How to create an avatar?

Many people in our time are addicted to online games, they help relieve tension after a hard day, calm down, and just relax.

One of the popular and interesting games amongof Internet users - Avatars. It is quite simple to master and quickly drags into its interesting fantasy world, helping to relax and capturing into a virtual life full of adventures.

How to create a new game in Avatars

It happens that during the game arisevarious problems, as a result of which it is impossible to continue the game. In this case, you can create a new one. There are several options for creating a new game, they are fairly simple, so it will not be difficult to execute. Try everything, if the first option does not help, go to the second and so on.

Option one

  • Remove the application from the social network and reinstall it.
  • Do not forget to clean the cookies, in order to remove the extra information.

Option Two

  • We wait some time, for example, a week, and then reinstall the application. This helped many, perhaps, help us.

Option Three

  • We apply for technical support. Waiting for a response can be several hours or several days.

Option Four

  • Uninstall the game from the account.
  • Clean the cookies and cache, delete the history of the browser.

These few options will help to solve the problem andcontinue to play your favorite game. We will not be able to play Avatar 2, since the developers are still working on the game. It will become available only if you yourself decide to create Avatar 2. And for now it remains only to enjoy what is available and wait for the release of the updated version of the game. In the first part of the Avatar you can create various game events to your taste.

How to create an event in the Avatar

  1. We go to the application in any social network.
  2. Click "Create Event".
  3. Click "Places", where we choose the location for the future event.
  4. Set the parameters and click on "Create".

Games are very many, for different tastes, they can bepaid, free, using 3D technologies that completely immerse the players in the game world. They so create a sense of the reality of what is happening that a person can lose touch with reality, which helps at least temporarily forget about their problems and distract themselves.

Playing can be useful if you do this inmeasure, do not stay too late, do not go over the line that distinguishes an ordinary person from a gamer, ready to give up everything, for the opportunity to play a little.

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