How to fix a sick leave?

The sick leave is an official document,confirming your temporary incapacity for work due to illness. When filling it, you must use special rules. Many people may be interested in whether it is possible to correct an error in the hospital sheet, if such was allowed. In addition, he is interested in how to do this, as well as who can help in this.

About the sick leave sheet

From July 1, 2011, the form of the sick leave sheet washas been slightly changed by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia. This was done in order to reduce the possibility of forgery of the sick leave sheet.

The new hospital sheet is slightly different fromold, therefore, it is necessary to make changes to the new sheet according to the new rules. The new sheet consists of three sections, of which the first and third are filled in the medical institution (the third section is detachable), and the second one is filled by the employer. On the reverse side, where previously information about the patient was also posted, the instruction for the correct filling of the sick-list is now written.


There are new rules, how to fixsick leave. According to them, the medical institution, i.e. a doctor who issues a sick leave has no right to make mistakes when filling out a sick leave sheet. It should be rewritten until it is filled 100% correctly.

The employer, in turn, makes mistakesmaybe, but their admissible number has nowhere been statistically fixed. It is also important to know that now the hospital sheet must be signed not only by the accountant, but also by the head of the organization where the sick employee is working. If, at the enterprise, the position of an accountant and a manager is combined by one person, then he must duplicate his signature twice.

Also, a sick leave sheet filled with a ballpoint pen is considered invalid. It should be filled only with a gel or capillary handle of exclusively black color.

Calculation of the benefit, which was previously placed on the back of the form of the sick leave, is now attached to a document on temporary disability.

An example of how to fix a sick-list isTo look, having passed under the link, having come in section where it is spoken about filling of the sick-list. It is also possible to understand all the intricacies of filling a sick list, both by a doctor and by an employer company.

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