passport.

Abkhazia: how to get there by plane

There is a direct flight to Abkhazia for this, but it is not yet possible, since Babushara - the Sukhumi airport - has not yet opened and can only take flights within the country.

There are direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Sochi (Adler Airport). Upon arrival you can take a taxi, which takes you to the border, the cost is up to 500 rubles. You can also use other types of transport - route taxi, catamaran, trailer cars to the direct train.

 abkhazia how to get by planeOn the Russian side pass the mandatory passport control, which again must pass on the Abkhaz side. In this case there is a mandatory payment of insurance in the amount of 250 rubles. After the border, all transport stops at the station, from where you can get a ticket where you need.

How to get by car

If you take a car to Abkhazia, in any case, you first need to get to Adler, and then follow to the station Veseloe, which is adjacent to the border - only 9 km. Most often there are long lines of cars, so you can immediately tune in for a long wait, at least a few hours. To travel to Abkhazia, you must have a registration certificate, passport and driver's license.

If the trip is made not on its own transport, a general power of attorney will be required, which must be notarized.A separate item in it must indicate permission to travel outside the Russian Federation. Cars at customs are inspected separately.

On the Abkhaz side, in the border control area, the car must be registered with the traffic police of Abkhazia. For this, a customs fee is paid, which will depend on the type of car. Freight - 300 rubles., Passenger - 150 rubles.

When a driver enters Abkhazia, he must fill out the customs declaration of a special form during a search at the customs. It will be a confirmation of the period of stay in the country. It indicates the date of entry. Registration itself and its payment are made at the Psou checkpoint. After registration, the driver is issued a receipt with a seal, it is called “Interim Accounting”.train to abkhazia

Where to buy a train ticket

You can buy a ticket to Abazia in the direction of Moscow - Sukhum at the ticket offices for long-distance trains, as well as at self-service terminals located in Russia. Travel documents are also available via the Internet.

On the territory of Abkhazia, tickets can be purchased both through the Network and in the city of Gagra. Ticket offices are located on the streets of Abazgaa, Vokzalnaya, Demerdzhipa, Shamba. InSukhum: on the streets of Dizariya, Mira, abkhazia how to get

In order to purchase a ticket to the wagons to Sukhum, which cling to the train in Adler, you need to buy a ticket to the station. Cheerful. And from there - to the desired station in Abkhazia. For this there are traveling cashiers with cash registers. Payment in trailers can be made directly in the train.

All information on how to get to Abkhaziaany train, on the schedule and cost of tickets, you can get on the website of the Russian Railways at any time. For convenience, an auto operator is provided.

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