How to burn video to disk? What program to record video?

Quite often, many users are faced with the problem of how to burn video to disk, so that later a movie or video can be viewed on a regular DVD player or computer. There are many ways to record. It is not always necessary to use special programs, although it is better for them to give preference.

how to burn video to disk

Types of video files

Before you figure out how to burn video to disk, you should know what types of video files exist and with what devices they can be viewed.

Perhaps the most common formats are universal file types .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .vob, .mkv, .flv, and others. However, here you need to clearly understand that video playback is directly related to the codec with which it is compressed. Depending on this, there may be some problems.

Play video on household players

As for domestic players, almost all of them play video files recorded on discs. But with this approach, one significant problem can be identified.The fact is that the standard file with the .avi extension is a kind of container in which the video is packed. The use of different codecs (mpeg-2, DivX, Xvid) can cause the video player or even the disc itself to be recognized by the home player. To a greater extent this applies to old players, the new signal coding systems are simply not calculated.

record video

Even the use of modern technology does not guarantee the reproduction of a particular file format, since encoding technologies are not in place, and new codecs are constantly being created for which the home video system may not be designed.

For obsolete players, the question of which disc to record video is also important. In this case, you should use DVD-R discs for recording, and not DVD-RWs (and certainly not Blu-ray discs). As for conventional CDs of all modifications, their times for recording video are over. The fact is that their capacity is about 700 MB, and this is not enough to get good quality. You can, of course, burn video to a disc of this type, but you don’t have to talk about quality. Video compression occurs with a decrease in the quality of playback several times.By the way, surround sound, say, 5.1 format, can also not be obtained.

The easiest way to write video to disk in Windows

Immediately it should be noted that in Windows operating systems there are no “native” utilities for high-quality video recording to discs. It is believed that one of the easiest methods is to directly send the desired file to a blank. This is done directly from the "Explorer" or any other file manager.

In the "Explorer" select the desired file, and then right-click the context menu, in which the "Send To ..." command is present. In the new drop-down menu, a recording drive is selected (for example, a DVD RW Drive) with a disc inserted. First, in the recording process, files are prepared for recording on disk media, after which the system displays a message about readiness to start recording. Above the system tray (System Tray) in the lower right corner a pop-up message appears, by clicking on which you can start recording.

which disk to record video

It should be borne in mind that in this case video is recorded to disk simply as the usual transfer of data from one place to another. There is no question of any quality editing.

Convert video to readable formats

Naturally, now the most common discs are DVDs. With the help of many special utilities, the initial video file is best to be converted to this format. This can be done using converters such as Freemake Video Convertor. In the main window of the program, select the Video section, add the necessary files, and then select the final format, for example, DVD, in the bottom panel.

burn video to dvd disk

Of course, you can use other popular formats, but no one will guarantee that a regular home player will play them. With software players in the form of programs installed on a computer, problems should not arise. But sometimes you want to watch your favorite movie or concert on a big screen television panel!

Benefits of DVD format

Using the DVD-Video format today is the best solution. It is worth paying attention to the fact that there are two main formats (DVD5 and DVD9), which differ in size. DVD5 is a regular DVD with a capacity of 4.37 GB, DVD9 is a double layer disc. This approach can ensure that there is free space for recording video without loss of quality.

what program to record video

After the conversion or at the end of the recording process in special programs, the disc will contain two folders VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. The first folder contains video and information files responsible for playback, subtitles, main menu, etc. What is most interesting, absolutely all “iron” players reproduce such discs without problems. However, outdated players may not accept double-layer DVD9 discs.

Programs for recording video to disk

If we talk about how to burn video to disk using special programs and utilities, it should be said that there are quite a lot of applications of this type. In this case, the recording can be made with the preliminary conversion, without it, or using the previously created ISO image of the disk.burn video to diskAmong the most popular software products that can help burn video to disk are world-famous utilities such as Nero, Ashampoo Burning Studio, ConvertXtoDVD and many others. The first application does not cause problems. For the second, it is better to use pre-prepared DVD-Video files. In the third utility, the converter and the recorder are combined, that is, after preparing the files, you can immediately burn the disc.

record video from the screen

Recording process

As a rule, in all programs, the process of creating and recording video is fully automated. Record video to DVD can be very simple, if you follow the instructions of the "Wizard". Usually, the whole process comes down to selecting the files needed for recording, and then clicking the “Start” button. In some cases, a window may appear first showing the characteristics of the video and audio, as well as the codecs used, but if the disk space allows recording in the original quality or size, it is better not to touch the settings.

Using quality improvement techniques

As for the quality of the final video, you should pay attention to a number of points. Best quality can be achieved by applying a minimum recording speed. Usually it is 4x. If it is possible to record at a speed of 2x, it is even better, but not all recording drives support this speed. And no need to chase for speed. For example, when recording at speeds of 16x or even 32x, the quality will suffer greatly.

Some programs require coding in two passes, as well as the presence of the function “Do not delete audio spans”. They are useful to use in the event that several films are written on one disk. You can also create a DVD5 video disc from a regular .avi file.In some cases, it helps to improve the quality of the recorded material.

Sometimes you need to record video from the screen. To do this, use specialized utilities such as Fraps, Bandicam, PlayClaw, CamStudio, FastStone Capture, UVScreen Camera, etc.


As you can see, the decision on how to burn video to disk is quite simple. The presence of many programs allows you to perform all the necessary operations, even for inexperienced users in 15-20 minutes. Of course, if you want to get a good quality video, it is better to first understand the additional settings that can be applied in the preparation process, and then in the recording process itself. What program to record video, it will already be decided by everyone. There is no one universal solution. Each user chooses exactly what he will work with later.

However, novice users who are far from video converting systems or recording videos to discs can be advised of universal automated utilities that combine the functions of converters and recording applications. The presence of converters, as practice shows, in future work can also be useful.

If we take seriously the process of using such software products, we can say with confidence that learning how to use this or that utility is not difficult. As they say, there would be a desire.

Separately, it should be said that almost all applications of this area are completely Russified, so knowledge of the English language is not required here. In addition, the interfaces are built on the simplest level, designed for an intuitive understanding.

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