How to cure bronchitis? Treatment of bronchitis with antibiotics and folk remedies

Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease of the bronchi, which is caused by a variety of reasons. The disease can be caused by a viral infection, bacteria, an atypical pathogen, as well as the result of chemical exposure and an allergic reaction. To determine how to cure bronchitis, the doctor must know exactly what caused it.

How to cure bronchitis

In most cases, bronchitis occurs as a complication of a viral disease. Because of this feature, therapy is carried out not with antibiotics, but with other drugs. In addition, it is dangerous to use antibiotics, as they are able to depress the immune system, preventing the body from fighting the disease itself.

When antibiotics are prescribed

Asking how to cure bronchitis, many believe that they can cope with this pathology on their own.However, in fact, the treatment of the disease is difficult and requires precise identification of the cause. People believe that if they take antibiotics, the disease will recede. If the disease is caused by bacteria, then it is cured, if another reason led to it, then the patient's condition worsens. Based on this, the use of antibiotic therapy is advisable only in cases where a bacterial infection has joined the infection and the body has not been able to cope with it for a month. Also, antibiotics are prescribed for the chronic form of the disease, for the atypical course and for frequent relapses.

It is worth noting that when making a diagnosis of "bronchitis" antibiotic treatment is not always carried out. Without a detailed examination and accurate identification of the cause of the disease, the treatment scheme is not determined.

Types of bronchitis

There are two forms of bronchitis - acute and chronic. Each of them has its own characteristics of the course and requires a certain treatment.

To cure bronchitis, like any other disease, you need to know what exactly led to the development of the disease, only after that you can pick up drugs.

Acute bronchitis

The acute form of bronchitis is an acute inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. It can be caused by a viral, bacterial infection. The main cause of the disease is ARVI. These may be influenza, adenovirus infection, PC viruses. If in two weeks the viral infection does not pass, then bacteria that cause complications join it.

Clinic of acute bronchitis

Most often, acute viral bronchitis occurs with ARVI, so the pathology clinic does not have any particular differences:

  • runny nose;
  • headache;
  • cough;
  • temperature 37.5;
  • sore throat, sore throat.

Bronchitis begins with dry cough, worse at night. Because of his sleep is disturbed. After a couple of days, the dry, unproductive cough disappears, there is a strong cough with sputum separation. All other clinical manifestations mentioned above also pass. Cough can last more than a week - in moderately uncomplicated acute bronchitis lasts up to two weeks.

How to cure bronchitis at home

Treatment methods for acute bronchitis

Many people wonder how to cure bronchitis, and whether it is possible to carry out therapy at home? Yes, the disease can be treated at home, but only if the bronchitis has no complications and proceeds in a mild degree. In other cases, hospitalization is indicated.

So what can cure bronchitis? If the diagnosis is made at an early stage, prior to the accession of a bacterial infection, antiviral drugs will be used for the treatment. These can be Reaferon, Anaferon, Grippferon, etc. The remedy is selected by the doctor based on the type of viral infection. For improved sputum discharge, expectorant drugs are prescribed. It can be such drugs as Ambroxol, Mukaltin, ACC, Bromhexin, inhalations with soda solution, mineral water.

In addition to medications, therapeutic gymnastics and massage are required. Antibiotics are not prescribed.

Clinic of chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is a consequence of the undertreated acute form. Most often the disease occurs after the flu or other acute respiratory viral infections. No less rare is chronic pathology caused by irritation of the bronchial mucosa by various physicochemical factors. This may be dust, hypothermia, smoking, chemicals.

In chronic bronchitis, the exacerbation stages are replaced by remission. The main criterion for establishing the diagnosis is a long persistent cough that lasts more than a month.It has some features:

  • coughing occurs during the warm season;
  • usually appears in the morning;
  • productive.

The general well-being of patients does not change. However, with the development of the disease cough progresses. He becomes paroxysmal, with the advent of purulent sputum. Patients note weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath.

Bronchitis in children, symptoms and treatment

Chronic treatment

Many wonder if it is possible to cure bronchitis at home. The answer is ambiguous, because a lot depends on what caused the disease, and how it manifests itself. An important role is played by the patient's age. Adults can treat pathology at home. The hospital provides treatment of bronchitis in children. The symptoms of pathology in them do not practically differ from the clinic manifestations of the disease in an adult. The main difference is that physical and chemical factors most often cause HB in children.

To get rid of the disease, it is recommended to observe bed rest, drink as much liquid as possible.

If bacteria are the cause of the disease, then bronchitis shots (broad-spectrum antibiotics), expectorant drugs, decoctions of medicinal plants in the form of teas are necessarily prescribed.It is shown to carry out inhalations with soda, salt solutions, mineral water. In some cases, bronchial lavage is indicated. After this procedure, the disease does not occur more than two years.

Antibiotics for bronchitis

Many are trying to learn how to cure bronchitis with antibiotics yourself. After such treatment, there are many complications, so do not try to self-treat. For therapy to be effective, only a doctor should prescribe it.

