How to choose a used car: tips from motorists and experts

Probably, any person living in modern society, at least once in his life thought about buying a personal vehicle. And if the new car can't afford it, the thought of how to choose a used car doesn't seem so scary. After all, today's life is quite dynamic, and very often we just do not have time to cope with the accumulated affairs, moving on foot or by public transport.

how to choose a used car

Not a luxury but a means of transportation

An important incentive for the purchase of a personal car is the eternal human desire to increase the level of comfort. A trip in your car is incomparable with the movement in stuffy buses and taxis. Among other things, in the modern world a car is no longer a luxury, but its presence underlines its status anyway. And if you add up all these facts,it becomes clear a simple idea: buying your own transport - if not the main, then, of course, an important life goal of almost every citizen.

However, it is necessary to recognize that this task requires serious financial expenses. In other words, the most important question to the potential buyer is: “What kind of car to buy?” How to choose a used car? Or is it new?

I want and prickly

Of course, if funds allow, you can go to any car dealership and buy a new car. It is easier, more convenient and eliminates many purely technical problems. The procedure does not take much time. And in general, the policy of almost all car dealerships is aimed at maximizing the ease of choosing a car and facilitating its design. In this case, the buyer can determine not only the affordable price range, but also various pleasant trifles, additional technical functions. All this is not available if we are trying to figure out how to choose a used car.

An important aspect in the case of acquiring a new car is the manufacturer’s warranty. This can seriously protect the consumer for several years from the manifestation of various defects that remain unnoticed in production (which is unavailable,after choosing a used BMW or other.).

Used - Available

It would seem that the choice is obvious in favor of buying a new car. But, unfortunately, this pleasure is not available to everyone. Prices for new cars are far from the real wages of average citizens. And the desire to get a four-wheel friend does not get less from this. The way out of this situation is quite simple. You need to buy something that is enough real money earned. That is a used car. With this purchase there are a number of nuances on which it is worthwhile to focus attention.

If the decision to purchase a used car has matured and formed into a very specific amount, then you must first clearly understand for yourself the essence of the future purchase. Namely - for what purposes you need a car. This will clarify how to choose a used car in order to choose the best option without additional financial risks.

Maintenance costs

Experts in this field remind you that maintenance of a used car will fall entirely on your own or family budget. Indeed, in this case, to demand the fulfillment of warranty obligations from manufacturers is meaningless. As a rule, a used car has not been on warranty service for a long time.Probably no need to explain that the cost of parts for future repairs for imported and domestic cars varies significantly.

how to choose a used car

Therefore, before choosing a used car, you need to decide directly on the country that produced this mechanism. These two factors: the country of manufacture and the purpose of traveling by car - will solve the problem in the shortest possible time and with minimal cost.

Simple example

Consider the most simple and inexpensive solution to the problem "how to choose a used car." You are a pedestrian by nature and spend a lot of time in active recreation associated with hiking. The nearest supermarket is under your house, and you don’t need to make huge purchases. But you have a country plot, which is located too far from your home. Of course, you can use public transport.

how to choose a used viburnum

But what to do during the harvest? How to bring home the fruits of their seasonal work? Hiring a truck will reduce to no effort to minimize costs. In the hands of carrying the entire volume is extremely inconvenient. How to choose a used car for such purposes?

There is the option of purchasing an inexpensive domestic car. It will be operated, as a rule, in the summer. And the main function is a small truck for transportation of harvested crops. Such a car will not be too expensive, but this does not mean that its choice should be taken lightly.

Choosing products of domestic producers

How to choose a used car VAZ and not fall for the bait of all kinds of scammers? To do this, you need to understand what difficulties you may encounter when purchasing it.

how to choose a used car

Experienced motorists say that the main problem lies, oddly enough, in the design. As a rule, they sell such a machine by proxy without removing it from the state register, reasonably arguing that the high cost of the legal procedure itself. Sometimes it can exceed the price of the machine itself. In this case, it is advisable to purchase cars that have been removed from public accounting, of which there are significantly fewer for sale. Showing some perseverance, you can find them. And here you will win: VAZ owners, who deregister their cars, are usually very tidy people. Those.the car will be in good "physical" form. Doing the very same re-registration of such transport is extremely inappropriate (from a financial point of view). Therefore, the legalization of the transaction should be taken seriously to avoid possible problems associated with the past of this car.

