How to cook Transcarpathian banosh? Recipe with photos

In our article we want to talk about such a dish as Transcarpathian banosh. The recipe for cooking traditional Transcarpathian food is quite simple, so even the most inexperienced hostess can handle it. But let's take everything in order ... What is this dish and how to cook it correctly?

What is banosh?

The recipes of our ancestors are sometimes unfairly forgotten by us, giving way to new fashionable dishes. But in the arsenal of our grandmothers were simple, but incredibly tasty and healthy dishes. Tourists who had a rest in the Carpathians, certainly heard from the locals and even tried banosh in the cafe (the recipe is given in the article below).

Banosh recipe

Under the unusual name hides the traditional Transcarpathian dish of corn grits. This banosh is made on the fire, which is why it has a special aroma. Serve it with bacon, mushrooms and cheese. In the old days, such food was considered the lot of the poor, because they always had corn flour, sour cream, as each family had its own cow and, therefore, dairy products.

What products are used for cooking?

They say that the most delicious banosh (the recipe is given in the article) can be enjoyed only in the Carpathians. Here it is cooked on homemade sour cream from sheep's milk and cheese. Moreover, they use not fresh fermented milk product, but sour cream three days old from the cellar.

Banosh recipe with photos

If someone is interested to try this dish, then you can cook it yourself. Of course, it will be necessary to slightly modify the recipe for banosh on sour cream, since it is unlikely that it will be possible to find fermented milk products from sheep milk in urban conditions. For cooking, you can take home-made cow cheese and sour cream. If you are unable to find homemade dairy products, you can buy fat cream in the store. Factory sour cream is better not to take, because it has a sourness, which can ruin the taste of food.

In addition, during the preparation it is necessary to use a wooden spoon, but it is better not to use a metal one (the metal gives an acidic flavor). If you want to get a real bangash (the recipe is given in the article), then it is better to stock up on fine corn grits or flour. Regular pot is not suitable for cooking such a dish.The most delicious porridge is obtained in clay pots and cast iron.

Banos: recipe with photos (step by step)

To prepare the dishes we need these products:

  1. A glass of cornmeal (or small corn grits).
  2. Half a cup of water.
  3. 1.5 cups sour cream (required homemade).
  4. 170 g cheese.
  5. Greenery.

Sour cream must be shifted to the cauldron and diluted with water, lightly salt and bring to a boil. Then add a very thin stream of flour and constantly stir it with a wooden spoon until thick. The finished porridge should lag behind the walls of the dish, and fat droplets of oil should appear on its surface. Serve the dish in clay pots or drinking bowls, sprinkled with greens.

Banosh in Transcarpathian recipe

So our Banosh is ready in Transcarpathian. Recipe with photos will help you understand the nuances of cooking.

Banosh with Cheese

The original taste has banosh with cheese. To prepare it you need to take:

  1. Cream or homemade sour cream - 0.4 l.
  2. Glass of water.
  3. Cornmeal or grits - 0.2 kg.
  4. Cheese - 0.2 kg.
  5. Butter - 40 g
  6. Salt.

Put the pot on the fire, pour the water and let it boil, then immediately pour corn flour and add salt.Cook porridge, not forgetting to constantly stir. When the banosh is almost ready, add sour cream and continue to mix. Already in the finished porridge put the oil and leave it to infuse. And in the meantime, we crush the cheese. Serve hot on a table, sprinkling cheese on top. Banosh consistency can be very thick and thinner, it depends on the amount of water you pour during cooking.

Dish history

Banosh, polenta, hominy are the names of very similar dishes that are prepared on the basis of differently ground corn porridge (from the finest to the coarse). The differences of dishes are insignificant - cooking time, sauces, fat content, etc. Banosh consider not only Hutsuls but also Hungarians to be their national dish.

Banosh in Transcarpathian recipe with photos

An interesting fact is that banosh, as, in fact, cheese, has long been prepared only by men, because sheepdog is an exclusively male occupation. Hutsuls say that a dish cooked at home in a cafe or restaurant has nothing to do with real corn porridge. After all, the banosh must be cooked on fire and smell like smoke. They say that in Transcarpathia every man in the yard has a special place for cooking porridge.This daily meal is prepared several times a week. Be that as it may, at home we can also make quite tasty porridge, even if not quite real, but banosh.

Bacon banosh

For cooking bacon porridge we need:

  1. Corn grits - 0.2 kg.
  2. Bacon - 100 grams.
  3. Sour cream (cream can be replaced with cream) - 0.5 kg.
  4. Home-made cheese - 60 grams.
  5. Salt.

Cream or sour cream is poured into a cast-iron cauldron and brought to a boil. If desired, add some water. Next, slowly pour corn flour and at the same time all the time interfere with the contents of the cauldron until thickening. Remember, a real banosh should not be too thick. In the meantime, we cut the bacon into strips or bacon and fry in a frying pan until the formation of bacon.

recipe banosh on sour cream

Banosh we remove from heat at the moment when shiny droplets of oil appear on the surface. On the table, the dish is served hot, and on top it is sprinkled with pieces of cheese and cracklings. Eating banosh need only fresh. Porridge goes well with salted cucumbers.

Banosh with mushrooms

Banosh can be cooked with mushrooms. To do this, you need to bring sour cream to a boil and add cornmeal, adding salt and sugar. During cooking, you must constantly stir the porridge until it thickens.Then reduce the heat and persistently rub the banosh until oily spots appear on the surface. Experts say that the main secret of cooking such porridge is that it should be mixed with a wooden spoon in one direction only.

 Banosh recipe with photos step by step

Ready, properly cooked banosh should have the consistency of semolina and at the same time easily fall behind the walls of the dish.

All sorts of additives for the dishes are prepared separately. As an additional component, which noticeably diversifies the taste of porridge, you can use mushrooms. They are soaked and fried on the smaltse, which remains after the preparation of cracklings. In addition, you can add grated cheese, which melts in hot porridge and gives a wonderful taste.

 Banosh recipe with photos step by step

The finished dish is served on the table hot, spreading layers of ingredients: banosh, cheese, bacon and mushrooms. Porridge is eaten without stirring. From above it can be decorated with fresh greens.

Instead of an afterword

In our article we tried to talk about cooking options for the Hutsul banosh dish. Recipe with photos will help to understand the preparation of this simple dish.Corn porridge is a very nutritious and high-calorie dish that satisfies hunger well and for a long time. Such food was once prepared in Transcarpathia by the poor from those products that were always on hand. And now the dish, rather, is considered a local highlight. In each yard, the hostess who hosts guests who came to the Carpathians, certainly cooks such porridge for her guests.

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