Adults as the therapeutic drugs offer the following groups of antibiotics:

  • cephalosporins;
  • aminopenicillins;
  • macrolides;
  • fluoroquinolones.

Each group has a special effect on microorganisms.

Is it possible to cure bronchitis at home?


This is the first group of antibiotics, which is able to destroy the cell membrane, causing the death of bacteria. Aminopennicillins are indicated for streptococcal, staphylococcal infections, and also for bronchitis caused by the majority of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

The peculiarity of these antibiotics is that they do not affect human bacteria. This is due to the peculiarities of their structure: pathogenic microorganisms have a special membrane structure, the “beneficial” organisms do not have a similar structure.Thus, aminopenicillins affect only pathogenic bacteria, without affecting normal cells.

One of the treatments for bronchitis is the use of penicillins. They are considered the most successful drugs to get rid of the disease, not only in adults. They are widely used for the treatment of bronchitis in children. The symptoms of the manifestation of the disease in the latter are similar to the clinic manifestations of the disease in adults.

The only drawback of using penicillins was an allergic reaction of the body and low efficiency in the presence of beta-lactamase in bacteria. In these cases, aminopenicillins are prescribed in a new generation. These can be Amoxiclav, Augumentin, Ecoclav and other drugs.


Drugs in this group will not allow microorganisms to multiply. This option allows you to choose the optimal drug for the treatment of chronic, prolonged form of the disease, with frequent relapses.

Such drugs as Erythromycin, Hemomitsin, Azithromycin are referred to macrolides. In this series, all drugs are obtained on the basis of "Erythromycin." He is the first-line drug.

What can cure bronchitis

Fluoroquinolide group

If a person does not tolerate antibiotics from the above groups, then he is prescribed a drug from the fluoroquinolone group. It includes medicines that have a wide range of effects on bacteria. When using these drugs, maintenance therapy is necessary to prevent the development of dysbacteriosis and mycosis.

For drugs in this group include:

  • "Ofloxacin";
  • Moxiflox;
  • "Ciprofolksatsin" and others.


This is a reserve group for the treatment of bronchitis and other ailments. Preparations from it are used only in those cases if the patient has an allergic reaction to all three of the above groups.

Cephalosporins have a peculiarity: they only affect breeding and developing bacteria, causing paralysis of the cell membrane. From this group, the doctor may prescribe: “Cefazolin”, “Cefixime”, “Ceftriaxone”, or another medication.

Folk treatment

Knowing how to cure bronchitis at home, you can safely proceed to therapy. However, it is necessary to apply only those methods that the doctor prescribes. If you wish to add some procedures in the form of traditional methods of treatment, you should consult with the doctor, and only after that apply them.

How to cure bronchitis with antibiotics

So how to cure bronchitis at home using folk remedies? For this purpose, the following is shown:

  • Give the patient a good sweat.
  • It is recommended that the patient drink three cups of decoction of one of the following herbs per day: sage, mint, oregano.
  • Ginger with honey, added to tea, has proven itself well.
  • Applying onion syrup will help out sputum. To prepare it, you need to take two medium onions, pour them with water, add a glass of sugar and cook over low heat for about an hour, until a viscous consistency (like that of a pharmaceutical syrup) is obtained. The resulting product is drunk throughout the day.
  • As a compress, you can do the following: the boiled potatoes are kneaded, three drops of iodine and a spoon of vegetable oil are added. Everything is well mixed. The composition applies to the chest at night. This tool can be used not only adults but also children.

Well helps with bronchitis birch sap, which is added burnt sugar. This tool has a positive effect in the treatment of any pathologies of the respiratory system.

You can use liquorice tincture mixed with lime blossom (2 to 1).This compound helps relieve cough. With viscous sputum, the agent contributes to its dilution.

There are other methods of treatment in which bee products are widely used. One of the best cough cures is using honey. It is recommended not only to use inside the spoon three times a day, but also to make honey compresses.

The old, time-tested method of getting rid of bronchitis has proven itself well - it is the intake of milk with honey and a pinch of soda. When using honey, it should be remembered that unboiled product causes increased cough.

Bronchitis Injections

Application of mustard plaster

Sometimes people ask, is it possible to mustard plaster with bronchitis? Yes, they can be applied. They act as a distracting cough. To relieve it, mustard prescribe.


Not many people know whether it is possible to cure chronic bronchitis forever, but anyone who has had a disease with any disease knows how a cough can worsen the quality of life. With the chronic form, it will not be possible to get rid of the disease, but it is possible to achieve stable remission that has continued for many years. Once and for all, bronchitis can be cured, but only with an acute form.To do this, just follow the recommendations of the doctor and do not self-medicate. Otherwise, the acute form will grow into a chronic one, with which you will have to live all your life, struggling with exacerbations. Moreover, you can not drink uncontrolled antibiotics, not knowing what led to the disease.

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