What to look for in the back

And yet how to choose a used car? To technical inspection of the car should be taken even more seriously than the legal registration. It's no secret that most of the demands are placed on the body. Experienced car enthusiasts even call it the main part. In the case of a domestic unit, everything is quite simple.

The body should not bear the elements of corrosion, obvious dents and damage to the paintwork (paintwork). This is usually visible to the naked eye, because no one will carry out serious paint work on this class of machines. The cost of corporate painting can exceed the cost of cars. If during the inspection there are obvious defects, you can significantly reduce the purchase price upon further bargaining.

How to check the engine of the selected car

Technical requirements for such cars are minimal.Experts suggest starting with the normal state of the main technical components: the engine and the chassis of the car. Here are some rules on how to choose a used Kalina, for example.

The engine should start, as they say, "on the cold." In this case, ignition defects will immediately be detected, if any, as well as the general condition of the power unit will become clear from the idle sound. It would not be superfluous to check the levels of oil and coolant. By the way, by their color, you can determine the approximate wear of the entire mechanism. Black and gasoline-scented oil with foreign bodies is a very bad sign. This means that the lubricating fluid no longer fulfills its functions, and as a result of friction, the destruction of the contacting metal surfaces began.

The worst option for an engine unit is the ingress of coolant into the oil. Hide this fact is impossible. Because the white bloom, which is formed when mixing two compositions, is very clearly visible on the dipstick for measuring the oil level. This means that the gasket between the cylinder block and the top of the engine has burst and needs replacing.Such a motor will not work for a long time even with the modest requirements discussed.

When testing the motor system, smoke from the exhaust pipe is undesirable, which can be observed in different operating modes. This phenomenon indicates the wear of the piston rings and indicates serious temporary changes in the mechanisms.

The engine should be in working condition, work smoothly in any modes, not “troit” and not give failures when sharply pressing the gas pedal. You can close your eyes to a small restraint of the piston or valve group.

how to choose a used prior

How to check the chassis of a selected car with rear wheel drive

Studying how to choose a used car, remember: self-diagnostics of such a vehicle is very simple. To detect defects, you need to drive a few kilometers along a rough road on your future car.

If there are faults in the rear wheel drive VAZ, a characteristic hum will be heard immediately, bringing the car from the back of the car. As a rule, the worn-out rear axle gearbox makes a noise. With this you can ride for a while, but you need to rememberthat the replacement will cost you a tidy sum and take a lot of time. On this basis, it is possible to achieve a substantial discount on the original cost of the car.

A characteristic gurgling break in the front of the car when driving the wheel on a bump in most cases will indicate a malfunction of the ball bearing joints. Their repair does not require large expenditures, but it is necessary to carry it out because of the accident of the wheel.

How to check the chassis of a selected car with front wheel drive

If you are experiencing a front wheel drive VAZ, then remember the conditions of how to choose a used "Priora", for example. The most common defect in the undercarriage of such vehicles is the wear of the front cvs or grenades, as they are called by motorists. Check the technical condition of the grenade is quite simple. To the bottom to unscrew a wheel in any party and to try to start to move sharply from a place in this position. If the CV joint is faulty, you will hear a characteristic crash in the front of the car, depending on the side where the steering wheel is turned. When noise is present on both sides, it is a rather serious defect in the undercarriage,which may lead to additional financial investments. And the safety of driving such a car is rather dubious. Here it will be appropriate to simply abandon the purchase.

These are the main and fairly simple secrets of how to choose a used VAZ. However, these same testing methods are also suitable for foreign cars. Remember them, and you buy exactly what you need.

