How to get purple color? Methods of mixing colors to create different shades

Have you ever thought about how professional artists work with different colors, creating paintings? Do they stock up with all possible shades of colors for their works? Of course not. As a rule, they have several basic colors in their arsenal and with the help of an entertaining science - coloristics - they get hundreds of desired shades.

Purple in the color picker

This article is devoted to purple color, the latest in the rainbow.How to get purple colorIt is not basic in the palette. The main colors are blue, yellow and red. What does it mean? By mixing them you can get a huge variety of colors and their shades. It is worth mentioning two more colors. It is black and white. They cannot be obtained by mixing. So in fact, artists use five colors to create their magnificent masterpieces - these are the three basic colors plus black and white.

A bit of history

Violet color (it is purple) is considered cold and deep tone.How to get purple paintIts history is interesting and shrouded in mystery. Violet has always been considered mystical and "royal" color.

In Byzantium, the purple color was called blattion and was considered imperial. Violet was very often used in the stained glass windows of cathedrals in medieval times. Purple smalts can be found in Byzantine mosaics in Ravenna.

In Russia, purple bore the name of the yubagr. And in England in the second half of the 16th century, only members of the royal family or the ruling persons had the right to wear purple fabric.

Purple has a special meaning in Christianity. He personifies the seventh day of the creation of light and is considered the day of rest. That is the spiritual meaning of this color.

In Christian Catholics, the traditional dress of the clergy is a sutan - this is a split dress to the floor. Only bishops can wear such violet attire, for simple clerics it is forbidden.

How to get purple color? The easiest way

Color is a very entertaining and interesting science. All children like to watch, as if by magic, two or three colors form a completely different, fourth one. It really looks like a mystic.

For example, in order to get brown, on the palette you need to mix blue, red and yellow.

For orange - red and yellow, green - yellow and blue.

But how to get purple? You need to mix only two colors - red and blue.How to get purple gouacheThe depth and brightness of the resulting magenta will depend on a number of indicators:

  • tones of source colors;
  • quantities of one or another paint, their proportion.

How to get different shades of purple?

But after all, artists are not satisfied with only a shade of purple when writing their paintings. It would then be not art, not magic. Yes, they can create dozens of different tones of this mysterious color.How to get mastic purple

How to get a dark purple color?

There are two ways.

  1. Add a few drops of black to red.
  2. Mix red and blue by adding more of the latter, and also adjust the intensity by adding black. It turns out very dark, muffled, but it is purple.

How to get a purple tint?

It is necessary when mixing red and blue colors, put more red. If the proportion is more blue, then purple will be more vivid and pronounced.

How to get a light purple shade?

Need to mix on a palette of pink and blue paint.

How to make the resulting color lighter?

In this case, you just need to add to the mass of white.How to get a dark purple color

Features of work with gouache and watercolor

The above methods are ideal if you ask the question: "How to get purple color with gouache?". This type of paint is thick and well pigmented, the artist will not have problems with adjusting the intensity of color. But there is one underwater stone, which you should not forget: when drying, gouache brightens by several tones. This is always worth remembering, getting the desired purple hue.

In something easier, but in something more difficult to work with watercolors. It has not such saturated texture, as the same gouache. How to get purple paint and desired shades with watercolor?

The ways of working are absolutely the same. But if there is no white, then the pallor or saturation of the desired shade should be adjusted already with the help of water (diluting the paint with it). And, of course, it is absolutely clear that watercolors do not achieve the same color saturation as from gouache.

Methods for staining mastic in purple

Purple masticPastry chefs often paint mastic when cooking their delicious masterpieces. And just like artists, it is not necessary for them to have all the shades and colors of dyes in their arsenal. To answer the question: "How to get the purple color of mastic?", You need to determine - how did this delicious "clay" fall into the hands of a master?

If the mastic is self-made, then there is nothing easier than adding two dyes, blue and red, to the liquid mass in the process of its preparation. They can be either dry or gel type.

If the mastic is purchased and white, then the easiest way is to first paint the two balls in different colors - red and blue. And only after that mix them in different proportions, resulting in the desired shade.

The impact of purple on humans

There is such a science - chromotherapy. She studies the effect of different colors on the human condition. So violet has a very beneficial effect on almost all organs and senses.The effect of purple on humans

  1. Contributes to a more vigorous production of priceless hormones of joy - endorphins.
  2. Rejuvenates
  3. It has a calming effect on insomnia and migraines.
  4. It has a tonic effect on the pituitary and eyes.
  5. Increases immunity.

But you need to use this color wisely, without overloading your space with it. In excess, violet can lead to melancholy.

Now you know how to get a purple color. You know how it affects the human body and can successfully apply this knowledge in practice, be it a color treatment or a confectionery or artistic masterpiece. So multifaceted, from pale purple to almost black, this color personifies everything sensual, mysterious and mysterious.

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