How to cure a bruise?

Bruising is a common type of injurysoft tissue without breaking the skin. They can be obtained anywhere: from sports training and ending with an unsuccessfully tucked-out bedstead. It should be noted that there are various degrees of bruising, with minor injuries you can get by using folk remedies (to remove the swelling) or simple medications, but if internal organs or a large part of a certain muscle have suffered, then you should definitely contact the doctor and possibly go to hospital.

Knowing what to do with bruises, you can get rid of the negative consequences of small injuries, but not serious injuries! In addition, you need to accurately determine that you do not fracture or dislocation.

What are the symptoms of a bruise?

One of the main manifestations of the injury isthe occurrence of bruising or bruising in the place of impact. They appear due to the rupture of small blood vessels, resulting in a characteristic "spot", called in the people as a "bruise".

By the color of the hematoma can be determinedthe approximate time of injury, so, for example, the red-burgundy coloring lasts several hours after the impact. If the place of injury has acquired a yellowish tinge, the damage is already about 5 days.

It is worth noting that some serious bruises almost do not manifest themselves externally, but they give the person strong pain. In such cases, you must go to the hospital!

How to cure a bruise at home?

For the treatment of bruises the following means are used:

  • Immediately after receiving a minor injury to a sore spot, it is better to apply something cold (a metal object or a piece of ice);
  • A day after getting the bruise, warming compresses and lotions are made, so that the hematoma dissolves more quickly;
  • The place of the bruise can be smeared with such ointments as Troxevasinum, Traumeel or Lyoton (they can also treat the elbow from bruises);
  • If the pain is very severe or does not go away after 3 days, it is advisable to consult a doctor for qualified help and special procedures.

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