Domestic all-terrain vehicle: what to look for

There are some technical issues that require close attention if you have wondered how to choose a used Niva. Here it must be remembered that this is already rather a crossover than an ordinary passenger car. Therefore, increased attention should be paid specifically to the chassis of the proposed purchase.

In order to have fun storming the edge and unevenness of a suburban coating, it is better to immediately get a conclusion from the experts about the reliability of all the suspension arms of such a VAZ. Otherwise there is a risk, as is the case with the motor system, immediately after the purchase put a tidy sum for repairs.

However, all the risks described above do not detract from the merits of this particular choice. It is optimal for those who are recently driving and wants to improve their skills at relatively low costs.

Earn with a used car - a myth or reality

Truly a large segment of modern business. There are more and more people who have decided to earn their living by delivering goods in cities. This is a relatively small tonnage - from about 500 kg to 2 tons. For these purposes, the ideal truck, produced in Russia under the brand "Gazelle". As a rule, to start such a business is better to buy a new car with a gas installation.

But if you still can not afford a new car, and you are more and more thinking about how to choose a used Gazel, it is better to discard the idea as unpromising. Cars of this class are sold with a maximum wear of almost all technical units, the repair of which is very noticeable in terms of investment.

It's hard not to agree that starting a business with repairing its main component is at least strange. The best way out in this situation will be the search and registration of a profitable loan for the purchase of a new car. But this is a topic for a completely different article.

Buying foreign cars

Perhaps the most interesting and attractive for most car enthusiasts is sales of used cars.Among experienced drivers there is an opinion that any, even the most ancient machine made outside our vast country, is much better than new domestic models. Say, and more comfortable, and more convenient, and most importantly, much more reliable than all of our VAZ and GAZ. Argue with this is difficult, and not necessary. It is best to trust your own experience or expert advice on these issues.

how to choose a used foreign car

The main trap for a car enthusiast who decides to buy a foreign four-wheel friend and does not know how to choose a used Renault Logan, for example, lies in a small amount of funds that he is willing to spend on a coveted purchase. Blinded by the desire to get behind the wheel of a prestigious car, a person very often closes his eyes to the various trivia associated with such an acquisition.

Find a foreign car without a past

Basically, all used foreign cars are imported into our territory from Europe. For the future buyer, it is important to understand that not all cars are delivered legally. There may be some far from the most pleasant surprises for potential buyers.

First, the car can be listed in the list.You buy such a machine by proxy, and you can check it at the Interpol base at the first scheduled stop on the road. And if she is hijacked, believe me, you will be in big trouble. And most importantly, after all the contacts with law enforcement agencies, the car will still be seized. In this case, there will be no one to appeal to.

Secondly, there may be problems with customs clearance. As a rule, these cars have a temporary registration in the nearest EU countries. Such cars are much cheaper than cleared and imported according to the rules. It is the low price that often attracts motorists who are tormented by the question of how to choose a used Logan.

It must be admitted that often such experiments end as badly as in the first case. Temporary registration is usually very short. And after its completion, it will be necessary either to cross the border of the country where the car is registered, or to draw it up in your own country. Both in the first and in the second situation there will be serious costs. In any case, the difference that was saved with the purchase, will have to pay extra.

And yet how to choose a used Renault Logan? As in the case of domestic brands, it is best to choose a car, taken from any state account. When you make such a car, it is mandatory for law enforcement officers to check it in their bases and issue a permit for registration. Only after that you can finally pay off with the sellers and complete the transaction.

how to choose a used logan

And do not forget that the answer to the question "how to choose a used foreign car" should take into account the cost of further maintenance of such a car. Quite often it happens that the initially low cost of the machine is due precisely to the high cost of components for subsequent service. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the reviews of people who have already bought such cars before buying, or to consult certified service centers serving the selected brand.

In conclusion, we note that when buying a used car, especially foreign-made, it is best to take it for a competent check to serious specialists of specialized service stations.If all of the above nuances are taken into account, then the machine will serve you and your family faithfully for a very long time.

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