How to drink Martini Bianko?

Martini is a brand of the popular vermouth in the world. Vermouth Martini Bianco is a kind of aperitif, created from white wine with additives of spices and herbs. Martini Bianco has a delicate aroma of vanilla and a light touch of spice.

Martini Bianco is a symbol of beautiful and luxuriouslife. It is generally accepted that Martini Bianco is a drink for the beautiful half. But his elegant taste can be evaluated equally by ladies and gentlemen. After all, even the brutal James Bond prefers to drink Martini Bianco. How to drink it properly, what to serve and what you can mix - that's what our conversation is about.

Martini Bianco: rules of use

How to drink Martini Bianco depends only on taste preferences. Let's see why this is so.

  • To drink Martini Byakno it is possible both an independent drink, and in structure of a cocktail.
  • On etiquette it is accepted to serve vermouth Martini Biancoin a small glass of old-fashion with water or pieces of ice, adding a glass of lemon to the glass. But in modern bars and nightclubs, Martini is served in various glasses and glasses. For Martini Bianco use glasses for whiskey or special glasses for martini.
  • Martini Bianco should be drunk chilled. Martini Bianco can be drunk with the addition of ice slices or frozen berries and fruits, they further diversify the taste of the drink.
  • Drink Martini Bianco needs small sips, enjoying the taste of the drink.
  • You can drink Martini with juice (cherry orgrapefruit), then the drink does not immediately hit the head. Recipes of cocktails containing Martini Bianco, a lot, they are easy to find in the cookbook. It's even easier to invent an original cocktail recipe based on Martini Bianco and to amaze your friends with your fiction. You can drink Martini Bianco with vodka, rum, gin and sweet liqueurs. The main condition of a good cocktail is not to overdo it, otherwise you can lose the exquisite aroma of the vermouth itself. Martini Bianca, how to drink and what to mix with - your choice, the main thing - a measure.
  • Another issue that excites fansexquisite drinks - is it worth it to eat Martini Bianco? It's worth the bite. To Martini Bianco, you can serve salty crackers, nuts, light snacks, a variety of cheeses and olives.

Thus, it can be concluded thatto drink properly Martini Bianco: small sips, chilled. And in what combinations and how to decorate a cocktail, you decide only. Feel free to surrender to your imagination and experiment.

Daily use 50 ml of Martini Biancowill have a beneficial effect on the work of the stomach, relieve chronic fatigue and increase intellectual activity. The main thing is not to overdo it and stick to the norms.

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