How to decorate a celebratory table for an anniversary

When you hold a celebrationon the occasion of your anniversary, you enter the role of mistress and must be ideal and hospitable. It is necessary to think in advance not only the evening menu, but also how your festive table will look for the anniversary. And this is very important.

Where to set the table

festive table for the anniversaryThe decoration of the festive table for the anniversary isa kind of passing the exam on the art of decoration and serving according to the rules of etiquette. However, following the generally accepted guidelines, do not forget about your personality. According to the etiquette, a festive table is placed in the middle of the room. But it is not necessary to strictly follow this rule. In the spring, when the nature comes to life, put the furniture closer to the window, and in winter, on the contrary, to the wall, in order to arrange a candlelight dinner in a dark room. Of course, it is possible, as was customary in Soviet times, to push the table to the sofa, but do not choose such an option as the only possible, even if you live in a small apartment.

We decorate the festive table for the anniversary

1. Tablecloth and napkins

holiday table for the anniversary photoTraditionally, for large celebrations choose whitetablecloth. You can move away from this rule and give preference to pastel tones, which look more refined and elegant. It is important that the quality of the fabric corresponds to the material of the dishes placed on the festive table.

On the anniversary, you can prepare a special decoration: Put transparent lace napkins over a plain cloth. The style in which the table is designed should convey the spirit of the event and take into account the composition of the guests. You can choose and traditional decoration, and avant-garde, but most importantly, to ensure that all the details of the table: tablecloth, dishes and cutlery - ideally suited to each other.

As for napkins, then you need to remember thatoriginal paper figures are good only in the case when the festive table is made in a modern style. On a classic traditional celebration, they will look vulgar. The best choice is linen napkins. They will create the impression of greater solemnity and elegance.

2. Flowers

You can decorate the festive table with flowers for the anniversary. Photos from such an event will be beautiful and original. After all, flowers give the celebration a special elegance. Just keep in mind that the bouquets should not obscure the faces of the guests. Therefore, choose low compositions. You can put bouquets in vases for fruit or in narrow transparent glasses on one rose. On the scale, flowers should be combined with a tablecloth or dishes. Instead of flowers you can also use bunches of autumn leaves or bunches of parsley. Encourage your imagination, taste, but remember that in any case you can not use artificial flowers. Better then without them at all.

3. Devices and utensils

decoration of the festive table for the anniversaryVariety festive table for the anniversary can be andwith utensils and cutlery. The main thing is to pick everything up so that the objects are in harmony with each other. If you choose avant-garde dishes, then discard the colored glasses in which you can not even discern the color of the wine. The best option - simple wine glasses from thin glass. They are easily combined with utensils of any style.

4. Final touch: cards showing the place

If you want to make a festive table for the highestclass, then as an additional decoration you can use cards with the names of guests. They must also be made in accordance with the decoration of the table. The ideal choice - cards written by hand on special white cartons with a thin gold or silver border.

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