How to find a song by excerpt? The answer is!

Probably, in the life of every person a situation arose when he heard a melody or song that was pleasant to his hearing, but then he could not find it. And this is in the presence of a huge amount of information on the World Wide Web! What to do, according to the passage, heard in the transport, on a visit or in any other place where it is impossible to immediately recognize its name?

If part of the text is known

The first thing that is most reasonable to do in this case is to find out the name of the composition you like. To do this, you can recall some of the words heard in the song. Sometimes it is enough to know just two words from the chorus, then to find a song from a passage. In the case when the song sounds in a foreign language and the words are unknown, it is worth referring to the person who is nearby and ask about the composition being played.

how to find a song by passage

In most cases, this method also helps. But there are many other, much more effective than just asking random people in the hope that a music lover will fall and immediately give the name of the song they like. So how to find a song by passage?

Search by genre

Very effective is the way in which a piece of music is recorded on a dictaphone and subsequently, with more careful listening, the lyrics are recognized. The words of the chorus are especially significant in it, in many cases containing the name of the composition. As mentioned earlier, the search for the name of a song by passage may be very short if you only know a few words that were heard by chance anywhere. They can bring on the desired singer or singer.

search song title by excerpt

The search for songs by excerpt from the text sometimes turns into a daily hobby if a person is looking for new musical directions that caress his ear. If he is well versed in musical genres, he can try to find a song, discarding those genres that are not suitable, carefully selecting the groups of his favorite style. At first glance, such an idea may seem completely impractical, but you should not forget that while listening to a song you can determine the language in which it was sung, as well as the gender of the performer, and this is already a lot.

Use of programs

In some computer programs designed to play music, there is such a functionas an autocomplete tag that allows you to search for a song by passage, if there is a recording or a downloaded song, but not having a title. For example, this can be done using Winamp, which is a universal media player. To search for a song, just load it into the program, right-click and select the "file information" line, then click on "auto-complete tags". Another program is Magic MP3 Tagger. It is quite easy to use. Search for songs is performed after clicking on the "add mp3" button on the "File" tab.

Thus, in order to find a song, it is enough to have even a small excerpt recorded on a voice recorder.

Online services

One of the easiest ways is to use specialized web services that recognize music. But to use such sites, you must have a recorded song or its fragment. As a rule, a few seconds of a recorded melody are sufficient for recognition, because the database of such services contains a huge number of melodies of various musical genres. Therefore, before finding a song by passage, you should record it, if there is such an opportunity.

excerpt song search

On website, just download a fragment of a song from a computer, enter a verification code and wait for the result. A similar site is Midomi. Online services, as a rule, recognize audio recordings of various formats. Recognition can occur even if there is music only with video recording.

Some sites provide not only the melody recognized by the passage, but also pick up ones that are similar to it, since this bonus is quite pleasant for users.

Use of search engines

With the help of search services on the Internet, you can find anything, not to mention the musical composition. If a passage or a chorus word is known, the search will not be long. But in the case when the melody is hardly remembered even by ear, you will have to try hard to find it. A very funny way is to search by trying to play the rhythm of a song, expressed in symbolic form on some music forum.

find a song by passage

And the most interesting - there are such people who accurately guess the desired song! Search engines are good because the request can be made not in the language used by the singer, as search engines themselves translate all combinations of letters, if they are similar in writing to words of another language.

Songs sounded in various videos can be found in the description of them. If there is no such description, you should look at this video on other sites, see their description and ask in the comments about the song you like. Currently, thanks to the comments, the composition is often found.

Search in non-standard ways

Some services on the Internet provide a search service for a song by passage by tapping its rhythm on the keyboard. The Songtapper site serves just that purpose. By downloading and installing the free plugin, you can “beat out” the rhythm of the song using the space bar, after which you will be offered a choice of several songs. The service can also be trained by tapping a rhythm and entering the name of a famous melody.

The disadvantage of these services is that in this way you can find only the most famous songs. In addition, not everyone gets to “beat the rhythm” correctly, which is why the song remains unknown.

search for songs by excerpt text

People with music education can try to play an unfamiliar melody from memory, record the reproduced sound and check it on the online services that have already been mentioned. The most convenient way is to record the sound that is played using a synthesizer connected to a computer.This eliminates the presence of various kinds of noise that appear when recording on a simple microphone.

Search songs by record

Some gifted people, before finding a song by passage, are able to play a melody heard somewhere using a voice. Voice recording is also suitable for searching through various programs and services on the Internet, such as Tunatic. After downloading this program, you can find the song, having only a microphone and the Internet. If the recording is on the computer, you need to include a stereo mixer and a piece of music in another program. Otherwise, the "Titanic" will not "hear".

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