How to draw a Fairy Tail?

In the article a step-by-step instruction is presented,how to draw Zerefa and Juvia - the characters of the anime "Tail of the Fairies". For drawing, you need a simple pencil, colored pencils and a sheet of paper (landscape).

How to draw Zerefa

To draw this character, follow these steps:

  1. Draw from the head. First, draw a shape of the egg - an oval withZerefpointed bottom edge. Divide it across a smooth arc - this is the line of the eyes. Along the oval it is necessary to divide the vertical straight line. When drawing a sketch, do not press hard on the pencil. Superfluous lines must be made barely noticeable, and then erased.
  2. Draw the disheveled long bangs of the character with jagged lines. At Zerefa in the front the locks almost close their eyes, and along the edges of the face they reach the middle of the cheekbones.
  3. Finish decorating the head with shaggy hair. In the figure, the character can see the left ear. Draw it with an arc just below the eye line.
  4. Draw almond-shaped eyes and immediately above themfrowned brows of the character. The nose is performed by several lines: a small arc is indicated and two points on both sides of it are the nostrils. Mouth image with tightly closed lips in the form of a brace, also specify a tight chin.
  5. Draw the neck of Zerefa and his tall collar-stand with slightly bent edges.
  6. Look at the picture as a whole, correct the errors. Erase excess lines and paint the picture. Mark the shadows in gray pencil.

Everything, the picture is ready. Proceed to work on the image of Juvia.

How to draw Juvia

To draw this female character, do the following:

  1. Draw a small circle, and immediately beneath it is another, slightly flattenedJuviaup and down. This will be the head and chest of the future figure. Divide the sketch of the head with an auxiliary eye line, and both circles will intersect the vertical line.
  2. Draw a girl's hair. Two strands frame the face from two sides, the other teeth diverge in the sides.
  3. Draw with the help of straight lines and arcs the girl's headdress, it has a rectangular shape with two flaps. In the middle of the hat is a circle.
  4. Focus on the face: draw large almond-shaped eyes; The nose and mouth are portrayed in the same way as most anime characters, sketches. Make an acute chin.
  5. Proceed to draw the body of the heroine. Draw a thin neck and large breasts. The girl's clothes have a high collar, fitting neck, with a small incision in the middle.
  6. Vest at the breast level will be designed as a female bra.
  7. Hands are depicted tightly to the body, and the detachable sleeves of the blouse should extend to the middle of the shoulder. Just below the collar, draw a tie in the form of a circle with two ribbons.
  8. Erase excess and auxiliary lines, correct the picture. After that, execute it in color.

In this way, you can draw most of the characters in animated films, the main thing is to have patience and perseverance.

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